Australian Pull Up

Australian Pull Up inverted

Australian Pull up or the horizontal pull up is an exercise which is relatively similar and commonly known for people as a standard or chin pull up.

It’s another substitution for the standard pull ups, but Australian Pull are very simple and effective while performing the up, once place yourself “down under” the bar (horizontal position) for ensuring that mid-back muscles are hit from an angle which is not like a traditional pull up exercise.

In this post will guide you through pull up exercise steps in the right way, how to do it at home with no equipment?, the benefits of performing it, overview of another exercise alternative and variations, and the different grips that can use during workout.

Herein, when a person hangs below the bar, which gets set right above the height of the waist with the in-contact-with-ground heels, they will wind up torso at the angle with ground, which would be almost like the position of a push-up but in upside down.

Once they reached this position, they can brace their body while they pull the chest forward to the bar. Although it is required for you to be very careful, not to bend the hips or give the shoulders a shrug, and once the chest reaches one-two inches away from the bar, give a brief pause and further with a little control, lower back down.

This exercise has a very different plane of motion and works with the muscles from a different angle. The angles are different than the standard pull ups or even the chin-ups which hit different wider side of your muscles, which are on the mid-back, with the biceps, the abs, and also the upper back.

A complete description of Australians Pull has been given below to ensure a complete details about the workout.


Why is it called the Australian Pull up?


The exercise is called to be with this name, because the person perform the routine will be underneath the bar and tries pulling the body towards it.

The exercise can be easily use for learning balancing during the workout or while trying to build, pull muscles and improving the strength with traditional styles.

All you need is to decide what equipment might be used and leave the rest. Barbell bar, Squat rack, Ring rows (more challenging), all can be used for performing this Pull up exercise.


Australian Pull Up exercise (Steps)

Australian Pull Up inverted steps

 Starting with locating and securing the horizontal bar (fixed position) at a height, which is 1.5 times arms-length above the ground level.

  1. Grip the bar with both hands, at shoulder width, start bending backwards towards the ground, emphasis the need to position the body and ensure that the horizontal bar is in level with the chest.
  2. Next, extend the arms and, with a firm hand, get your body below the bar, to be with a straight alignment position, your heels will be fulcrum on the ground.
  3. Keep the neck, head, torso, feet, and the legs in a line by proper alignment of the spine.
  4. Use the feet as your pivot point while inhaling. Make sure to close or widen the feet as per stability desired and then pull the body towards the bar, until the chest touches the bar.
  5. Coming next, lower the body back downwards towards the starting position while they exhale.
  6. That’s it. Simply repeat the steps five to six times, for daily routine.


Australian pull up muscles worked


There are varied major and minor muscles that are used during the exercise. The main load falls on the latissimus dorsi, biceps brachii, further other muscles involved in case use different grip during exercise, infraspinatus, trapezius muscles (for reverse grip) rhomboid muscles, teres major, brachialis and back straighteners.

The main muscles which works are from the upper back, arms, and shoulders. Even the abdominals work for bracing the abs and better pulling up while maintaining good posture. The rest other muscles contribution is less.


Benefits of Australian pull ups


Some of the benefits associated with the workout are:

  1. It improves the posture
  2. Helps to strengthen the Trapezius muscles, the Latissimus Dorsi
  3. Shoulder issues can be reduced using this exercise
  4. It can build better and bigger biceps
  5. It helps one look cool.



How to do Australian pull ups at Home?


This exercise can be done at home. Being at a gym is not necessary, but it does require from you to be very careful and caution while perform to avoid chances of injury.

There is two way to perform at home in case you don’t have a bar:

A) Before starting, find a thick dowel made up of sturdy material like metal or even wood would work. Just make sure the chosen item is strong enough to support your weight.

Once done, simply stick the dowel across the chairs or the stools that will be a replacement for the bar to lay upon (do ensure their height to be well maintained). They make sure that the bar is sturdy, and before exercising, it will be better to test it by pulling it a little harder.

This will ensure, not to fall or get hurt with the dowel getting a break or a slip during the exercise. Then simply follow the steps movement of the workout.


B) If in case plan A hard to achieve, you can replace that by bring a long towel or a resistance band, grab it from both ends, then on the door handles height level, wrap/attach it to the handles door, keep both ends hanging so you can grab it with your hands later.

Next step while the door is half opened, place a carpet or a mat below the door to secure door and insure it’s not moved while you’re performing.

Start the exercise, by hold tightly with both hands, the both hanging ends of the towel, while place your feet on the carpet that is placed below the door.

Then get on a seated positions, lean your back 45 degree, while start straighten/extend your arms, then pull the arm and chest close to the door, similar like a rowing motion, then extend the arms, and repeat the movement.

If you feel the routine level is easy for you, the same exercise can be performed using one arm pull up, in order to increase the difficulty level, by grasp the two ends of towel  with one hand (also can work same for bar), then start workout by follow the same steps, once finish reps. Switch to another hand and repeat.

Australian Pull Up using towels wrap on doorknob

Now if all is set, have an amazing workout time at the comfort of home.


Australian pull up Alternative & Grips


There are some alternatives available for the exercise pull up. It includes:

  • Table Body weight Row: by grasp one end edge of sturdy desk or table, while your body align below it.
  • Door Towel Row: using a doorknob pull in, as we brief above, but required more control.
  • Pole Towel Row: If you have sturdy pole, you can use it instead of doorknob, by wrap the towel around the pole and grasp the two ends.
  • Bicep Plank (a high plank), etc.

In addition can even use the Barbells, Dumbbells and the Resistance stretch band for the process to continue and ensure a better exercise.


Moreover, You can use the pull ups exercise with different hand positions and techniques, by just changing grasp width of your hand grip, either close grip, wider than shoulders or normal shoulder width.

Another alternative grasp type you can use best pull up grip which is pronated grip, commonly used and the supinated (reverse grip) the bar while exercise, each time you change grip your actually hit another side of the muscles of your arms and back.




In order to get the muscles growing, you need to ensure to perform what you have learn for the exercises that have positive effects like the Australian Pull up. One does get excellent rewards using this way of exercise.

Not just reward but also a process and a sense of satisfaction kicks in with the amazing pleasure. But before starting, ensure you perform the correct steps of workout, and you’re confident to do the inverted rowing, or it will cause more harm to the body than showing positive signs of muscle strength.

I hope the above-mentioned information and advice will help diversify your exercise routine. Have an amazing workout trial.


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