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Glute Exercises for Men

Glute Exercises for men

Exercise Details (Glutes Workouts)

Body Part: Hips

Target Muscle:  Glutes

Category: Exercise for men

Glute Exercises are not gender-specific, field experts recommend them for both men and women. Too many of us spend all day sitting on them!! This is why glute exercises for men considered essential.

The Glutes is your body 2nd largest muscle (after Quads Muscle) and most powerful muscle group, which deserve more of your attention. A strong set of Glutes can stave off injuries, improve athletic performance, and help you move well as you age. Most believe that general lower body exercises will take care of the backside. Well it’s not.

When it comes to training, I prefer to stick with the basics. To toning your Glutes, you only need two things: Drive and Dedication.You must train your glutes hard and diligently to get a great response. If you stop every time it gets difficult or whenever it burns, you’re not going to get anywhere. Always try to beat your last routine butt workout by using heavier weights and increasing the number of sets and reps.

It’s a time to give this muscle some extra time for your workouts plan.

Add the following benefits and moves to your Daily workout routine for a better-looking, better-performing Glutes.


Benefits of Glute Workout

There are many benefits for Glutes workouts home, which target the Lower-body and blast your core. Below is list of major benefits:

  • Many of us suffer from poor posture which leads to pain in lower back. Glute exercises for men can allow you to adequately stretch our hip flexors and improve posture.
  • Moreover, glutes workout can also aid in loosing belly size and re-balance its shape.
  • Strong Glutes can support your lower back and can help you perform daily life activities.
  • Gluteus Maximus structure segments can generate power in your body like speed, acceleration and vertical distance.
  • It can be helpful in keeping your bone density up to the mark.
  • Your pants will fit better.

Glute Structure

The glutes muscles layers are the combination of three muscles which eventually build your buttocks. These three muscles are gluteus Maximus, gluteus Medius and gluteus Minimus. These muscles perform several diverse functions like extension, abduction, external rotation and internal rotation. These also include knee extension.

Glutes Structure

A) Gluteus Maximus

Maximus Muscle which is found in buttocks and attached with coccyx and the bones in surrounding area.

The Function: The major function is to allow and enable thigh and hip movement. When you are sitting or rising from a surface. In your routine life, you might have to climb up the stairs as many times a day and this will not be possible without healthy of this muscle. Even if you just have to be in a straight or an erect position.

 B) Gluteus Medius

Medius muscle is the second gluteal muscle located at the pelvis’s outer surface which is thick, broad and radiant. The partial area of it is covered by the largest Maximus muscle mentioned above.

The Function: The major function is to enable thighs rotation which makes it possible for a person to walk freely. There is a ridge located on femur bone and it is called greater trochanter. Medius plays a role to attach both femur top and hip joint together on that bony prominence.

 C) Gluteus Minimus

Minimus is known as a broad, but triangular muscle. It is considered to be the smallest muscle out of the 3 main gluteal muscles and located right beneath medius. The minimus can be referred as a secondary muscle.

The Function: but it can greatly help in extending hips. It appears from ilium’s external surface between front and base of gluteal lines. It is said to be a powerful abductor which enables the rotation of hip joint as well as thighs.

Glutes detailed structure


Safety Equipment

Before starting glute exercises for men, Do consult your physical doctor before performing glutes as you can come up with hip or lower back pain which can be extremely dangerous. People often perform glutes with wrong angles and end up damaging themselves.

Most important to protect your back since a stress pressure in this area will increase while performing through workouts, you can simply wear back brace support.

back support safety protection

Do we need a Glute Warm-Up?

Warm-ups and stretches are a significant part in every workout of our body part. You can perform simple squats for glutes to have a decent amount of warm up in your glutes. You can perform up to 20 reps. In addition you can perform Glute Stretch exercises to warm up muscle.

Glute Exercises for Men


Exercise # 01: Butt Lift Bridge

 (Equipment: a Exercise Mat)

exercise1 Glutes

How to perform this workout?

  • To perform this glute exercise for men you need to lie down on floor first. Your hands should be placed at your side and knees bend as shown in the picture above. This will be your starting position for this best glute exercise for men.
  • Slowly lift up your butt off the ground with the help of your heels. Keep your back straight in this position. Hold this contraction for a second while breathing out.
  • As you breathe in, slowly come back to your starting position and your butt lift bridge is completed.


You may perform this exercise with 6 to 8 reps of one set.

Exercise # 02: One Legged Cable kick back

(Equipment: pulley and cable)

exercise 2 glutes - One Legged Cable kick back

How to perform this workout?

  • Take a leather ankle cuff and attach it to low cable pulley. Then attach the ankle cuff with your ankle to execute this glute exercise for men.
  • You may grab the steel rod attached to the machine for your support.
  • Contract your glutes by kicking that leg back in semicircular arc as high as you can. Make sure that your knees and hips are slightly bent. To get a maximum contraction, hold the top position for a second.
  • Slowly bring back your leg while inhaling in. you have to resist the pull in this step and slowly bring it back.


You may perform it for the recommended amount of repetitions, 4-5 times. Secondly, you may also perform this for other leg too.



Exercise # 03: Flutter Kicks

(Equipment: a Simple Home Straight Bench )

exercise 3 glutes - Flutter Kicks

How to perform this workout?

  • To perform this, lie down on a flat workout bench with hips on the edge of the bench. Keep your legs straight and toes high off the floor. You can hold the bench front with your hands to get support.
  • On the second step, you have to squeeze your glutes and straighten your legs until they are parallel to your hips. This will be your starting position for this best glute exercise for men.
  • Start lifting one leg higher than the other leg.
  • Then repeat the process for other leg too and you have completed your flutter kicks.


You can repeat this workout up to the recommended amount of repetitions, 4-5 times. Keep controlled movements all the time.

Exercise # 04: Standing Leg Lift : Back Kick

(Equipment: a supporting sturdy surface)

exercise 4 glutes - Standing Leg Lift : Back Kick

How to perform this workout?

  • You will have to get some supportive sturdy surface and stand near it. You have to grab that surface and stand straight with both feet next to each other with shoulder width apart.
  • Lift one leg behind as you do a leg curl. You can perform this with or without ankle weight. You have to keep the other leg straight while performing this best glute exercise for men.
  • As you breathe in, slowly bring back the raised leg back to its starting position.


Repeat the movement for other leg too, around 10 times.

Exercise # 05: Physio Ball Hip Bridge

(Equipment: a physio ball )

exercise 5 glutes - Physio Ball Hip Bridge

How to perform physio ball hip bridge?

  • To perform this, first lay on the physio ball in such a manner that your back is on the ball and hips are unsupported. Your both feet should be placed at the ground with hips width apart. This will be your starting position for this glute exercise for men.
  • Using your glutes and hamstrings, raise your hips upwards as you make a bridge.
  • Here you have to feel the contraction in your glutes for a second and then return to the normal position.


Repeat for 4 to 6 reps or as recommended.

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Final Thoughts

Avoid Flat Glute sign by engaging these lower body exercises into your schedule training routine
will give you a great shape body and athlete strength to start practice your favorite sports.
in addition you can start add calf workout and quads workout to your plan to balance your lower body muscles.

Note: Insure you drink enough water after your workout in order to helps you to replace the fluids lost through sweating.

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