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Back Shoulders Workout for Women Result Sexy Back

back shoulders workout for women

Exercise Details (Women Traps Workouts)

Body Part: Back

Target Muscle:  Traps

Equipment: Dumbbells

Category: Exercise for Women


Ladies, now it is easy to develop sexy, adorable and round back shoulders workout for women with shaped back traps and more size and strength. We recommend these old school workouts to reshape the delts in a short time. In general, the Trapezius workouts have effects on other main muscles like shoulders, to strength and toned them.

In this best back workouts women included! Will insure a hot attractive round and strong shoulders look very adorable and beautiful. Before the end of the summer season, it is easy to make your shoulders attractive and beautiful. It would be easier and faster than expected if you choose some simple back exercises home to shape the traps and shoulders in a desirable condition.

Choosing Trapezius workouts especially the weights for the Traps and shoulder muscle strengthening is a critical stage for at home workouts for women.

You need high attention and care before deciding the weights to be lifted in the training sessions. It is not easy to do without having a proper technique, form and shape. You will also need to handle the weights safely.

Therefore, everyone should start with light weights. It is also essential to choose the weights according to your physical capacity as you have to lift them without damaging the muscles and tendons. Also, you have to repeat the exercises several times so it is important to pick weights carefully.

Consider these workouts listed below in order to tone your shoulders.



Traps Anatomy


Benefits of this Workout

There are many benefits for Traps workouts, which target the Upper Back Body and blast your core Muscle. Below is list of major benefits:

  • The Trapezius is one of the major muscles of the back and is mainly responsible for rotating, moving and stabilizing the (shoulder blade) and extending the head at the neck.
  • It is a wide, flat, superficial muscle that covers most of the upper back and the posterior of the neck.
  • Protect the spine and maintain an upright torso.
  • For Women it provides you sexy and great back shaped when daily workouts.


Safety Equipment

Before starting, it is recommended for you to workout in safety environment to protect your body from any possible injuries could possible raised to your back, incorrect body posture and lumbar. Below back brace belt will provide high protection.


Do You Need a Traps Warm-Up?

Warm-ups routine and stretches are main elements in every workout of our body part. It also prevent or relieve minor back pain. We can perform:

Cat stretch

  1. Sit on position where all four on a floor.
  2. Curl and raise spine upwards toward the ceiling.
  3. Pause position for 20 seconds.
  4. Exhale and return your back down as possible to floor.

Cat Stretches

Ear to Shoulder

  1. Sit up on chair with back straight.
  2. Slowly bend the head to the left side as trying to touch the left ear the shoulder.
  3. Put your left hand above ear on the right side of the head and gently press down toward the shoulder.
  4. Pause the stretch for 25 seconds.
  5. Remove your hand on the head and switch the same stretch on the other side.

Ear to Shoulder stretch

For more warm-up detailed to Stretch Trapezius Muscle, will provide different ways to loosen tight Traps and how to prevent your body exposure to tight muscle.


Back Shoulders Workout for Women


Exercise # 01: Seated Dumbbell Press

 (Equipment: Dumbbells, Bench)

Seated Dumbbell Press workout for women

This workout will have effect on various muscles which includes Traps, Triceps, upper chest and Deltoids.

How to Perform Seated Dumbbell Press?

  • You have to choose dumbbells weights in the first go.
  • Sit on a flat bench in order to start with this exercise in sitting position. Your feet should be flat and back should be straight.
  • Start by set dumbbells at ear level and your palms should face forward. (Start position)
  • Now press the dumbbells upward until you make your arms straight. Never lock the elbow completely.
  • Get back to ear level again and then repeat after you exhale.

Exercise # 02: Superwoman Exercise

 (Equipment: a Exercise Mat)

SuperWoman Traps women workout

How to Perform Superwoman?

  • Lie on a Exercise Mat, set your face down on the ground, and arms and legs extended.
  • Start by Squeeze your glutes and slowly lift your arms and legs up as far possible.
  • Pause this position for 1-2 seconds.
  • Slowly return to starting position.
  • This is one rep. Perform 18 reps.

Exercise # 03: Bent Arm Dumbbell Pullover

(EquipmentDumbbells, Workout Bench )

Dumbbell Pullovers Women workout

Pullovers are excellent workout because they work on multiple combined muscle at one time—the Traps, Chest and Triceps. If in case you perform exercise on the exercise ball, by lie your back on it, you also involve your lower body and the core.

How to perform Dumbbell Pullovers?

  • Lie on the workout bench. Set your head at edge of bench. Feet’s flat on floor.
  • Hold one dumbbell with two hands.
  • Start raise weights straight up overhead. (If you’re new to this, start with a lighter weight).
  • Then by keeping arms straight, lower down the weight, until hands behind your head level, parallel to floor.
  • Squeeze your back and gradually pull the weight back to starting position.
  • Repeat for 12-16 reps.

Exercise # 04: Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise

 (Equipment: Dumbbells)

Side Lateral Raise workout women

The group of muscles affected in this workout, the anterior Deltoid and the Trapezius.

How to perform Side Lateral Raise?

  • Start by Stand up straight, make a lateral plane of the body. Stand in this position and hold a dumbbells on each hand.
  • Keep the dumbbells near to your body, palms opposite each other.
  • Raise the arms up laterally to the outside of your body, while keep arms straight.
  • Then lower the dumbbells back to start position.

Important Tip                      

It is necessary to stay slow in this practice. You have to raise the dumbbells very carefully. Keep exercising with lighter weights until you become more familiar.

Exercise # 05: One Arm Bent Over Cable Lateral Raise

 (Equipment: Cable Machine)

Bent over Low-Pulley women workout

This exercise also known as (Rear Delt Cable Raise OR Rear Delt Raise).

How to perform Bent over Low-Pulley?

  • You can start Bent over Low-Pulley (Side Raise) by standing on the machine (laterally) and bend your waist hips so the torso becomes parallel to the ground surface.
  • Keep the machine to your left side, using your right hand grip on the handle of the machine cable which will be the farthest from the exercising machine. (Start position)
  • While contracting your abdomen wall in order to activate core muscles. (This should be done before starting exercise motion).
  • Raise your arms laterally, until bring them to shoulders level.
  • Pause this position for a moment, and then lower the cable weights slowly.
  • This is the end point where you can repeat the exercise.

Important Tip:

Never shake or take off the cable. This may cause an injury. If you are new to this exercise always, start with light weights to keep you safe.


You can execute this exercise with exercise bands or dumbbells.

Exercise # 06: Bent Over Rear Lateral Raise

(Equipment: Bunch, Dumbbells)

Bent Over Rear Lateral Raise workout for Women

The Bent Over Delt Raise, also known as (Rear Delt Fly) is a workout that builds a strength and size of the Rear Delt and, Traps and the backside muscles of the shoulder.

How to perform Bent Over rear Lateral Raise?

  • Start by Sit on the edge of a flat bench.
  • Keep the feet flat on the floor and bring the chest to your knees by bending to 45 degrees.
  • Now hold a dumbbell on each hand, so these will come in near to the back of your shins.
  • Your palms must face each other. (starting position).
  • While Keep looking on surface of the floor and remain spine straight.
  • Raise the weights by Open your arms outside, up to shoulders level, keep arms 90 degrees from your body, this motion will activate your posterior deltoids.
  • Now slowly lower the weight to starting position, and repeat the exercise.


I Hope Back shoulders workout was helpful for you, if you have any Questions, or want to leave your own personal Notes, Please submit your comment below. I would Love to Help You.


Challenge enough to Boost your Body to Next Strength level!

There’s (lots) more! In the next article, you’ll tackle different Muscles workouts.

You will be pleased by see more results by Time.


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