Best Back exercises for Women To Tone your Back

Exercise # 01: Dumbbell Renegade Row Alternative (Equipment: Dumbbells ) This is one of the best lats exercises for women. It involves the core, lower body, and hence perfect for every part. It tones the back and works on increases your strength. How to perform Renegade Row? Get into the plank position with hands and […]

Back Shoulders Workout for Women Result Sexy Back

Exercise # 01: Seated Dumbbell Press  (Equipment: Dumbbells, Bench) This workout will have effect on various muscles which includes Traps, Triceps, upper chest and Deltoids. How to Perform Seated Dumbbell Press? You have to choose dumbbells weights in the first go. Sit on a flat bench in order to start with this exercise in sitting […]

Back Strengthening Exercises for Women

Exercise # 01: Sun Salutations Sequence (Equipment: Body Only) This is one of the effective core exercises for women. How to perform workout Sun Salutations? Stand straight and breathe out as you stretch your arms upwards and overhead. Start exhaling and engaging your abs by incline your hips and start forward your chest by lowering down your upper body […]

Best Trap Workouts | Trapezius Exercises

Exercise # 01: Barbell Shrugs » (Equipment: Barbell) » (Target: Upper back, Upper Trapezius) With this back exercises home –Traps exercise, you can work on your upper traps along with including central point traps and rhomboids to the small extent. How to Perform? Having the barbell in the squat rack, hold that bar with the […]

Best Lat Exercises for Men

Most people’s lats are ignored. “Due to the nature of society and daily habits involving, long sitting desk, long office works, computers, spending time on phones, and lack of movement. Good posture requires strong body lats. Not only will improve your posture, but good posture will also improve your self-confidence! By performing best lat exercises […]