Best Yoga Mat Size: How to Pick the Right Yoga Carpet?

Years Ago, there was only Basic type of the Yoga Mat which mainly made of PVC with solid plastic materials and very thin in thickness with one standard size.Nowadays with hundred different modern yoga mat on the market are designed to suit every taste, activity and preference, but which best yoga mat size can really […]

Hydro Cell Water Bottle Review | BPA Free Water Bottles

Are you worried about buying a bottle that will not fulfill your demands? What features are you looking for in your water bottle? Shopping for a perfect water bottle is indeed a difficult decision. This Hydro Cell water bottle review will give you a better understanding of a water bottle.   Investing in a good […]

Best Rowing Machine Under 500

The Indoor Rower, or  know as Rowing Machine, the concept behind this machine is to simulate the movement of water craft rowing for the intension to workout or training for rowing. Indoor rowing then become as established known sport. As a History, the first rowing machines was build for military training purpose in 4th century. In order to provide […]