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Calf Exercises Men | Easy Techniques

Calf Exercises Men

Exercise Details (Calf Workouts)

Body Part: Legs

Target Muscle:  Calf

Equipment: Dumbbells

Category: Exercise for men


Men’s Calves become obsession muscles these days for most athletic and body builders, cause the way it finally shapes is really attractive and demonstrate the strength and power of that person.

Adopting Calf Exercises Men don’t only help to balance out your appearance but also it’s the key of gaining tolerance of huge weights of any kind workouts.

In addition, it play’s essential role for any sports activity such as cycling, running, football, basket make them easy for you to perform.


calves body muscle anatomy


Calves Muscles

Their is a multi names called for this muscles ( Calf or Calves ) both are mostly common names.

Your calf muscles help propel you forward and up in fiery activities. Two main muscles involved in any calf exercise are Soleus and the Gastrocnemius. Gastrocnemius is the main muscles you can see in anyone’s calf. located at the back of calf. It will be thick and well-toned if exercised. Soleus is located in deep inside. Both muscles work together for functions of leg move, support and help you flex your foot.


calf leg muscle anatomy


Benefits of Calf Workout

There are many benefits for Calf exercises men, which target the lower-leg and blast your strength Muscle. Below is list of major benefits:

  • Calf muscles are responsible for plantar-flexion of ankle joint. Ankle plantar flexion can stabilize ankle under loads and running.
  • Calf workout may avoid calf pulls on legs day. When you lift large weights in workout, your calves receive maximum attention.
  • Calves provide stability to your knees and ankle joints.
  • Calves exercise increase your short sprinting speed.
  • Toned calves are always attractive. In bodybuilding competitions, calves are of the utmost importance. Calf exercise gives you a better physical look of your legs.


Safety Equipment

Before starting, it is highly recommended for you to have a knee pads when performing any leg exercise, whether it’s of thigh or calf. Your knee bone may get dislocated or your tissues may get damaged.

calf knee pads

How to Warm Up Your Calf?

You may perform warm up exercise for calf muscles by doing stair climbing in your home. You may do this warm up as 3 sets of up and down on 10 steps.

For more detailed Warm-Up Calf Stretch, to seek a flexible muscle from any stress or tight before startup your routine.


Calf Exercises Men


Exercise # 01: Jump Rope

(Equipment: a Rope)

calf exercise 1 - Jump Rope

This is a simple exercise unlike a comprehensive one. All you need to perform this exercise is a good quality Rope.

How to Accomplish Jump Rope Exercise?

First, hold the rope with your fingers instead of your palms with a loose grip. A loose grip will help you in good and natural jump. Keep your elbows in close width of your body. Place the rope behind you and bring it over your head and lift yourself a little so that the rope can underpass your feet. Make sure you set the length of the rope according to your physical dimension and height otherwise the exercise will result in useless fatigue as it will get stuck in feet again and again. This calf exercise for men can help to improve total body coordination.


Repetition is the key in learning any workout. For rope jump, try with one jump, then two, then three and so on. Be persistent and you will get a decent pace with time.

Exercise # 02: Barbell Seated Calf Raise

(Equipment: barbell, Rod with decent amount of weight, a piece of block on which you will place your feet elevated)

calf exercise 2 - Barbell Seated Calf Raise

How to perform barbell seated calf raise?

Place a block in front of the bench. Sit on the workout bench and ask someone to put the barbell rod on your thighs. Put your toes on the block and ankle below on ground. This is the starting position for this exercise. Slowly lift your ankle to maximum and bring back with same pace. By doing this, your calves will get stretched and pumped. Try to get maximum stretch as possible. This is one of the best calf exercises which you can perform with minimum effort and maximum result.


  The recommended amount of reps is 6 for this calf exercise for men.

Exercise # 03: Dumbbell Jump Squat

(Equipment: a Pair of Dumbbells)

calf exercise 3 - Dumbbell Jump Squat

How to Perform Dumbbell Jump Squat?

Hold a pair of dumbbells in each hand. Then stand tall straight with your feet shoulder width apart. Make sure your palms are facing your thighs. Keep your neck in a neutral position and most importantly, keep your back straight. Start descending into a squat by pushing your butts and hips backwards. Continue until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Once you reach your lower position, jump come back to the starting position with the help of your heels. Make sure that you keep your hands fully straight in this entire process. Your quads, glutes and abs will also be affected with this workout. It is one of the best calf exercises at home.


You can repeat this workout for (3) set of (20) Reps each.

Exercise # 04: Standing calf raise with Dumbbells on elevated surface

(Equipment: a Pair of Dumbbells)


Standing calf raise with Dumbbells on elevated surface

How to perform Standing calf raise on elevated surface?

This exercise affects your calf muscles which are the most significant in overall size and shape. First, place a piece of block on the ground as shown in the picture above. Hold dumbbells in each hand and stand on the block piece with your toes on the edge of the block and your heels lying down on the floor. Then, raise your heels firmly upwards. Raise till you stand on your toes entirely.

Give a pause here for a moment. Let your muscle get stretched here and feel the pump. After holding the position for a moment, lower your heels gently to the initial position with feeling a stretch in your calf muscles. One tip for performing this best calf exercise would be: lift the heels as high as possible on your toes and bring back your heel down to maximum extent.


We Don’t do much of the repetitions in this exercise but make sure you do your best for even 4 to (5) reps.

Exercise # 05: Donkey Calf Raise

(Equipment: a piece of block placed on the floor, stand to hold)


Donkey Calf Raise - calves exercise 5

How to perform Donkey Calf raise?

Place a piece of block on the floor as mentioned in above exercise. Place the toes of your feet on the edge of the block and heels elevated lying on the floor. Bend like a Donkey and hang on to any object e.g. a bench as depicted in the picture above. You may find your weight not much challenging so you can place some weight or someone on your lower back.

This is your starting position. Start to raise your heels gently to maximum stretch and give a pause for a moment. Now bring down the heels to the starting position. This calf exercise for men will stretch and pump your calf muscles.


The recommended amount of repetitions for this calf exercise for men are 4 to 6 reps as your calves get pumped. Make sure you give pause when heels are raised to maximum level.


Challenge enough to Boost your Body to Next Strength level!

There’s (lots) more! In the next article, you’ll tackle different Muscles workouts.

You will be pleased by see more results by Time.


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