Biceps Exercises for Women | Toned Arms

Exercise # 01: Dumbbell Curls (Equipment: Dumbbells) This is a simple and very common biceps exercise, albeit with a very effective one.  It hits the inner and outer upper parts of your biceps and will greatly tone your arms when done correctly. How to perform Dumbbell Curls? Pick up a Dumbbell with your palms facing […]

Best Hamstring Exercises for Women | 5 Workouts

Exercise # 01: Stiff Leg Deadlift (Equipment: Dumbbells) This is a commonly known hamstring exercise which almost everyone is aware of. It is one of the best tools for the growth of your hamstring. How to perform Stiff Leg Deadlift? Stand over a flat surface with the feet at the shoulder width apart. Hold dumbbells […]

Best Back exercises for Women To Tone your Back

Exercise # 01: Dumbbell Renegade Row Alternative (Equipment: Dumbbells ) This is one of the best lats exercises for women. It involves the core, lower body, and hence perfect for every part. It tones the back and works on increases your strength. How to perform Renegade Row? Get into the plank position with hands and […]

Thigh Workouts for Women | Easy Toned Legs

Exercise # 01: Side Lunges (Equipment: Body Only) This thigh exercise for women is great to improve the balance and stability of the body. Side lunges will shape your buttock and work on your glutes to tone your thighs. How to perform Side Lunges? Stand straight with your feet together and hands on the hips. […]

Calf Workouts for Women

Exercise # 01: Ankle Hops  (Equipment: Body Only) This workout it will tone the lower leg, increase aerobic efficiency exercise and strengthen more the muscles. Insure Keep back straight while jumping. How to perform Ankle Hops? Stand up with straight back, hands beside your legs, and feet apart with hips width. (Start position) Start jumping […]

Back Shoulders Workout for Women Result Sexy Back

Exercise # 01: Seated Dumbbell Press  (Equipment: Dumbbells, Bench) This workout will have effect on various muscles which includes Traps, Triceps, upper chest and Deltoids. How to Perform Seated Dumbbell Press? You have to choose dumbbells weights in the first go. Sit on a flat bench in order to start with this exercise in sitting […]