Dumbbell Preacher Curl

Dumbbell Preacher Curl at Home

Everyone wants to have big, strong, and in-shape bicep muscles. The big bicep muscle not only makes you look good, but they also give you a unique type of self-confidence. For gaining those muscle guns on your biceps, one of the most effective exercises is a bicep curl. Now there are different types of curls using various equipment and weights, but all of them have one goal, to target your biceps and make them grow big and on curved shape. In this article, we are going to discuss the importance of bicep curls, and then we will talk in specific about the dumbbell preacher curl and how to do the exercise correctly.

So, without any further due, let me guide you. 


Why Bicep Curls is Popular? 

As you already know, there are different forms or types of curls, and every exercise form is beneficial for your biceps. The method to do curls is straight forward, and you can get a lot from this particular exercise with minimum effort. 

Yes, we know that if you want to gain some muscles, you need put a lot of effort, but the curls target your biceps muscles in such a way that even a little effort can give you a good results.  


Highly Effective 

The main reason why curls are so popular among weight lifters is the fact that they are already tried, tested and proven by world-famous body builders like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and they will give you guaranteed results. 

You will not find anyone who will advise you to stay away from this exercise. The reason is that it is straightforward, and steps is simple to perform.  

There are many variations can be performed for biceps curl, One of the most popular effective variations of curls is the preacher curl. What is the dumbbell preacher curls and how you can do it properly?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Biceps preacher curl

Dumbbell Preacher Curl and How to Do It

Just like any other curl, dumbbell Preacher Curls is an arm-focused movement that targets the biceps muscles and helps to build the peak of the biceps. The exercise is fairly simple as to perform it, you only need a pair of dumbbells and a Preacher Bench Machine, Once you get hold of them, you are good to go. Let’s see how we can perform this exercise. 

But before you pick up the dumbbells and hit the preacher bench, make sure you warm-up biceps. Warm-up before any kind of exercise is extremely important, in order to maximize the benefit of your routine and avoid any injury could happen to your muscles, this will make the muscle ready for routine, so better not to ignore this step.

Now, the correct position of your arm is the key to this exercise. While you are doing dumbbell preacher curl, make sure you follow extra attention to the proper movement steps and body form during workout. 

Only then will you be able to get the most out of it. You need to maintain constant tension throughout the movement, and most of the people lose their form, which results in the failure of getting effective results. 

  • First, insure you set the proper height of the preacher bench. You want to adjust it according to fit your height; the bench must not be so high that you have to raise your shoulder, and not too low that you have lower your abdomen.
  • Place your arm in such a way that the triceps are almost at the top edge of the support pad and elbow at almost the middle of it.
  • Insure you hold the dumbbell with an underhand grip (inward fist).
  • Rest your arm by extend it fully on the support pad, this is the starting position.
  • Now curl the dumbbell upwards in a nice and slow tempo as you squeeze your bicep, until you flex your biceps to face your chin. Hold it there for a second or two.
  • Now slowly uncurl, by extend your arm as you move towards the beginning position.
  • Repeat for as much reps as you want, and then switch by do the same for the other bicep.

# Preacher Machine Types

A) Multi Purpose Machine (All in One)

In this type you will own multi-purpose machine for All Your Body Muscles including specific preacher machine.

This is considered a great investment and deal offer, so you don’t need to own different equipment for each muscle, in addition no need to have a renewal gym membership, you can start training directly at home with your suitable time, and all your family and friends can benefit utilize this machine.

So you will save huge mount of money in this machine.

Multi-Purpose Preacher Machine


B) Stand alone Biceps Preacher Machine

This specialized only for biceps arm training, which still a good deal, if you want to focus only on specific upper muscle.

Standalone Preacher Machine


Help Note: In case if you don’t have the preacher bench, you can replace it with the small home incline bench, which you can use the back if bench to perform exercise.

Preacher Curl Instructions to Consider While Performing

There is a couple of steps guides you need to follow you need to keep in mind during biceps Preacher Curl exercises, to maximize effective routine and avoid movements mistakes


Your Armpit should Hug the Bench

Hugging the bench, we mean that there must be no space between your underarm and the bench. This will help make sure that you are not using any force from your body, and the dumbbell is being lifted only by your biceps throughout the curl.

This will make your upper arm copy the angle of the preacher bench, and this is what we want precisely.


Use Proper Weight

The most common mistake people make while doing dumbbell curl is that as they start lifting more weight, their elbow loses contact with the bench. Remember, for the perfect dumbbell preacher workout; you need to glue your upper arm to the preacher bench.

The reason is that the moment your arm lifts from the bench, no longer your bicep is doing the work as the target of the curl is shifted to the front deltoid.

Plus, if you lift your arms from the bench, the pressure will go to your shoulders, and your shoulders cannot take as much load as your biceps can. As a result, you can get prone to shoulder injury.


Sit low (Engage rest of your Body)

The key here is to do all the work by your biceps, and if you are successful in doing so, nothing can stop you from getting big bicep muscles.

But when you are doing preacher curls, it is very tempting to move your body a bit on the bench and start lifting the dumbbell by your shoulder. Don’t do this.

Sit down low by engaging your gluten, hamstring, and abs, which will convert dumbbell workout curls into a full-body workout.


Lift Nice and Easy

Remember, always take the slow tempo, never rush your curl exercise; the best results are always given by smooth and constant-tension motion.

Take the dumbbell right down where you feel a stretch, then slowly lift the dumbbell up, without lifting your arm, nice and easy.


Machine Preacher Curl Benefits

  • It Helps you to perform the exercise correctly and in perfect body alignment format
  • Machine preacher curl helps in isolate of your upper and lower arms muscles, where all the force strength movement focus on the bicep muscles you planned to develop.
  • It’s not only develop a bigger strength arms but also insure to avoid the high risks for any injuries or soreness could raise of your elbow joints.

Dumbbell Preacher Curl Alternative

Versatility is another reason curls are popular among the people. The versatility of this exercise helps you to do curls with almost any equipment, barbell, EZ bar, dumbbell, kettle bell or cable; the result will be significant. And this is why there are so many curl variations, different momentum, intensities, and styles.

  • Seated preacher curl

  • Barbell preacher curl

  • EZ bar preacher curl

  • Cable Preacher Curl

Preacher Curl Variations

There is many effective exercises can be performed on the curl machine, that can hit and target biceps and arm muscles overall:


Reverse Preacher Curl

This routine can be performed by holding either EZ Bar, barbell or dumbbells using a pronate grip (outward palms).

Standing Preacher Curl

You need to standing out with one foot forward the bench while holding the weight using underhand grip. This is suitable also for back of incline bench.

Dumbbell Hammer Preacher Curl

By holding a dumbbell in a neutral grip and then curling weights up.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we tried to guide you why bicep curls are so popular among the masses, what are dumbbell preacher curls? How you can perform and what things you should consider while performing them! We hope this article was helpful to you.

Stay Healthy, Stay Fit and Happy Lifting.

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