Apply These Bicep Workouts for Men at Home Using Dumbbells

bicep workouts for men at home with dumbbells

Target Exercise Details (Men Bicep Workouts)

Body Part: Arms

Target Muscle:  Biceps

Equipment: Dumbbells

Category: Exercise for men


Biceps are considered the most attractive and prominent muscles to show. This is why muscular arms are considered important for you to increase men attractive personality. Performing Bicep Workouts for men definitely makes you stronger, fit and in good Health if you start apply the best bicep workouts at home using dumbbells. So why don’t you work on arm muscles starting today to make them stronger and bigger?

If you explore the biceps anatomy it reveals that it is just a muscle called “The Bicep Brachii” as its structure has two parallel parts. The first part is long head while the second part is short head. The basic movement of biceps ensures that actively supinate the arm and flex the elbow.

While thinking about the best bicep workouts at home, it is not necessary to join a complex workout station or a gym, as all you need is a pair of dumbbell. Do you have dumbbells at home? Whether these are lightweight or heavy, these are more than enough to complete this exercise.

Keep in mind that bicep exercises with dumbbells will improve the biceps muscle only if you apply a regular and steady workouts. Performing these workouts in blue moon will never help in this matter. Make sure that you are regular and consistent, as these two basic factors having great influence advantage on the workout results.

Before move on and follow the below plan of exercises at home to improve your arms and biceps, let’s discuss a bit about bicep muscle structure, benefits and light equipment’s to insure your arm safety before start exercising.

Biceps Anatomy


Biceps Muscle Structure

Biceps lies on the upper arm, which contains two heads that connect shoulder “Delts” and elbows. Its main function to flexor the forearms and simplify it’s movements.  Bicep Muscle contains two fiber components Short Head and Long Head. Short head responsible for coracoid process of the scapula, and Long Head to supraglenoid tubercle of the scapula.

Both biceps heads can be trained simultaneously using same routine workouts that will discuss shortly.

Biceps Structure


Benefits of Biceps Workout

There are many benefits for workouts bicep, which target the upper-body and blast your core and main Arms Muscle. Below is list of other major benefits:


  • With mainly focus here to exercise your biceps, but in these exercises it also targeting other muscles too other than biceps. The muscles that are additionally influenced are brachialis and the brachioradialis. Only a limited number of exercises target these muscles.
  • It will tone your biceps and will enhance their overall look. Biceps are highly visible muscles as compared to other body parts so they look prominent and thick when in proper shape.
  • Another benefit is that it requires only a simple equipment’s to start performing and can be done virtually anywhere.
  • More weight can be lifted in this exercise that eventually means more muscles mass.
  • It will not allow you to cheat on your reps, as it will keep your arms in a steady place and target your biceps properly.
  • Dumbbell curls are fruitful for people who want to get quick results in less time. That makes it highly efficient workout for arms.
  • The exercise will make your daily tasks easier as you perform many voluntary and involuntary actions in a day which are similar to a Dumbbell curl e.g. when you lift your bag or while picking up a child. Therefore, this exercise is highly functional and useful in real life.


Safety Equipment

Before starting, it is highly recommended for you to wear elbow and Crossfit hand Grips to avoid any sort of tissue damage or dislocation of bone. Top bicep exercises mostly require these safety gears.

Biceps-Safety-Grip Hand

 forearm safety equipment

How to Warm Up Your Biceps?

Warm ups and stretches are a significant part in every workout of our body part. Based on a study, a warm up should imitate the expected exercise by pumping those muscles. We can do a warm up using barbell preacher curl by having a set of 30 reps with an empty rod only once. Make sure your angle is flawless and try to make it slow.

For More Detailed Biceps Warm Up Before Workout to trigger muscle flexibility before starting your workouts.


Best Bicep Workouts For Men at Home


Exercise # 01: Standing Dumbbell Biceps Curls

 (Target: Arm muscles – Biceps)

Standing Dumbbell Biceps Curls

This workout is similar to the traditional bicep workout. It is excellent to develop strength and density. You will require controlled motion to perform this bicep workouts at home.


Step 1: Pick the dumbbell in both hands, shoulder width apart, stand straight and maintain a braced core.

Step 2: Palms should face forward so the dumbbells will hang at arm’s length.

Step 3: Don’t move the upper arms. Bend the elbows while curling the dumbbells. Continue until the biceps are contracted while the dumbbells reach to shoulder level. Keep exhaling during this exercise.

Step 4: Stop for a few seconds and start moving the dumbbells to starting position. Keep your arms extended and exhale.


Important Tip

The elbows should be stationary while tucking at the toes. Don’t forget to squeeze your biceps when at top of lift. When the arms are extended the weights should come down slowly. Perform this exercise in two sets containing 13 reps each. Always take breaks during the exercise.

Exercise # 02: Standing Hammer Curls

 (Target: Arm muscles – Biceps)


The Hammer curls are famous for the position or form of Hammer Handle Like a Grip. This grip is maintained while using the bicep exercises dumbbells. This move is definitely useful to make the biceps just like a hammer.


Step 1: Pick a pair of lightweight dumbbells using your neutral grip. The palms should face each other. Hold the dumbbells at sides.

Step 2: Keep the torso stationary. Move up dumbbells towards the shoulders while flexing at your elbows.

Step 3: Stop before the dumbbells are close to touch the shoulders. This is top position and you have to maintain it for a few seconds.

Step 4: Go back to starting position by lowering the dumbbells. This required controlled movement. Start again with several reps.

Important Tip

Complete 3 sets containing 12 reps. In between these sets take a short break of 15 seconds at least. You can also curl the arm in order to do alternative hammer.

Exercise # 03: Kneeling Single Arm Curl

(TargetUpper-body workout to blast your core and biceps)

Kneeling Single Arm Curl - Biceps Workout

This workout is excellent for the best bicep workouts home to support people in a great manner. It provides quickly toned arms without intensive exercises. On the other hand, kneeling position is good to keep rest of body free from the weight pressure.


Step 1: Pick a dumbbell in left hand while the palms face your thighs. Pick another dumbbell in right hand but the palms will face outward in this go.

Step 2: Start curling the dumbbell in right hand without moving the upper arm. This will also require bending the elbow. Bring your elbow close to your shoulders.

Step 3: Stop for a few seconds and start lowering the dumbbells slowly. This will bring you to the starting position. Start the exercise again once your arm is straight.

Important Tip

First of all, you have to complete the sets on right hand. After finishing with right hand you can move to the left hand. Complete at least 2 sets containing 10 reps each. Take rest for 10 seconds after completing 12 reps or a set.

Exercise # 04: Concentration Curl

 (Target: Main Arm Muscles – Biceps)


This is a unique exercise as it is different than all other movement. Remember, there is no matching exercise for it. According to research, the dumbbells perform highly accurate with this position. Using this exercise, it is easy to achieve the accuracy or perfection rate of 97% on the biceps.



Step 1: Use a flat bench to sit and keep the legs spread. Bent the knees and flat your feet using lightweight dumbbell inside the legs.

Step 2: Use one hand to hold the underhand grip and second to hold the dumbbell. Put back of your upper arm on the inner thigh using its same side. The palms should face away from the thighs.

Step 3: Extend the arms while trying to curl the weight up. This will make a smooth arc and contract the biceps. Keep exhaling in order to ensure stability. Hold this position on second shoulder.

Step 4: Go back to start position while ensuring a controlled position. Swing the arms while inhaling. You can employ second arm for this purpose.


Important Tip

Try to keep the dumbbells away from ground or floor during this workout. Complete at least 4 sets of this workout with 8 reps. Take short breaks of 15 seconds.

Exercise # 05: Burpee Push-Ups

(Target: Burpee Push-Ups exercise that primarily targets the chest and to a lesser degree targets the calves, forearms, groin, lower back, quads and triceps)

(Equipment:  No equipment is required, body weight only)

Burpee Push-Ups

This is similar to the traditional push-ups. However, it is more efficient than traditional push-ups, cause its working on your body core, shoulders and biceps.


Step 1: Place hand on ground to squat down.

Step 2: Make plank position and drop to simple push-up.

Step 3: Push-up again to go back to plank position.

Step 4: Jump in air while keeping arms straight. Go back to starting position to repeat.

Important Tip: Continue with workout for at least 60 seconds without taking break.


How Much Weight Should You lift for Biceps?

The main factor depends on your gender and strength level you reach, on average for beginner women you can start with 9-16 lbs, and for men 11-20 lbs, for middle level you can increase weight 45 – 55 lbs, means 3 x weight, and so on.

But it’s important not to compare the required weight as a standard for all body sizes, cause it’s different, what works for you will not for others, so instead you can use the following rules:

  • Follow the number of reps as a first main priority factor and adjust accordingly the required dumbbell weights as a second factor.
  • It’s best to use lighter weight to train your biceps, and accordingly you have to increase number of reps. The best routine to exercise 7-14 reps during 2-3 sets. Means if you complete 14 reps for all 3 sets, means your using very lighter weights, and if you didn’t complete 7 reps means it’s too heavy on you, you have to adjust the weights.



Biceps workouts using dumbbells is a great exercise with high benefits to your body all the time, to keep you fit and in great body shape.

I publish a detail Article of Dumbbell Preacher Curl to increase Biceps Peak muscle, Strength and Shape. You can review about the Benefits, Variations and Alternatives Value of this Workout.

Moreover, if you own multiple dumbbells, you should organize the exercise area and provide more space during exercise, you can store it in a vertical dumbbell rack which is a smart choice to organize weights in a safe place.

Last routine that can be exercise through a useful tool to strength your biceps at home at any time using Reliance Adjustable Power Twister.

To get the most efficient and effective arm muscle with sculpture, with a well toned balanced Arms, it’s essential to start exercising to strengthen « Triceps Muscle » it’s equally important as your Biceps.


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