Tricep Dips at Home

tricep dips at home and benefits of dips

Before start discussion the detailed exercise steps of tricep dips at home, it’s benefits, level of difficulty and exercise alternative, let’s review the following assumptions.

We are living in a world situation where many countries had to impose social distancing measures or directly establish quarantine, which means that many typical activities of our daily lives, such as exercising in a gym, have to be suspended.

Given that gyms in many countries had to close, the only alternative left to exercise is to do it at home. But, thanks to the fact that we have become used to exercising only with specialized equipment, when we find ourselves in the need to exercise at home with no equipment we feel lost.

Many people find it especially difficult to train the upper body, much more than the lower body, with special emphasis on training more focused on the arms than on the back or chest. Training the triceps has become during this time a challenge for many people, but this should not be a concern since there are ways to train the triceps at home without any equipment, today we will tell you how. But first let’s talk a little bit about triceps.


What are Triceps?

The triceps brachii muscle is located in the back of the arm. Its name comes from Latin, which means three heads, since it has three origins and a single insert. It is the main extensor of the arm at the elbow joint, therefore it can also extend and adduct the humerus.

This muscle covers most of the arm, therefore exercising it should be a priority in your exercises.


Exercise your Triceps Muscles

The triceps correspond to 60% of the muscle mass of the entire arm, more than any other muscle. But, since its movement is extensor and in favor of gravity, it does not develop much naturally. Therefore, to exercise it, it is necessary to perform exercises that go against gravity.

Having at our disposal all the necessary equipment, such as pulleys or dumbbells, you can perform exercises that focus clearly on the triceps, such as the triceps push down, which is done on the pulley or the triceps extension, which can be done using the dumbbells. But, when we are without the necessary equipment to train it, it is usual that people do not know the steps of how to train the triceps.

Luckily there is an easier way to work the dips, which can be effective as well and can be done from home without any equipment.



Tricep Dips at Home

Triceps Dip for Women

To do this you will only need a chair or a surface on which you can lean, it needs to be at least the height of your knees like small bench.

To perform the exercise, sit on the chair/bench, Insure to rolling your shoulders down, open your chest, to have correct posture with straight back, to minimize any strain can cause on shoulders.

Place your hands on the edge of the chair or the bench (make sure it is a stable object), with your fingers in the direction of your feet, the arms semi flexed and the elbows as close to the body that can. The legs should be slightly bent, concentrating to the heels.

After finding yourself in this position, you should lower yourself until your elbows form an angle close to 90. This should be done in a controlled motion.

Then, using only the triceps muscle, raise up to return to the starting position.

With this exercise you will work focus mainly the triceps and, to a lesser extent, part of the chest.



Triceps Dips working muscles

Dips is considered a sort of easy exercise steps to perform, that can be performed at no time, with no equipment or less, but the results is impressive. On the other hand the scope of targeted muscles focus on the upper body Limbs. The following muscles that working during the exercise:

  • Main Muscle: Triceps muscle
  • Secondary Muscle: Deltoids, located on the shoulders.
  • Other Muscle: Forearms and Traps (Trapezius) muscle exists on upper back. And some time upper chest “pecs” in case your using narrow shoulder-width hand grip.



Mistakes to Avoid During Tricep Dips Workout

People some time during exercise can perform some mistakes which can result in-effective training results, or strains on some body parts specially on shoulders & neck, which causes of incorrect and wrong steps performed, so to insure your workout correct, avoid the following:

  • While hands grips on surface and your body down, people forget themselves, and sink their head and neck down between their shoulders. Correct move: Insure to keep your neck straight and long all the time.
  • Move their hips up and down, without actually use their triceps arms and elbow joint to perform election and extension movement to raise and lower body during exercise.



Control the Difficulty Level of Triceps Dips

Through workout without using equipment to gain mass triceps muscle, you still have an option to control the level of routine difficulty. Usually we have two level than we can work on, the idea it focus totally on the feet, without changing any steps of this routine or body movement, keep it the same, while your hands on edge of surface, before start routine:

  • If you want to start with simple, say easy startup level, you need to place your feet flat on floor surface. Then start your routine. Following this step you will minimize the exert and resistance on triceps arm working.
  • In case you want to move to a higher difficulty level, extend your legs fully, and place your heels on the floor, in this way you concentrate all body weight elevated by triceps and using heels for balancing.



Benefits of Dips

Dips are a great exercise for both beginners and those who are a little more advanced in the exercises so the benefits of dips is variant, since it is the best way to work the triceps, it exerts great stress on them and works extensively on flexibility.

It is an exercise that can be adapted to the level of difficulty of each person and that will work correctly the largest muscle in the arms much better than push ups can.

Therefore, there is no reason to neglect arm exercises these days, because from home they can be worked properly even without exercise equipment.


The concept of Exercise your Triceps at Home

If you do not have equipment for training at home, you can always opt for the basic calisthenics exercise without any support or the upper body, which are push ups. This exercise works the chest, triceps and shoulders. Being done in an open way, it will mainly work the chest and shoulders. Being done with the arms a bit more closed, it will emphasize the triceps but not the level we want to reach.

If we talk about calisthenics, the best exercise for triceps is not the push ups, but the dip on parallel bars. This exercise concentrates more stress on the triceps, working the chest and shoulders secondarily. This is the best exercise that can be done for the triceps using only our body weight, but to perform it, it is necessary to have parallel bars and, in the same way, it presents a certain degree of difficulty due to the stress it exerts on the arms, being necessary to count on a certain degree of strength.


Alternative workouts of Tricep Dips

There is different exercise that can be practice to strength your triceps other than dips, which add more power and effective muscle, during your training and complete dips workout.


Close (Diamond) Grip Push-Ups

Close (Diamond) Grip Push-Ups tricpes workout

It’s a great example of push-ups exercise that works with the chest, shoulders and triceps, the concept where you need to moving your hands closer than in a standard push-up, by place the focus definitely on your triceps.

Start by lay on all fours with a hands and knees on the mat.

Place your thumbs and index fingers so they are touching, which will end by formatting a diamond shape, keep your arms extended and insure to raise your body by forms a straight line starting from the head down to your feet.

Then Lower your body which ends chest towards near your hands, but make sure don’t extend elbows out to the sides and keep back straight.

Then push up your body by raise your chest to first position.


Body Weight Triceps Extensions

Bodyweight Triceps Extensions using a bench

You need apartment bench, stable chair or surface to grip, with height about 3 inch from the ground.

Grip the surface overhand with both hands, by keep your body straight.

Using your elbows in, bend elbows and bow your head under the surface as possible.

Then push up your body back to the first position by extend your elbows, and then repeat.



Plank-to-PushUp Triceps workout with Palms clasped together

Lay down on a mat, with a plank position and forearms flat on the floor under your shoulders, with palms clasped together, leverage your lower body using toes, with close legs, keep your body straight parallel to floor all time.

Start drive your body forward using balancing forearms and elbows while lower down your body by push from the strength of triceps muscle to reach palms. Then raise your body while straighten forearms back to reach starting position and repeat.


Press Up


Cobra Pose - women

Lay your body on a comfortable Mat, with hands flat on floor at shoulder width apart.

Start in a cobra position, while your stomach and hips down to floor, raise your upper body by push hands into the floor and engage triceps to straighten arms as possible.

Keep stress on the triceps without straighten fully. Then reverse back by lowering your upper body and return to the starting position on the ground and repeat.


Overhead Triceps Extensions

Seated Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Extension

This is another best exercises for developing the triceps using dumbbells, In my opinion, give exercise a try.

Before Start: Using heavy weights above your head is bad idea. The exercise benefits depends in your ability to use a full range of motion to work your triceps properly, heavy weights makes this complicated and limitation on flexibility, while raise possibility of injury.

Start by stand up straight or seated position, and feet at shoulder width apart, Grip one dumbbells with both hands, Raise it gently above your head until your arms straighten.

Then gradually lower the dumbbells back behind your head as possible, hold for seconds, then bring back the weight up to starting position. Insure elbows don’t extend out to the sides.



Exercising Triceps using dips is a powerful routine to strength muscles, with different levels, moreover it includes a simple steps that can be easily performed at home.

In addition to balance your arms on the other front side, it’s important to practice workout biceps muscle to expand strength and gain a toned equally form on both arm sides, that eventually result a shaped looks with massive strength that you need.


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