About Me

Hi There! My name is Basil,

I’m passionate about health that sustains our Fitness life and home tools that contains life fitness equipment.

Working out is more than just a hobby, some people say it’s a way of living, and they are right, but most importantly it is the best way to stay healthy and live longer. I personally believe that I could have so many health issues and illness if I live a sedentary life but working out has helped me a lot in so many ways.

When I started trying to have an exercise routine I found out that, not only the gym was too far from home, but also the exercise tools I bought didn’t have enough explanation about how to use them and which part of my body they will work on. If you find yourself in this problem as well, then you’ve come to the right place.

Offering Value

Here in Top Fitness Home, I gather all the information about the best tools and gadgets to work out. I pay special attention to the reviews and visual guides to make it easier for everyone to work out the right way. 

Most suite and manuals narrate how you should use the exercise tools, but that doesn’t quite work for all of us, right?

In this website you will find many types of exercises that work on different parts of your body, you can follow them with our visual explanations and guide-through. In addition, there are a lot of health tips and diets as well, all of this to help you increase and improve your physical health and fitness.

Start living at your best right now, if we wait to do it later we might miss the chance and regret it. I’m here to help you by showing you what helped me once.

What’s Next

In Order to Help You with next Step:

I recommend You to Start Directly Workout based on Your Favorite Muscle. Inside each workout will explain a proposed warm-up stretches to perform to insure your getting the maximum benefit of the exercise.

Gender Based Workout