Best Dumbbell Brand For Beginners

Best Dumbbell Brand

Before buy best dumbbell brand for home, beginners need to know the following consideration.

Did you know that you could start losing the strength of your muscle before you even turn 30 years old?

If you are yet to grasp the severity of this problem, then Google the term Sarcopenia. You will get tons of results describing how this progressive loss of muscle mass may increase the risk of falling and getting fractured as we get older.

While we can’t go back in our earlier days and turn the hourglass upside-down, however, we can spend the time we have now wisely by exercising regularly.

In addition, the easiest way to start building your arm muscle exercises is just away from single set of fitness dumbbell brand that’s suitable for your Home! 

Read along to the rest of this article to learn which the best set of dumbbells brand can improve your muscle endurance and make you fit even in the coming years.

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Brand NameWeight (Pounds)Material
Bowflex5 up to 105Steel, Plastic, Rubber
Trademark Innovations0.66 EachEva Foam
Power Block5 up to 70Steel
CAP Barbell16Steel, PVC
Tone Fitness2, 3, 5 EachNeoprene
Sunny Health (SJTT9)2.5 up to 33Steel
Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbell6 up to 50Steel, Cast Iron

Best Dumbbell Brand for Home Beginners | Our Top 7 Picks

1) Bowflex Dumbbell Workout 552 SelectTech | Best Adjustable Dumbbells

Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells      Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells

Keeping that in mind, Bowflex dumbbell Workout 552 SelectTech comes with its signature dial system, which is capable of replacing 15 sets of different weights alone!

From 5 pounds to a massive 52.5 pounds, this product will give you the satisfaction of choosing your favorite weight range with 2.5 pounds of increments for the first 25 pounds.

Although Bowflex 552 is an excellent choice for a weightlifter it come with a dimension 15.8 x 7.9 x 9.1 which fit intermediate level, it’s a complete package for a total beginner as well!

To help you out with different workout sessions, the Bowflex SelectTech App is available for download on your smartphone. Consider this app as your gym trainer which will guide you all the way through from basic to the advanced levels.

I Know, Not everyone has the luxury to purchase multiple weight bars for practice purposes, but it’s worthy to have fun while exercise using different weights embedded with one pair of dumbbells.



  1. Comes with multiple weights for dumbbells settings.
  2. Able to replace 15 sets of other free weights.
  3. The training app assists you through informative videos.
  4. The rubber on the handles prevents it from being slippery.
  5. Available with two-year warranty on parts and weight plates.


  1. The weight brackets might get damaged if dropped frequently.

2) Trademark Innovations Aquatic | Best Lightweight Dumbbells

Trademark Innovations Aquatic Dumbbells

Trademark Innovations Aquatic

Water aerobics is a cool, fun way to start these exercises. With the help of Trademark Innovations Aquatic Dumbbells, you are all set for starting those lessons right away!

You might wonder what makes this product an ideal choice for a pool session.

Well, have you noticed how light-weighted it is?

Cardiovascular Exercise, if done correctly, can help strengthen your heart and decrease your blood pressure level at the same time.

With only 0.66 pounds of weight, 13 x 11.6 x 5.8 dimension, this bar can be a suitable gift for any teenager! You can start your day on a positive note by picking up these barbells as they are available in bright and cheerful colors like Blue, Pink, Purple, Teal, Yellow and Red.

When it comes to water-related equipment, the sooner it dries out, the better!

With the help of Eva foam material, this product comes with a low water absorption rate and dries quickly. The foam holds up well even under the bright sunshine.


  1. Suitable for water aerobics.
  2. Light enough for children to use. Ages +14
  3. Available in bright colors.
  4. Doesn’t get affected by chlorine or harsh sunlight.


  1. The end cap might fall off sometimes.

3) PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells | Best Dumbbells For Challenge People

PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells

Instead of traditional shapes, PowerBlock Elite chose a rectangular block design, so that the dumbbells don’t roll away once you put them down.

I should probably warn you, this one doesn’t look anything like a typical weight bar!

This 70-pound set comes with adjustable features that allow you to choose from a wide range of 5 to 70 pounds of weight and 18.2 x 9 x 9 dimension. What makes PowerBlock dumbbells unique, is its ability to increase weights with only 2.5 pounds of increment.

Now, don’t get surprised, when I tell that, this single product is good enough to replace 22 pairs of ordinary dumbbells!

The selector pin along with color-coded weights and adjustable settings are what makes this product so efficient and gives you the top value for your bucks.

Oh! And before I forget, you can expand the weight limits up to 90 pounds if you want. You just have to buy an expansion kit for that.

PowerBlock could be expensive, but you will own a quality equipment with a different weight that will let you replace 22 pair of ordinary set. Moreover, you can wait for any sessional shopping and get your pairs on a dumbbells sale discount.


  1. Comes with a slide tray to help change weights.
  2. Expands up to 90 pounds.
  3. Adjustable weight settings.
  4. Rectangle design, in order not to roll away.
  5. Durable and easy to use.


  1. The product is a bit expensive than others.

4) CAP Barbell Coated Hex Dumbbell | Best Dumbbells For Home Gym

Cap is a popular dumbbell brand in the fitness industry because of its determination to never compromise on the quality of the products. And this coated Hex Dumbbell is no exception.

If you are planning to build home gym anytime soon, then this barbell will be your best buddy in need! From doing a simple push up to a full-body or a high-intensity workout session, Cap Barbell is suitable for them all.

With a solid steel body and chrome handles, you can expect this product to last for years to come. Available in 5, 8, 10, 12, and 15 to 20 pounds in weight and 10 x 3.6 x 6 dimension, this bar covers the need for weightlifters from basic to secondary level.

The best part is, you don’t need to worry about getting your floor scraped with this product at all. The PVC coating on its surface protects the ground from getting scratched.


  1. Offers targeted or full-body workout sessions.
  2. The chrome handle provides an anti-slip feature.
  3. The rubber coating protects the floor from getting dented.
  4. The hex design helps the bars to stay in place.
  5. Price On-hand.


  1. It has a strong rubbery smell, which wears off after some time.

5) Tone Fitness Hourglass Dumbbell Set | Best Neoprene Light Dumbbells For Beginners

Tone Fitness Hourglass Dumbbell Set

Tone Fitness Hourglass Dumbbell Set

To encourage you to start your new workout routine, Tone Fitness introduces an hour-glass shaped 3 pairs of dumbbell set. Available in 2, 3 and 5 pounds with 14.2 x 10.8 x 5.5 dimension, these light-weighted bars are perfect for a newbie, as they are less likely to cause injury, even if you accidentally drop one.

Tone Fitness bar sets come with a plastic rack to keep all those beauties stacked up in perfect order. The whole thing will add a pleasant vibe to your room with their cheerful presence.

It’s hard to start something new. But trust me, once you start exploring without any fear, you will get an amazing experience!

The Hot pink dumbbell, which is labeled as 2 pounds goes on top of the stand. Next comes the lime green with a 3-pound weight capacity, which stays in the middle and lastly, a pair with 5-pound weight of purple bars finishes off this color-coded set on a pleasant note.

You won’t get sore from holding this bar, as a layer of neoprene covers its surface. This compact set is ideal for traveling.


  1. The bars are light-weighted.
  2. Comes in vibrant and joyful colors.
  3. Suitable for beginners.
  4. Provides you with a comfortable grip.
  5. It is a travel-friendly product.


  1. Not suitable for heavy weight lifters.

6) Sunny Health (SJTT9) Fitness 33 LB Dumbbell Chrome Set

Sunny Health (SJTT9) Fitness Dumbbell Chrome Set

The 33 LB pair of dumbbells from Sunny health is our top picked suitable for beginners and intermediate due to adjustable design, the set includes only one pair of dumbbells.

However, it contains 12 different plate weight that you can control and adjust by easily assemble weights by add or remove, to suite your workout and strength, with outside cogs to lock the weights for maximum safety.

These weight will provide plenty of cross combination you can work with 6.3 x 4.7 x 1.4 dimension. The weights details distributed as following so the total dumbbell set a round 33 LB “15 KG”:

(4 Plates) * (1.25 LB)

(8 Plates) * (2.5 LB)

(2 Handles) * (2.75 LB)

(4 Cogs) * (0.55 LB)

The material made of durable steel construction with shiny chrome finishing provide a fresh attractive look. The good news it comes with a light plastic suite case so you don’t worry for storage or carrying and easily transport pairs in any place.

The handles bar texture made with knurling grip of crossed patterns to provide comfortable, slip resistance surface to provide maximum grip control, so you can only focus on your workout.


  1. Durable with Different plate weights
  2. Dumbbells with fully adjustable
  3. Attractive shiny chrome finishing
  4. Knurled metal grips for maximum grip control
  5. Carry suite case included for storage


  1. One pair included
  2. Circular weights shape can roll dumbbells

7) Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells 50 lbs with Connector Options

Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells 50 lbs with Connector Options

Yes4All brand is another great option for set of dumbbells, In case you think you need more heavier weights, with just on one pair of dumbbells, you can create weight loads, ranging from 4 lbs up to 25 lbs on each and 15 x 12.5 x 4 dimension.

The total weights of pairs create 50 LB “22.5 KG” which in details as following:

(4 Plates) * (3 LB)

(4 Plates) * (7.5 LB)

(2 Handles) * (2.75 LB)

(4 Cogs) * (0.55 LB)

The suitable perfect weight for beginners just getting started into working out. As you go on progress, you can add more of four 3lb plates or four 7.5lb plates to increase your muscle strength.

Yes4All provide another way for addition optional connector, that you can get separately later, to add more extra weights to reach up to 200 lbs. With these pair of dumbbells you can grow with your journey through in coming progress years.

Also pairs manufactured of extremely durable with a combination of cast iron and steel, you will insure the quality and maintain for years. The steel bars with Knurled texture handles guarantee a firm and un-slip grip. And the black plate paints finishing prevent any corrosion and rust for the lifetime use.


  1. Adjustable dumbbell weight (up to total 50lb)
  2. Made of steel and cast-iron
  3. Suffice weight to grow and build muscles for years
  4. Knurling texture on bar for un-slip grip
  5. Black Painted plates to prevent corrosion


  1. 3 lb and 7.5 lb weight plates don’t allow for fine weight adjustments
  2. Circular weight shape could roll away

How to Choose the Best Dumbbells for Home Beginners


Their is mainly 2 types of dumbbells you can choose from Fixed or Adjustable, plus you have different variations for the case of color, shapes and size.
Before start buy dumbbell online, check your favorite type you like to consider.


Regarding the shape we have three kind of dumbbells end shapes – rounded, rectangular and hexagonal.

This kind of option is important regarding how your going to use the dumbbells. If in case your of person used to drop the dumbbell on the floor, you should use either rectangular and hexagonal since it will not keep rolling off and cause any damage.

If you want to keep pairs on the rack after each session you can consider rounded end.

Grip and Handle

It’s better to consider Dumbbell Grip and its ability to control. Some dumbbells have smooth handles which could slide during your workout. where others have rough grip. 

In addition their is different texture that make you feel perfect during session, you can notice texture surface from the images, it will show that clearly.  


This is another important indication to have. You need to check the ideal weight that’s really fits for you, In particular when you are searching for fixed type dumbbell.

You have to keep in mind the maximum limits of your strength and buy pair of dumbbells which is a bit higher weights, in order to get the maximum benefits during your workouts and raise a the perfect huge muscle.

Also to keep in mind, that some dumbbells have fixed weight others are adjustable, so what’s your plan! To own pairs that’s enough for long workout journey, sufficient during your strength get increase! or you will workout for short period and then buy another heavy weights when needed!  


A dumbbells can made of different materials, metal is most commonly used which is plated with chrome, plastic or vinyl.

Most people go with chrome dumbbells as they are more durable goods when compared to others. Where as Rubber dumbbells can absorb any impacts and produce less sounds and avoid injury.


Best Set Dumbbells for Beginners To Consider

Before we start discussing these best dumbbells for beginners, I’m personally glad that you recently decide to take action by spare a time for workout your body and improve your body muscle shape while boosting your health.

Just a small tip, have fun while workout and always keep in mind your ultimate goals behind this and you can reach it by consistent follow-ups, cause everyone with mighty muscles you hear about, started a certain time as a beginner in his life, even for those ideal world body builders.

Don’t worry, Without further delay, will make easy on you to select best pair, that’s suitable on this level, and will filter dumbbells with manageable weight size, while considering the quality prospective, will take attention to different body muscle size each own and a pair that have enough weights to insure to build your muscles during workout progress journey.

What you need exactly is a suitable dumbbell set that can have adjusted weights with some additional features so you can easily by time to add more weights while build muscle mass during your progress. Also I add one pair as optional with fixed weight, for some people preferred this kind of dumbbells for workouts.

The Suitable Dumbbells for Beginners filtered from the best list above as the following “links will sent you to the offer on Amazon“:

  1. Sunny Health (SJTT9) Fitness Dumbbell Chrome Set

  2. Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells with Connector Options

  3. CAP Barbell Coated Hex Dumbbell

  4. Tone Fitness Hourglass Dumbbell Set

Benefits to Own Brand Dumbbells for Home Gym

Now you can easily buy the best dumbbells for home gym with the best pair and decide which will correct suit you, but moreover with brand dumbbell you will have a high quality pair, so you will not worry of any product damage or ruin materials in addition a guarantee from manufacture, plus at Home you can easily exercise with your suitable time, while doing all sorts of regular activities within the comfort of your home.

In addition, Their are many exercises can be performed with Dumbbells like Biceps  and Triceps Workouts, You can start with, where you can build shapely toned arms.

You can easily monitor your self by taking self’s picture while training to enhance your routine by time, with out being embarrassment from others in gym.

You can wear a comfortable cloth at Home while training, with out worry about what to wear if decide workouts outdoor.

You can always save your car gasoline if in case expensive in your city to visit your Gym.

Not to mention, the extra bucks for the gym membership card will now be saved every month!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is best dumbbell set for home gym?

Dumbbells at home is considered essential for any body builders, that can at any time use and continue build to re-shape your body muscles.

From the list pairs of dumbbells above you can choice any best dumbbells for home. But you need to have in mind some minor consideration.

The usability and easy to use that works for different workouts exercises, like chest, triceps and biceps, etc.

Organized and storage the pairs in safe place after finish your workout, away from kids.

Different weights combination unlike gym center, so you can build and re-shape your body and grow up your muscles gradually without limitation of weights, by choosing the best fit for your exercise and muscle strength while grow-up.

What is Best Adjustable Dumbbells?

When we raise this question, the answer depends on below factors:

  • Space
  • Budget price
  • Other features and preferences

And before this, we need first understand and differentiate between Adjustable Dumbbells vs Fixed Dumbbells.

1. Fixed Dumbbells

Fixed dumbbells are not designed to adjust it’s weights. Each dumbbell is a fixed static weight! Which means Zero time is needed to adjust the weight.

The disadvantage of this means you need to own more than one pair of dumbbells with different weights.

Different varies types of fixed dumbbells. Depends on plates ends shape, either:

    • Circular , Hex , Square

The ends made either with steel metal or with Rubber coating like neoprene.

The better quality dumbbells will be rubber coated, and less expensive fixed par will be bare.

The idea of rubber ends to prevent our self’s of any injuries when dumbbells is dropped, your feet, the floor from damage and the dumbbells itself.

2. Adjustable Dumbbells

It refer to one single pair dumbbells, which that the weight can be adjusted as required to be either lighter or more heavier. The maximum or minimum weight and increments weight depend on the specific set that you buy.

In Addition, adjustment mechanism different between varies brands. You can mainly divide the adjustment mechanism into 2 types:

         A. Plate loaded Plates

This one where you manually remove the locking then hold the plates and attach to the handles, you need then to secure the locks and start your workout.

         B. Selected Plates

It come with varies designs, but switching between plates is likely the same concept by:

  • Turning a dial or knob
  • Or moving a pin up or down between weights stack

Based on this the Best Adjustable Dumbbells with high budget

BowFlex Dumbbell 552 selectTech

Power Block Elite Dumbbells

The alternative of Best Adjustable Dumbbells with reasonable budget

Sunny Health (SJTT9) Fitness

Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells


Which Muscles that can build using Dumbbells?

There is varies muscles that can be build using dumbbells than you think. It can cover upper and lower body in addition, your middle back muscles. Below is major muscles that can be strength using Dumbbells, with example workout(s) for each muscle:

  1. Chest: Exercises like: Flat Bench Dumbbell Press.
  2. Biceps: Exercises like: Standing Dumbbell Biceps Curls, Standing Hammer Curls.
  3. Triceps: Exercises like: Lying Triceps Extension, Overhead Triceps Extension.
  4. Shoulders: Exercises like: Front Dumbbell Raise, Dumbbell Lateral Raises.
  5. Lats Muscles (Middle Back Muscle): Exercises like: Bent over Two Dumbbell Row with Palms In.
  6. Quads: Exercises like: Diagonal Walking Lunges.
  7. Calves: Exercises like: Standing calf raise with Dumbbells on elevated surface.
So their is a plenty of workouts that can hit different body muscles, using only pair of dumbbells, which is a great opportunity to start strength your own body.


How Heavy should Dumbbells be? And How Much Weight do I need for Dumbbells?

Best Weight for Beginners

Beginners body builders should use and start with light dumbbells to prevent themselves from injury or strain muscles.

If you feel the dumbbells light fir for you, simply better to increase the number of sets or repetitions.

Example, for a beginner should begin with 2-3 pound dumbbells weights in each hand and perform the routine up to 12-14 repetitions.

Strength and Endurance

Your dumbbells weight that’s required, depends on the purpose of you’re training? If you’re lifting weights to increase strength, or for power!

Women lifting to increase muscle strength can start use weights 5 – 8 pounds, while men can use dumbbells with 8-10 pounds.

To Build up power use 15 repetition with lighter weights. Gradually increase weight pounds over weeks until you’re reach lifting 10-15 pound weights, which is suitable if you’re a woman, for men best weights 12-20 pounds. 

The heavy weights use, the fewer reps should be.


Final Words

Every time I think about hitting the gym, my mind makes up excuses. Some are creative while others are downright funny!

Well, now you don’t need excuses for that anymore, you need only to find the best dumbbells for Home Gym CAP Coated Hex Dumbbells to start workout and build your healthy body.

I hope that this article has helped you in choosing a good pair of best dumbbells brand for your home gym, for the purpose Home Workouts and build a Strength Body.

Stay “ASH” Active, Strength and Healthy, Before it is too Late.

8 thoughts on “Best Dumbbell Brand For Beginners

  1. Hi Basil!
    I like this informative post about choosing the right dumbbells! I’ve enjoyed weightlifting for about 6 years now and might try to get a home gym setup in the future.

    I love your pros and cons sections! That will really help people to decide. I also think it’s great that you included different types of dumbbells, such as the water ones. Really makes you think. It also makes the decision easier because some can be eliminated easily, rather than having 5 options that are all very similar.

    Thanks for the info!

    1. Your most welcome Mr. Ben. My purpose to provide informative details, to make easy for people to decide which one is best for them.

  2. Hey,

    I like the information in this site. I had some of the CAP hex dumbbells that I would use to work out in my basement. They are very high-quality, but they are a PAIN if you ever have to move and you have several different sets. My dad had the power block ones. I know that he liked them and used them a lot, but I never did use them personally.

    1. Hi, Yes i try to be informative in my post to provide the reader all info necessary for his best selection.
      Regarding the pain your encounter, could be many reason either the movement is not exact correct for the muscle or probably dumbbell handle is tough on you, you can wear hand wrist to minimize that. another reason for pain you could have tightness on muscle rotation and hand joint, you can solve this by practice on stretches and warm-up before actual workout.
      Wishes you all best Luck.

  3. Excellent post!

    I think the Bowflex Dumbells are great due to the adjustable weight and how little space they take up.

    But also like the CAP Barbell Coated Hex Dumbbells because they always stay in place. All the LA Fitness locations I visit have those and doing pushups and other exercises with them is a breeze.

    1. Both selection is great Mr. Dave. Cause each have great features, in addition CAP Barbell as you say it’s used in Gyms center since it’s durable and rely on it.

  4. I have thought numerous times about buying the select tech barbells from Bowflex. Thank you for comparing and providing great information.

    1. Yes Bowflex is a great selection, since it’s adjustable weights, it will be easy to select your suitable weights based on your capability and increased gradually by time. Moreover it’s high quality product.

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