Rogue Loop Bands Review

Rogue Loop Bands review

If you’re searching for the best loop band, your making the right fitness choice, the reason that exercises using the flexibility band are less likely to get injury, and if your confident of performing the correct steps of the workout, your totally safe during your routine, it’s suitable for people at home, or travel a lot or outdoors, Today we will highlight and cover a known brand which is Rogue Loop Bands, discuss more details, in order to be familiar with the band.

I Found something strange, when i search on google for the term (Rogue loop band) half results was displaying articles about (Rogue Monster Bands)!? Well these two bands are completely different, even the purpose, functionality and exercises also different. So it seems this ambiguous for some people, and i want just to identify this point.

In short explanation (monster band) used mostly for lifting exercise, like barbell or deadlift, where you actually place the band on the equipment you plan to use, between the rack rings and bar, however (loop band) that we want to discuss about in this article, you will place and use the band directly on your body, mostly between your knees or heels. (This is short explanation In case your not aware about difference between two bands! just for your clarification)

Over the years of bodybuilding i used to exercising using the usual weights, similar like dumbbells, machines, etc. I was not familiar since that time with the resistance band, cause i never use it, but one day, i read article about the features and various benefits that can result from this band, i get encourage to try one and check myself, it’s really amazing feeling, i didn’t expect that, cause i found telling is totally different than actually trying the exercises using the band.

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Let’s find out what I’m talking about:


What are Rogue Loop Bands?

Loop/mini bands are a lightweight equipment you can easily own, mobile bands that can easily travel with, that you will wrap around any part in your body or to a fixed object to start exercising.
Some times it comes with various levels of resistance or sizes, making them suitable choice for home exercise or outdoor.


Rogue Loop Bands Review

Product Overview

Brand Rogue Fitness
Width 2 Inch
Diameter 9 Inch, 12 Inch
Material Snap Resistant Latex


Rogue Loop Bands comes with two diameter sizes 9 or 12 inches, with a 6 various resistance level, the versatile of these bands provide a great different choices for bodybuilders and athlete to exercise regardless if your beginner or advance training experience.

Even the prices considered very low, but the quality of product considered high with durable latex, with a snap resistance, that will not be changed, even after long period of time for exercises.

The Loop Bands can be used for different targets either:

  • Warm-up and Stretches
  • Strength and Bodybuilding
  • Physical Treatment
  • Rehab Activities
  • Mobility Exercises for joints (like Hips)
  • Daily Workout Activity


The Loop Bands can hits and worked on different Body Muscles:

  • Arms
  • Glutes
  • Hips
  • Abs
  • Thighs
  • Quads
  • Calves
  • Back



  • Loop Resistance Training Bands
  • Comes in Pairs or Full Package Sets with 6 resistance
  • Size: 9 or 12 Inch
  • Durable Dipped Latex
  • 6 Different Color, to mark as a code the Resistance Level
  • Multi-purpose: Stretching Activity, Rehab, Strength Exercises, more



  • You cannot find all resistance Level Available on the store.
  • For some advance exercise to perform, the accessories does not come with same band package, you need to get them separately from store, like straps.

Product Score overall 4.5 out 5


Rogue Loop Resistance Band Colors (Levels)

Rogue resistance level loop bands

As discussed, Rogue resistance band colors comes with different resistance level, the idea behind, to suite all trainer experience level, during their journey.

They mark each different level, with different color, to make things easy for you to memorize and pick the right level and start quickly, without to read further instructions.

Color Band Resistance Type
Orange Extra Light
Red Light
Blue Medium
Green Heavy
Black Extra Heavy
Purple Ultra Heavy


You can check Rogue Loop Band offer on Rogue Fitness, by click on below button:

check rogue loop band resistance



Rogue Loop Combo Package Options

In general rogue loop bands resistance levels comes in two packages, each package contains 6 different resistance bands options:

  • Mini/Short Rogue Loop Band: 9 inch
  • Long Rogue Loop Band: 11 inch

So in store you can either choice to pick based on either two above packages, or on pairs.

The idea of packages will provide you future availability to extend your strength and activities during your training, so you will not stop track and lose your goal at any time.

In addition your investing to gain your fitness, which is really worthy.


Muscles Worked Using Resistance Loop Bands

Their is a different various muscles you can train and workout, but what i need to explain here, that each different exercise your performing hitting different kind of muscles, some can be compound others isolated muscles, so before you start you have to specify your objectives and goals either strength, rehab, etc. This will make things easy for you, so you can focus on achieve what your looking for.

So for example performing banded squats with resistance bands: will hit lower body muscle, mainly Glutes, Hips mobility, Thighs and Hamstring.


How Resistance Loop Bands Works?

The simplicity of loop band and it’s mechanism, make it a better advantage than free weights, cause each works on a different functionality way, How!

The bands actually works when you add a tension against it’s resistance, and increased gradually if you increase pushing efforts, so means no outcome your body will gain without a single resistance, even if your placing a band on your body all the day.

So the band formula is (No Push => No Resistance => No Gain)

On the other hand the free weights like dumbbells and bars, if your holding weights even without exercising, you will start feel tension and heavier by clock time passing, cause it work not like bands, but actually depends on gravity, and your exercising against that.

To make my idea more clear, Let’s make it more fiction, if you have a chance to exercise on space or over the moon with your free weights, it will become useless, why! The reason their is zero gravity, and the weights will float on the air. However loop band, will still be functional, think about it!


What to Look For to Choose the Best Loop Bands?

With a variety of Rogue Loop Band provides … one mainly depends on your goals as the following:

  • Material: It’s important to check the martial made of band, if in case you have any sensitivity of specific kind, you need to contact the store and actually ask about this. Cause if it appear you have something in particular and confirm it exists, you need to check another bands types.
  • Resistance Level: Without available variety tension exists on bands, their is no use for them, cause in this way, the bands are ignoring the experience level of specific people, so it will not fit for many.
  • Different Size: Usually most bands have 1 standard length size which is 12 inches. But if you have tiny or thin body or you want a smaller size to focus more on rehab & strength of hip abductor, you need to use mini band like 9 inches.


Which is Better Loops Bands or Regular Weights?

Well, the answer to this question depends on many factors, so their is no direct answer with right or wrong, things to consider:

  • Yourself: Part of the answer, depends some times on you, of what you prefer to use while exercising.
  • Cost Factor: In general Loop Bands is quite cheaper than free weights, but some people are not convinced at all of trying bands on their fitness journey.
  • Durability: If you have plans to keep weights entire life, free weights wins, for sure metal brand dumbbells is unbreakable, and built for life time.
  • Accurate Weight: The free weights have accurate fixed weight, so once you exercise you know exactly the volume your performing.
  • Avoid Injuries: As we know that their is a big chance of risk for injuries using free weights, however bands are less likely to happen, with extra safe to workout.


check rogue loop band resistance


The End result, using one of the two options does not means eliminate or deny the value of other option, cause both have great benefits in different ways, but you need to answer and evaluate on each above factors, will makes things easier on you, and you will find the right answer directly.


Do Loop Bands Build Muscles?

The quick short answer, Of course they do.

Resistance band can strength your body muscles, and re-shape while tone your body parts, in addition play a major role on burning the unwanted body fat if you exercise using heavy resistance with more efforts.

But if you want to build a serious advance muscle mass, you have to use free weights, in some point during your exercises.


Benefits of Using Loop Bands

Their is a lot of benefits you can gain from bands:

  • Avoid Injuries: Since their is no actual weights your using, it’s actually the resistance that stretch and build muscles, so you will be in safe equipment environment.
  • Minimize Stress on Body Back: Using the band will minimize stress load on your back & core, since workout depends on gradually natural force (low-to-high), so your the controller of the exercise difficulty level, the more you push on bands the heavy you receive, and the result no unnecessary pressure will be generated on your body core and back.
  • The Versatile purpose of band, not only for workouts to strength your muscles and warm-up, but to improve joint mobility, rehab process and more.
  • Portable: It’ for sure can easily be movable, while place it on your exercise bag or backpack, either outdoor or during vacation.
  • Easy Store: Cause of elasticity material, and light weight, will make things more easy to maintain it any place.


Exercise and Workouts using Loop Bands

You can use many exercises that hits different muscles of your body using the loop band:

  • Glutes: use (Lateral walk while squat), (before start you need some width space) start the exercise by place band slightly above your knee, while your on squat position, keep your hands forward and your back straight, start moving to right side for 10 steps, once finish return to another side with 10 steps.
  • Hip Extension: Place band slightly above your heels, keep your hands on your hips. Now extend and raise one feet to the back, while squeeze your glute, then lower feet (but don’t touch the floor) raise it again, keep this routine for 8 times, then switch to another feet and repeat.
  • For more exercises that hit another muscles like quads or thighs you can check (banded squat).


Note: Below a declaration video for possible exercise that use loop band. The band color have different resistance from brand to another.


Resistance loop bands are common alternative for fitness equipment or free weights, that is easy and simple to use, less expensive and safe tool, with less injury comparing if for example you drop by accidentally the weights.

Portable so you can easy drop them in your bag and travel any place you want to exercise, and in addition you don’t need especial place to store them, any place can be convenient.

Moreover the versatile use of bands for workout that hits different muscles and different activities similar like rehab, improve your posture, stretches and more, this will make it added value choice than any one.

You can check the available versatile of rogue loop band fitness exercise provided by Rogue Fitness, and more further information with different reviews.

If you have other feedback, tips or experience the products, will be happy to hear from you by add your comments below.


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