Best Hamstring Exercises for Women | 5 Workouts

best hamstring exercises for women

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(Women Hamstrings Workouts)

Body Part: Legs

Target Muscle:  Hamstrings

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The biggest muscles of our body are located in the lower half known as Thighs. This part contains Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings and other important muscle parts. Therefore, it is highly important to put some efforts to perform the best hamstring exercises for women to have a strong legs.

This is not only going to improve your physical health but will also help you to improve your balance and performance in an effective way. Although most of the women are aware of the importance to strengthening their hamstrings, because at the present time this is the most well-known area to focus for many of the females.

However, the fact is the hamstring strength is also equally important to focus, but it is being overlooked most of the time. You can understand the significance of hamstring muscles by knowing the most important fact about these in the coming next article.


Hamstring Function

This entire muscle group is responsible for bending your knees, tilting your pelvis and extending your hips. To make your hamstrings healthier, strong and flexible it is important to know the best hamstring exercises for women.

Hamstring Anatomy muscle


Hamstrings Structure

Hamstrings are actually a group of muscles on posterior side of leg which includes three main muscles.

  • Semimembranosus: It is a long and flat muscle on posterior side of the leg. It is responsible for flexion of knee and extension of leg.
  • Biceps femoris: It is a muscle with double heads located at the back of thigh. It helps in extension of thigh and outward rotation of knee.
  • Semitendinosus: It is responsible for extension of hip and flexion of knee.

Hamstrings Structure


Benefits of Hamstrings Workout

There are plenty of benefits for hamstring workouts at home, which target the lower-body and aim main Leg muscles. Below is the list of major benefits:

  • Protection against muscle tightness and muscle tear.
  • Increase flexibility and endurance of hamstring muscles.
  • Relief back pain.
  • Leg strength is improved.
  • Reduce chances of development of sciatica.


Safety Equipment

Before starting hamstring workout, it is recommended for you to wear a pair of knee pads to avoid any kind of tissue damage. Secondly, Insure do not lift weight more than your capacity. Always double check the amount of weight before starting your workout.

knee pads

What is the Hamstring Warm Up and Stretches?

In order to stretch the hamstrings before exercise you should warm-up the muscles. Lie down in the floor with feet on the ground and knees slightly bent. Slowly bring your right leg towards chest and keep knee in bent position. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat the same with left leg.

To get additional detailed efficient warm-up of tight muscles you can start Hamstring Stretches.


5 Best Hamstring Exercises for Women


When it comes for searching the hamstring exercises at home for women then they may appear a long list in front of you. But the problem there which can exist is the perfect selection of the most appropriate hamstring exercises so that you can get the more benefits for you.

Well, we generate and the filter selection of the hamstring exercises for which you must include in your schedule workout session to experience the amazing benefits, and develop a shaped toned muscle. So, here we go:


Exercise # 01: Stiff Leg Deadlift

(Equipment: Dumbbells)

Stiff leg dumbbell deadlift

This is a commonly known hamstring exercise which almost everyone is aware of. It is one of the best tools for the growth of your hamstring.

How to perform Stiff Leg Deadlift?

  • Stand over a flat surface with the feet at the shoulder width apart.
  • Hold dumbbells at the front side of your thighs with the palm facing you.
  • Keep your legs straight while maintaining a micro-bend in the knees. Hinge in the forward direction at your waist.
  • Maintain the straightness of your back. Keep moving the weight towards the feet until you feel a stretch in your hamstrings.
  • Now bring the weight up slowly while extending your hips until you are up in the straight direction.
  • Repeat it for 10 to 12 times at least.

Exercise # 02: Air Squat

(Equipment: Body Only)

Air Squat for Women Hamstring

How to perform Air Squat?

  • Stand on a flat surface and bring the feet at shoulder-width apart.
  • Bring the arms straight in front of you at your shoulder level.
  • Lower your body towards the ground by bending your knees and shift the hips backward. It is important to keep head up and your back as straight as possible.
  • Go down towards the ground as far as much the mobility and strength of your body are allowing you. Keep the aim to go parallel. It is important to maintain the balance of yours between heel and midfoot.
  • Now start to return stand up by pushing the ground away with the feet. Straighten your knees and keep extending your hips until you just stand upright. Squash the glutes at top of your movement.
  • Repeat the routine for multiple times.



Exercise # 03: Hamstring Curl with Resistance Band

(Equipment: Resistance Band)

Hamstring Curl with resistance band

How to perform Hamstring Curl?

  • Take a rope and tie that with any stationary but sturdy object to create resistance.
  • Lay down on a hard surface using exercise mate or ground by keeping your face down toward the ground.
  • Tie the other side of the rope around the ankle of your leg.
  • Start to curl the legs up towards your butts. Squeeze the glutes at top of the curl created.
  • Slowly release the curl and repeat the process multiple times.

Exercise # 04: Bulgarian Split Squat

(Equipment: Dumbbells)

Bulgarian Split Squat for Women Hamstring

How to perform Bulgarian Split Squat? 

  • Keep a bench in the horizontal direction behind you. Place both feet at shoulder-width apart.
  • Hold dumbbells in your both hands.
  • Step one of your foot backward and let toes and ball of the foot to rest on workout bench’s top.
  • Hold the dumbbells with the neutral grip and extend the arms by your sides. This is going to be the starting position of you for this exercise.
  • Take a long breath in and bend your knees to 90 degrees and be sure that your entire weight is distributed on both of your legs in a proper way. If it is going to be done in a correct way then your knee which is at the front will be aligned perfectly with your ankle.
  • Now exhale and start to push with the heel of your left foot. And use the toe of your other foot to extend your both legs. After doing this, return to the initial position of your exercise.
  • Repeat this exercise 10 to 12 times for one side and try to repeat this workout for a total of 3 sets.

Exercise # 05: Good Morning

(Equipment: a Wooden dowel )

Good Morning for Women Hamstring

How to perform Good Morning?

  • Take a wooden dowel and keep that on both of your shoulders in a proper way.
  • Keep both feet of yours hip-width apart.
  • Bring the shoulder blade of yours back and down and push the chest out gradually. This is the initial position of this workout.
  • Take a breath in and bend the knees slightly. Set this position as a fixed point or angle for you. Without modifying this angle move forward from your hips.
  • Ensure to maintain a proud chest and your head must be at the extension of the spine. And feel the tension in the hamstring.
  • Now exhale and push with your heels and use hamstrings and glutes to extend your hips in a proper way and go back to your initial point.
  • It is better to repeat this workout in the set of 3 with 10 to 12 repetitions each time.


These are some of the best exercises for you, which is important to know if you want to workout for your hamstrings. It is because healthier, flexible and strong muscles will improve your overall fitness and let your body experience improved functional movement in an effective way.

On the Other Hand to get a well muscle symmetry and balanced body shape, it’s important to train other muscle with Hamstring which includes Quads and Glutes.


I Hope Hamstring workout was helpful for you, if you have any Questions, or want to leave your own personal Notes, Please submit your comment below. I would Love to Help You.


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