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Leg Thighs workouts
(Last Updated On: August 27, 2022)

Exercise Details (Leg Thigh Workouts for Men)

Body Part: Legs

Target Muscle:  Thighs

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The Thigh is an important muscle resource for guys these days, which represents and shows how strong and powerful they are. On the other hand, few men overlook this muscle during a workouts, because it takes time to build, toned and reshape the leg the way it should be.

Maybe you want to be a runner, play soccer, get healthier, or look better, but whatever your personal goal, you need to have strong thighs to achieve any of these activities.

The good news is that it’s really easy to work out your legs and you don’t need an expensive gym subscription to get them in shape. In fact, you do not even need to leave your home, you can simply perform leg workouts for men at home. Another added bonus, is that most leg exercises actually work with the rest of your entire body and will help you burn calories and lose weight at the same time.

In addition, it is a big problem for a man to not find the right jeans, because of the thin legs in the thighs! Imagine what jeans look like with your muscular legs!

Don’t worry about it, by developing a fat-reducing lifestyle, choosing cardiovascular exercises for your thighs, and combining exercises that target the thigh into your workouts, you can develop your thigh to be just as strong as you’ve always dreamed of. By following the inner thigh workout for men, as we will explain in the article below.

It is important to remember to do a good thigh stretching session before and after the exercise, to remove any muscle strain or tightness and make it ready for the exercise, we will explain this shortly before the exercise.

But before we talk about the inner thigh workout at home for men let’s cover a little bit about the structure and benefits of the thigh muscles.


Thighs (Sartorius) Muscle Anatomy

The Sartorius muscle is the longest muscle in the human body that extends the length of your thigh. It is used for everything including walking, jogging and many more. Whenever you use your lower body, the Sartorius is activated making the inner thighs of your leg strong.

The thigh contains three main groups of powerful muscles: the Hamstring muscles in the back of the thigh, the Quadriceps muscles in front, and the Adductor muscles on the inside. The quadriceps and hamstring muscles work together to straighten (extend) and flex (bend) the leg. The adductor muscles pull the legs together.

In the diagram below, it shows the location of the inner thigh on the inside of the body, which connects and interacts with the major leg muscles, as we plan to build using good inner thigh exercises for men.

Thighs anatomy muscles

Benefits of Thigh Muscle Workout

  • The Sartorius muscle is of major importance in every leg yoga. You have to bend your knee and hip to do this. Therefore, you must have a strong Sartorius.
  • Sartorius exercise has been rated as the most beneficial exercise for our entire lower body.
  • The flexibility of your body can be increased when performing routine thigh workouts.
  • Moving the large muscles in the legs requires a lot of energy. Employ Exercises such as squats and deadlifts will increase your overall body strength.
  • When you develop the muscles of the thighs, it reflects and increases the performance of sports activities such as running, and helps runners increase their speed.


Safety Equipment while training Thighs

First of all, these muscle exercises focus on building the overall muscles of the legs, you need to make sure that there is no problem of any spasm or excessive tightening in this area, to avoid any kind of leg injuries.

Like any leg exercise, it is recommended that you secure your knees and ankles. By having a pair of good comfortable pad materials to wrap your knees for extra protection.

knee pads

Do We Need to Warm-Up your Thigh?

Warm-up and stretching are an essential part of exercising every part of the body. The warm-up should imitate the target muscle by pumping that muscle. We can do high-knee slaps for Sartorius as shown below. Moreover, in order to warm up, you can perform simple quads to specifically pump up your Sartorius.

For more muscle warm-up steps, you can check out the Inner Thigh Stretches Muscle.

High Knees

Here is a selection of top (5) inner thigh and for legs exercises, that you can do in the comfort of your own home.


Best Leg Thigh Workouts for Men


1: Step Ups

(Equipment: a stable chair or bench)

Exercise 1 Thighs - Step Ups

How to Perform?

  • Stand in front of a table, chair or a solid workout bench that’s about knee height. Keep your feet shoulder width apart. This is starting position.
  • Climb onto the bench with your right foot, making a 45-degree angle. Don’t forget to keep your back completely straight while performing this exercise.
  • Then raise your body, by pushing yourself with the force of your right foot on the bench, climb up with your left foot and place it on the bench, keeping your legs extended in such a way that you get the most contraction, keeping your feet shoulder-width apart. The image above shows the correct and complete way to perform the Sartorius muscle step ups exercise. There are simply no weights required to perform this.
  • Return to the starting position by returning and lowering the right leg back onto the floor, then lowering the left leg back.
  • Repeat and start the exercise again.


You can repeat the exercise 6 times in 4 sets, switching legs after completing each set.

2: Narrow Leg Squat

(Equipment: a Body Only (no equipment required))

Exercise 2 Thighs - Narrow Leg Squat

How to perform?

  • Stand straight with your hands tied together and place your arms in front of your chest close to them, keeping your arms straight and parallel to the floor for better balance.
  • Keep the head appears straight forward during the entire workout.
  • Keep your feet as close as possible.
  • Next, lower your body and slowly push your buttocks back. Keep in mind that you must keep your back straight and feet flat on floor. Squat down until your thigh is parallel to the floor. When you are in this lowered position, hold this for a few seconds to stimulate contraction and pumping of the muscles while performing this sartorius exercise.
  • After holding this position for a second, return to the starting position by gently lifting your body.
  • Then repeat the exercise.


You may repeat this exercise as 8-10 Reps.

3: Weighted Step Ups

(Equipment: a Pair of Dumbbell and a raised platform ex: a bench or a stable chair or box)

Exercise 3 Thighs - Weighted Step Ups

This Thighs exercise is similar to body steps ups, the difference is we need here to increase the resistance of gravity to re-enforce using dumbbells, to force the muscles to increase their performance leading to building bigger thigh muscles.

How to Perform?

  • Hold dumbbells with both hands.
  • Stand in front of the platform bench, while keeping your back straight, and your feet shoulder width apart. This will be your starting position for thigh workouts for men.
  • Gently lift your right foot and place it on the platform bench. Keep your left thigh extended to the maximum level. Using the strength of your right foot, lift yourself up on the platform by placing your left feet on the bench. Pause in this position for a second.
  • Then return to the starting position. By placing your left foot on the floor again and making sure to bend the leg slightly so you can prevent injury. Then return your right foot to the floor.
  • Then repeat the workout again by switching legs, to exercise and toning the inner thigh of the leg.


Switch between legs and repeat the exercise steps, repeating the exercise up to 6 on each side of the leg in 4 sets.

4: Narrow legged Leg Press

(Equipment: Leg Press Machine)

Exercise 4 Thighs - Narrow legged Leg Press

With feet narrow and close together, this press workout will target your outer thigh muscles, and it’s a favorite exercise for men.

How to perform?

  • When you start using a leg press machine for your outer thighs, simply sit on the seat and place your legs on the stand of the machine. The width of the legs should be close to each other for better balance and focus the tension of the workout on the outer part of the legs.
  • Before removing the safety bar, check the weight of the platform by just pushing it in to avoid any mishap. Then lower the leg press safety bar while holding the properly weighted platform and extending the legs as far as possible.
  • As you inhale, let the platform weights come down and make sure your upper and lower legs form a perfect 90-degree angle. If the angle is not at a 90 degree angle, then it is the wrong thigh and leg exercises movements.
  • Then return the weights, and raise them to a higher level by pushing the platform back to its starting position with the help of the heels and quads muscles.


Repeat the leg press for the recommended reps of 6 to 8 times in 2 sets.

5: Weighted Wide Squats

(Equipment: a Pair of Dumbbell )

Exercise 5 Thighs - Weighted Narrow Squats

How to perform?

  • Grab a pair of dumbbells of an appropriate weight, palms facing towards you.
  • Stand with a straight back and a tight core, and keep your arms by your body, with your feet slightly more than shoulder width apart.
  • Keep your back straight and your head looking forward for best performance of this inner thigh exercises at home, this is starting position.
  • Then bend your knees, by bringing your buttocks back so that your calves and thighs are at a 90-degree angle.
  • Pause for a few seconds until you get the maximum muscle contraction for this exercise position.
  • Then return to the starting position.


This is a good men’s inner thigh workout. You can repeat this 5 to 7 times as recommended with 3 sets.


The Thigh have a primary influence on the performance and strength of your leg, and they also play a role interconnect the quads and calves muscles to perform the entire leg function, which many athletes incorporate into their workouts such as runners, soccer, or a workout builder.

You can achieve the lead and gain this muscle on your own, by following the steps of the best inner or outer thigh exercises to build a strong thigh muscle.

Challenge enough to Boost your Body to the Next Strength level!

There’s (lots) more! In the next article, you’ll tackle different Muscles workouts.

You’ll be happy to see you build more muscle results over time.