Lat Stretches: Strengthen, Support, Benefits

Do you know How you can lengthen your lats and improve overhead mobility? Well, you need to stretch latissimus dorsi every day, and this will help you protect and stabilize your body spine while providing back strengths. Exercises are very healthy for our body, but due to our fixed and busy day schedule, we don’t get sufficient time to exercise and own a body of your desire. If your program is fixed, you can follow How to Motivate Yourself for [...]


Best Back exercises for Women To Tone your Back

Exercise Details (Women Lats Workouts) Body Part: Back Target Muscle:  Lats Category: Exercise for Women Our back takes a lot of load for us. Latissimus dorsi or lovingly called lats is one of the largest muscles of our body, providing support to the spine and also helping in arms movements. Naturally, these muscles are under a lot of stress, especially since most of us spend the majority of the day hunched over our electronic [...]

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Best Lat Exercises for Men

Exercise details (Lats Workouts) Body Part: Back Target Muscle:  Lats Equipment: Dumbbells Category: Exercise for men Most people’s lats are ignored. “Due to the nature of society and daily habits involving, long sitting desk, long office works, computers, spending time on phones, and lack of movement. Good posture requires strong body lats. Not only will improve your posture, but good posture will also improve your self-confidence! By performing best lat [...]

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