Lat Stretches: Strengthen, Support, Benefits

latissimus dorsi ball stretch

Do you know How you can lengthen your lats and improve overhead mobility? Well, you need to stretch latissimus dorsi every day, and this will help you protect and stabilize your body spine while providing back strengths.

Exercises are very healthy for our body, but due to our fixed and busy day schedule, we don’t get sufficient time to exercise and own a body of your desire.

If your program is fixed, you can follow How to Motivate Yourself for Workout that we setup a creative plan to make workout easy to follow every day, you should at least dedicate a day or two in a week where you will have stretches, especially lat stretches.

Our shoulders and arms are involved with a lot of activities, Thus, you need to stretch more and strengthen to enhance a good posture. In this article will helps to enlighten you with a ways in which you can stretch Lats muscle and strengthen your shoulders or arm.


The Plan Before Start Lat Stretches

There are many latissimus dorsi stretches that you can choose from, and you need to select at least two that you are comfortable with, which you will be regular exercising, in order not to start tension your muscle or have any possible injury.

As your flexibility increases, you can add more different stretches, frequency, intensity, and also duration, which you will carry on while exercising.

You should begin basic latissimus dorsi stretch by posing vertically tall with your hand above straight align with your back. Then gradually lean on one side until when you feel a slight to modest stretch in the side of the shoulder and superior back of opposite lean side.

You should hold this for about five seconds and then coming back on the starting position. Repeat a similar process for more than ten times on the opposite side.


Lat Stretches Exercises

Foam Rolling Lats

foam rolling lats

While doing this exercise, you will need a foam roller, which will help relieve soreness. In addition to that, it will also increase your range of motion and also helps in correcting misalignment’s.

While making the stretch using the foam roller, you should be careful and identify all the sensitive areas in both arms as you alternate. Also, you should put less pressure on your lat.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Lie on your right-hand side with the roller under you
  • Ensure you keep your right leg straight while you bend your left knee, and place left foot on the floor for support while rolling.
  • Rollback and forth from your underarm to the lower back slowly, by press using left foot to roll your torso.
  • Ensure you roll all the mentioned side, for one to two minutes.
  • Switch and repeat to the opposite side.

Latissimus Dorsi Ball Stretch

latissimus dorsi ball stretch

To exercise this, you will need a large ball or otherwise use a chair. While making the stretches, it will enable you to lengthen the lats, thus improve the overhead mobility.

Here is what you need to do:

  • You can begin the exercise using the tabletop position.
  • Place your right forearm on the ball, palm vertical to the ceiling.
  • Press into your grounded arm for support and stability.
  • Lean forward you body slightly, thus will roll the ball using right arm, Always engage your core muscles as you continue stretching.
  • Return your forwarded body to its place.
  • Switch to other side and repeat the same process for a few minutes.

Squat Lat Stretches

Squat Lat Stretches

According to the therapist, they claim that stretching out your lats while breathing deeply would help relax, especially if you take squatting position.

Here is what you need to do:

  • You need to find a fixed stand-up object, like a pole or similar, which you can holds on.
  • Grab the object on your waist height.
  • Squat Down, while keep your feet at shoulders width, face down looking to your feet.
  • As soon as you squat down, you should ensure your back relax by squat as low as possible.
  • While squatting and your hands gripping the object, ensure your arms are straight and above your head.
  • You can breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth sometimes.
  • Repeat the same for few times to let your body relax.

Lat Band Stretch

Lat Band Stretch

You will exercise this through the help of a resistance band, thus ensuring your latissimus dorsi stretches.

Here is what you need to do:

  • You should tie a resistance band around a fixed or stand-up object on one meter height above your head. And ensure its anchored below the knee- height.
  • Grab the band with your right hand and Lean forward your upper body slightly, while keep your arm, head and back aligned in one line. You can put your left foot in front of your right foot, for more support.
  • Start pull the band by step backward to a point where you feel the tension of the band.
  • When you want to experience extra stretch, Walk backward and let the band pull your arm.

Active Floor Lat Stretch

Active Floor Lat Stretch

It’s a common lat stretch that you can have that will strengthen your shoulder and arms. You can always maximize the stretch by rounding your lower back.  It helps deepen your stretch and also rotate your ribs and chest toward the ceiling.

Here is what you need to do:

  • On a kneeling position, sink your hips back and lean down your upper body forward by place your right forearm planted on the floor.
  • Ensure you lean your weight onto your right arm. Then start stretch out your left arm to fully extended, by reach out your fingers as far possible.
  • Hold on this position for few seconds.
  • You can now return to the original position.
  • You need to repeat the process for about 10 minutes on the opposite sides.

Lat Eagle Pose

Lat Eagle Pose

You can engage in an eagle pose either while standing or sitting. It’s one of yoga positions that helps in increase flexibility and the range of motion in your upper back and shoulders.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Stretch both of your hands straight forward, and parallel to the floor
  • Cross your arms in the front of your upper body so that your right arm is above your left arm.
  • You can tuck the right elbow into the crook of your left elbow, after which you will be able to raise both forearms, to be vertical, facing you.
  • Connect both palms by press them together as possible while breathe deeply. You should ensure you focus on releasing the tension in your back and shoulders.
  • Then reverse your arms and repeat the same process of other arms sides all over again.

During the exercises, you need to pay much attention to the lats muscles because they are the largest back muscles. You need to build your muscles to generate a stronger body and to enhance it is movements. In addition to that, you need to ensure all other essential core muscles in the body are stronger.


Benefits Of Having Strong Lats

  • Helps In Maintaining Strength of the Shoulders, Arms, And Upper Back

Your shoulders are one of the utilized parts of the body, either when you are undertaking daily activities or you are participating in athletes. For instance, the shoulders are more involved in movements such as holdings weights and many others, which calls for the shoulder duty to be much stronger.

Lats will help to support all the movements which you are doing with your shoulders. Mainly your lats would facilitate all the movements which revolve around the shoulders joints and its related muscles.

  • Improve Exercise Performance And Support Sports Activities

Your lats will ensure you are capable of maintaining body posture and prevents all the back pains that could be caused. For instance, when twisting or bending over, you will need the help of the lats to carry on such activities.

All your upper and middle back muscles work together with Lats to give your body a more significant motion, which is needed in the body to perform during workout, and thus facilitate movements.

  • Maintains Stability Through The Core

Your lateral back muscles and the lower back is part of the core structure, which means they have to be as much strong and flexible to support your body. If you have a poor posture, it will get linked to headaches and other respiratory problems.

When you have excellent stability, you will have a good posture, and adequate balance which would help you prevents from falling during any activity.

  • Promote Flexion

While standing upright, you need body muscles, which will support your upright and also extended position. It will include lateral flexion and extension of the lumbar spine, which would eventually help to lengthen and also contract the back muscles.

It will also facilitate the movement both up and down.

  • Ensures A Balanced Body

Back muscles are essential in the body because they carry a lot of weight and help the body to have a balanced posture. For instance, your back muscles will work in conjunction with the front muscles to help balance the body.

However, it will be useful to have a sufficient balance of the back and front muscles, than have imbalances that would causes injuries while performing activity.


Latissimus Dorsi plays an essential role in the body, as references above. When you have built lats muscles, it will promote different upper movements in the body, which will need to be coordinated  and aligned, especially either on athletes or daily routine activities. You need to identify the lat stretches which you are comfortable with and practice every day.

If you have not been doing lat stretches, then you need to start provide more attention to this muscle and begin strengthen your shoulders muscles and back muscles by performing Best lat exercises for Men OR Best back exercises for Women.

However, you should provide extra careful during your exercises to prevent muscle damage, begin with simple exercise and move on gradually until expertise level.

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