Tight Calf Muscles: Causes & Stretching Exercises

Calf Structure contains of two muscles: the gastrocnemius and the lower muscle are solitary. Both muscles are placed on lower leg for the back of the ankle and in the Achilles tendon. The calf is a very powerful plantar flexor due to the ankle configuration and the relatively long lever arm. The gastrocnemius muscle comes […]

Calf Workouts for Women

Exercise # 01: Ankle Hops  (Equipment: Body Only) This workout it will tone the lower leg, increase aerobic efficiency exercise and strengthen more the muscles. Insure Keep back straight while jumping. How to perform Ankle Hops? Stand up with straight back, hands beside your legs, and feet apart with hips width. (Start position) Start jumping […]

Calf Exercises Men | Easy Techniques

Exercise # 01: Jump Rope (Equipment: a Rope) This is a simple exercise unlike a comprehensive one. All you need to perform this exercise is a good quality Rope. How to Accomplish Jump Rope Exercise? First, hold the rope with your fingers instead of your palms with a loose grip. A loose grip will help […]