Biceps Exercises for Women | Toned Arms

Exercise # 01: Dumbbell Curls (Equipment: Dumbbells) This is a simple and very common biceps exercise, albeit with a very effective one.  It hits the inner and outer upper parts of your biceps and will greatly tone your arms when done correctly. How to perform Dumbbell Curls? Pick up a Dumbbell with your palms facing […]

8 Forearm Exercises for Men to Maximize Strength

Exercise # 01: Dumbbell Reverse Curl » (Equipment: Dumbbells) This workout targets the biceps brachii (2 heads of the biceps consisting of small head and large head) and the brachioradialis (forearms). It does a great job tearing up the muscle fibers using eccentric contraction. It will help build elbow flexion. How to Perform Workout? Step 1: Holding […]

Best Tricep Workout for Men | 8 Power Workouts

Exercise # 01: Lying Triceps Extension (Equipment: Dumbbells) How to Perform? Pick a pair of suitable weight dumbbells for you. Now lie on exercise bench maintaining a neutral position, straight arms and shoulder width grip. Raise the dumbbells above the forehead, bend the elbows up straighten with fully extent. (starting position) While breathe in and […]

Bicep Workouts for Men @ Home

Exercise # 01: Standing Dumbbell Biceps Curls  (Target: Arm muscles – Biceps) This workout is similar to the traditional bicep workout. It is excellent to develop strength and density. You will require controlled motion to perform this bicep workouts home. Guidelines Step 1: Pick the dumbbell in both hands, shoulder width apart, stand straight and […]