8 Forearm Exercises for Men to Maximize Strength

Exercise # 01: Dumbbell Reverse Curl » (Equipment: Dumbbells) This workout targets the biceps brachii (2 heads of the biceps consisting of small head and large head) and the brachioradialis (forearms). It does a great job tearing up the muscle fibers using eccentric contraction. It will help build elbow flexion. How to Perform Workout? Step 1: Holding […]

Best Trap Workouts | Trapezius Exercises

Exercise # 01: Barbell Shrugs » (Equipment: Barbell) » (Target: Upper back, Upper Trapezius) With this back exercises home –Traps exercise, you can work on your upper traps along with including central point traps and rhomboids to the small extent. How to Perform? Having the barbell in the squat rack, hold that bar with the […]

Best Tricep Workout for Men | 8 Power Workouts

Exercise # 01: Lying Triceps Extension (Equipment: Dumbbells) How to Perform? Pick a pair of suitable weight dumbbells for you. Now lie on exercise bench maintaining a neutral position, straight arms and shoulder width grip. Raise the dumbbells above the forehead, bend the elbows up straighten with fully extent. (starting position) While breathe in and […]

Best Quad Strengthening Exercises | Toned Legs

Exercise # 01: Body Weight Squat (Quads) (Equipment: No equipment required. Body Only) By quads, basically we mean squats. It covers the front and side muscles of our legs. Thigh strength and muscle development is an important part of our body but it’s usually been neglected by most of us. There are many exercises which […]

Best Lat Exercises for Men

Most people’s lats are ignored. “Due to the nature of society and daily habits involving, long sitting desk, long office works, computers, spending time on phones, and lack of movement. Good posture requires strong body lats. Not only will improve your posture, but good posture will also improve your self-confidence! By performing best lat exercises […]