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Body Part: Arms

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For any Women, the back of the arms known as triceps are the part of the body which they find hard to keep it toned. Similar to hips and butts, triceps accumulate fat deposits and nothing gets worse for any women than having flabby arms on the body.

Since the muscles Help in extending the push and pull, majority of the women fails to recognize their importance until they start using arms in any daily activities including pushing like a stroller or pulling a door. This muscle adds definition to the upper body, hence crucial to get rid of those bat-wings.

If your Goal is to flaunt your arms, you’ve come to the right place as this piece of content discusses 5 of the best triceps exercises for women that can help bring both confidence and grace in a women.

Triceps muscle anatomy


Triceps Structure

The structure of the triceps muscles fall from the shoulder, downwards the backside of the arm to the elbow joint. It comprises of three main heads namely; the longest head, the medial head and the lateral head. This muscle is responsive for both extending and straightening of elbow joints.

Triceps muscle animation wikipedia


Triceps Function

With regards to the functioning process of the triceps, these extend the forearm muscle at elbow which means that it functions to straighten up the arm at the joint of the elbow. As an essential part of the body, triceps work along with biceps in a way that when a particular muscle is contracted, the other one is always elongated, allowing one to straighten and bend elbow.

In case if you intend to bend the elbow, the biceps muscle contracts while at the same time, triceps relaxes down at the moment.

Triceps muscle Function


Benefits of Women Triceps Workout

There are many benefits for triceps workouts at home, which target the upper-body and focus on the main Arms Muscle. Below is list of major benefits:

  • As triceps acts as an extensor of the elbow and shoulder, workout for this muscle makes them stronger.
  • Workout can help in improving the functionality, flexibility as well as range of motion of your arms. It is further helpful in improving upper arms movement and performances while carrying out activities.
  • It helps in improving the blood circulation and relieves stress, thereby improving joint mobility within the body.
  • The improvement of blood circulation within the body generates a further charger to the body that activates it to stay fit.


Safety Triceps Equipment 

Before starting your workout, it is recommended if you wear elbow and Crossfit hand Grips bands to keeps you safe from any kind muscle tissue damage during exercise.

Biceps-Safety-Grip HandBiceps-Safety-elbow Hand

How to Warm Up your Triceps?

Stretches and Warm ups is a significant part of every workout muscle. Based on research, warm ups will trigger and pump those targeted muscles. It is crucial to warm up via two arm stretches. Steps are as below:

  • Arm stretches for Triceps:
    • Stand up straight, raise your left hand and place it behind your back of your neck, using your right hand palm hold elbows of left hand from above your head, pause for a second or two and then gently start apply more pressure with your right hand, by pull elbows of left hand to the right side, this will making your left hand travel down along through your spine (as much as it can).
    • Switch to stretch with other hand with same steps. For each arm, hold onto at least 15 seconds.

Arm stretches for Triceps

  • Arm stretches for Deltoids:
    • Stand up with body straight, raise your left hand by extend it a cross over your chest, using your right hand wrap up over left hand on the elbow position and gently apply some pressure over left hand.
    • Continue the same steps by switch to the other arm. For each arm, hold onto at least 15 seconds.

Arm stretches for Triceps Deltoids


The Best Triceps Exercises for Women


Exercise # 01: Triceps Overhead Dumbbell Extension

 (Equipment: Dumbbells )

Triceps Extension Triceps for Women

How to perform Triceps Extension?

  • Position your feet in shoulder-width apart, let your abs engage, relax your shoulder and then hold a dumbbell with both your hands (dumbbell to be 10 pound).
  • Secondly raise your hand over your head and extend your arms, letting your palm face the ceiling.
  • Next, lower your elbows by flex and move towards the lower position from the back of your head until the lower part of the dumbbell reaches to back shoulders level.
  • Breath out and let your arms come back to the position where you started off.
  • Continue doing the next two sets (up to 10 repetitions in each set).

Exercise # 02: Triceps Push Down

 (Equipment: Cable Machine, Rope attachment)

Triceps pushdown for woemn

How to Perform Triceps Push Down?

  • At the top of the pole of the cable machine, tie the rope attachment.
  • Face towards the cable pulley and stand almost half a step away. Now freeze both your feet in a slightly further position.
  • With neutral grip on the rope, place your hands directly on the rope, extending your arms. Without making any change to the angle of your wrist, start place a force to pull the rope downwards to either sides of your body. This step is basically your starting position.
  • Breath in and let the elbow allow the rope to upwards towards your chest. Make sure that you stop your hands when the rope reaches opposite to the chest. Also make sure that your elbows remain in the closer contacts with the sides of the body.
  • Breath out. Now use your triceps, push the rope downwards while extending your elbow and separate hands on both body side, then return rope back to the starting position.
  • Continue perform it (at least 12 repetitions).

Exercise # 03: Tricep Dips Chair

(EquipmentChair or a Bench

Triceps Dip for Women

How to Perform Tricep Dips Chair?

  • Stand up and place your set the back of your body to the chair or bench. Now lower down your body and hold the chair/bench by placing your hands from behind. While doing so, make sure that your palms are facing forward and legs in an extended position. Engage your abs and let your body be supported by your heels.
  • Then lower down your body while keep your back straight until your elbow angle reach 90 degree (Insure maintain elbows position parallel to each other during the movement).
  • Next, get back to the starting position.
  • Continue perform the next three sets (Up to 3 repetitions in each set).

Exercise # 04: Ball Push ups

 (Equipment: Medicine Ball )

Ball Push ups Triceps Women

This is a challenging workout to balance the weight of your body, which will test your harmony of upper and lower muscle to work together to perform one exercise. 

How to perform Ball Push ups?

  • Place the medicine ball in front of you.
  • Sit down on the floor of your knees and lower legs. In addition, place the ball on front of you.
  • lie slowly your upper body towards the ball by hold it with your palm on the ball placed in near side and your fingers point outwards. Make sure that the two palms are at a closer distance while the arms are in extended position.
  • Let your legs be placed straight and extend them accordingly. By flexing your toes via touching them on the floor, for support your lower body.
  • Now gently let your chest touch the ball via slowly going downwards.
  • Then, use your strength to get back upwards to the starting position.
  • Continue doing the next two sets (up to 10 repetitions in each set).

Exercise # 05: Skull Crusher

(EquipmentWorkout Bench and Barbell)

Skull crusher for Triceps Women

How to perform Skull Crusher?

  • Put the bench behind your back in a vertical position.
  • Now lie down to the workout bench with back straight and let your feet rest on the floor on the sides of the bench. Hold a barbell in both hands.
  • Now extend your arms and hold the barbell straightly in your front of your chest. Make an overhand grip and this would be considered as your starting point.
  • Breath in and keep your shoulders straight. Now, bend down your elbow to lower down the barbell, positioning towards your forehead.
  • Breath out. Now use your triceps and extend your elbows back to where you started off. While doing this, make sure that your elbows, shoulders and wrist are in parallel lines.
  • Continue doing for 15 repetitions.

Get a beautiful toned arm, and start wearing sleeveless dresses with higher confidence!

I Hope Triceps workout was helpful for you, if you have any Questions, or want to leave your own personal Notes, Please submit your comment below. I would Love to Help You.


Triceps Workout is a great routine to Strength Arms, However to get a fully re-shape and toned arms you need to work on Biceps Exercises for Women Muscles to Balance Arms Format. 


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