List of Compound Exercises

List of Compound Exercises - multi joint exercises

For many bodybuilder and fitness advocates, that have a limited specific slight of time to spend performing their daily schedule routine, promote their fitness and body flexibility, in order either to keep their health or gain their dream muscle growth. In any of these reasons the builder masters design a list of compound exercise, to minimize the workout time as a shortcut to combine involve muscles during the routine exercises.

What is The Compound Exercises?

A compound exercise is the workouts that engage a multi joint muscle or uses a multiple muscle groups at the same time
while performing the routine, which allow effective training with less time.

However isolation exercises is the opposite term for compound workouts, which only focus on one single muscle while training, like Arm Lateral Raises, Calf Raises and Leg Extension. Even both compound and isolation exercises agreed to work on strength body muscles, but mechanism and concept of isolation is different, which target to tone a specific one muscle at a time.
A very simple and common example for a compound exercise is the squat, that uses multi muscles to complete the entire one set,
including the lower body, such as the hamstrings, quadriceps, calves as well engaging the lower back.

Types of Compound Exercises

Before start the list of compound exercise and to have more awareness of the different functions for compound exercises, the workouts split into two main types, that you need to be aware with:

 1. Single Moves Compound Exercises

It’s One Exercise that engage a multi muscle groups or a multi joint exercises, like Squats, Glute Lunges and Deadlifts.

 2. Two Moves Compound Exercises

Combine Exercises that strung together to produce one exercise, like a Bicep Curl combine to a Shoulder Press exercise.


List of Compound Exercises

1. Pulling Compound Exercises

These groups of exercise engage pulling movement, which include your trapezius, lats, and part of pectoralis minor of chest muscles, all work together to leverage the pulling motion and contribute on your shoulder stability and arms strength.

  • Rowing
  • Lat Pull Downs
  • Pull-Ups
  • Compound Bicep Exercises. Biceps Curl with Deadlift provide a great exercise results, that targets biceps, forearms, lats, back and part of legs and shoulders in one routine.

2. Pressing Compound Exercises

Most exercises of this category involve on a pressing or pushing movements that focuses mainly on building extra thick chest with a huge triceps and deltoids together.
In addition improve strength and size of shoulders, for core stability and reduce backbone pressure.

3. Legs Compound Exercises

This category considered a significant compound workouts, because it covers all major lower body muscles with different degrees involving hamstrings, glutes, abductors, calves, core and the quadriceps. And engage 3 joints at the same time your knees, ankles and your hips. which focus on building your strength, speed and explosiveness.


Benefits of Compound Exercises

If your target is improving your overall fitness level, Increase level of effective calories burning during exercise, and considering the short time available for busy people planning for exercising! The compound exercises provide these features by focusing on a multi-joint motions which involve more than a single muscle group.
The benefits are enormous and can be summarized in these fitness categories: Strength, Flexibility and Cardiovascular Exercises.

Compound Exercises Maximize Burning Calories

As we know breathing is essential for effective exercising, since body consume 2 liter of oxygen to burn 10 calories of energy,
Exercises that engage more muscles requires more oxygen, which by naturally will force our bodies to increase level of energy expenditure.


Compound Exercises Improve the Coordination Between Internal Muscles

Improve the functionality and timing chain for the multi-level muscles exists around the joint.
For example if we consider the gluteal structure anatomy (maximus, medius, minimus) so what happen while performing the Glute Bridges exercise, it control the harmony motion between these layers which is responsible to stabilize your hip.

Different Compound exercises like squats or glute lunges that motion the hips in all layers will improve the coordination and how all these muscles should work together to produce the strength and required stability.


Compound Exercises Boost and Regulate the Heart Rate

Many Athletic and healthy people use activities such as running and cycling as cardiovascular exercise to improve the functionality of heart and ability to increase blood circulation.

Also it can be accomplished through exercises that involve a group amount of muscle tissue.

Squats to shoulder dumbbell presses and medicine ball chops (include shoulder, obliques and Abs muscles) are examples of compound workouts that involve multi muscle tissue, which stimulate the heart to pump more blood to keep the muscles work active and efficiently.


Compound Exercises Improve and Build a Dynamic Flexibility.

Static stretching does not lead to full body flexibility, While keeping a muscle in a lengthened position can be mush effective exercise to reduce muscles stress and provide required lean.
If workout involves a wide range of movements, it will be considered as a part of dynamic stretching, which involves moving the joint through a range of movement that will lead to lengthen the surrounding muscle tissue, which result a flexibility body.


Compound Exercises Improve Movement skills and Efficiency Balance

You can observe un-experience gym builders visitors are moving strictly like robots!
It’s because they usually training only one single muscle at a time, which does not learn other multiple muscle groups to coordinates and manage their role of contractions timing, which is in real life the mechanism of how muscles actually should contract.

Here is the significant of Compound exercises demonstrate, that teach a large groups of muscles how to coordinate
on triggering contraction and be responsible of correct timing, to improve movement skills and overall quality body balance.


Compound Exercises for Fat Loss

Yes For Sure you can lose your weight with compound exercises. As we mention, the mechanics of compound exercises normally works by engage a multi group muscle simultaneously, hence these movements will require more energy and power while exercising, and this will force the body to burn more body fat and calories while performing the routine.

You should aware now that, the more muscle groups that you engage on your exercise, the more body energy you will consume, which leads to more calories and fat you will start burning.


Final Thoughts

If your a beginners and your workout target to keep a healthy body and not to participate on Mr/Miss Body universe, i recommend to start isolation exercise, once you start feel your getting the muscle strength, you can start gradually performing full body compound workout from time to time.

But if your target is building huge muscles, you need to keep working on isolation exercise, cause it’s specialized to target and tone each specific muscle alone with precise schedule.

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