Best Hamstring Exercises for Women | 5 Workouts

Exercise Details (Women Hamstrings Workouts) Body Part: Legs Target Muscle:  Hamstrings Category: Exercise for Women   The biggest muscles of our body are located in the lower half known as Thighs. This part contains Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings and other important muscle parts. Therefore, it is highly important to put some efforts to perform the best hamstring […]

Best Back exercises for Women To Tone your Back

Exercise Details (Women Lats Workouts) Body Part: Back Target Muscle:  Lats Category: Exercise for Women   Our back takes a lot of load for us. Latissimus dorsi or lovingly called lats is one of the largest muscles of our body, providing support to the spine and also helping in arms movements. Naturally, these muscles are under […]

Quad Exercises for Women | Sexy Legs

Exercise Details (Women Quads Workouts) Body Part: Legs Target Muscle:  Quads Category: Exercise for Women   The only way to build a great quad muscle like the one shows in the picture, is by following the quad exercises for women. These muscles also known as Quadriceps muscles, and responsible for many daily routine in our life’s, […]

Thigh Workouts for Women | Easy Toned Legs

Exercise Details (Women Thighs Workouts) Body Part: Legs Target Muscle:  Thighs Category: Exercise for Women   Is there any Girl who doesn’t dream of having well-sculpted and toned legs? Yes, most girls can go to any length to get strong and lean thighs. Well-toned thighs ensure that you can wear LBDs and shorts with oomph. So, […]

The Best Triceps Exercises for Women

Exercise Details (Woman Triceps Workouts) Body Part: Arms Target Muscle:  Triceps Category: Exercise for Women   For any Women, the back of the arms known as triceps are the part of the body which they find hard to keep it toned. Similar to hips and butts, triceps accumulate fat deposits and nothing gets worse for any […]

The Best Glute Exercises for Women

(Women Glutes Workouts) Body Part: Hips Target Muscle:  Glutes Equipment: Exercise Mat Category: Exercise for Women   The Best Glute exercises for women to get firm butt, is designed for any Women always attend to take care of their looks and how they feel and think about their body looks likes, trying to enhance and improve of […]

Back Shoulders Workout for Women Result Sexy Back

Exercise Details (Women Traps Workouts) Body Part: Back Target Muscle:  Traps Equipment: Dumbbells Category: Exercise for Women   Ladies, now it is easy to develop sexy, adorable and round back shoulders workout for women with shaped back traps and more size and strength. We recommend these old school workouts to reshape the delts in a short time. In general, […]

Best Chest Workout for Women

Exercise Details (Women Chest Workouts) Body Part: Chest Target Muscle:  Pecs Equipment: Dumbbells Category: Exercise for Women   Best chest workout for women, is the more attractive routine for her, because it shows her beauty and this is the essential common element for almost all women’s. Many women proud to have similar body muscles like men’s. […]