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hydro cell water bottle review - hydrocell water bottle review
(Last Updated On: May 21, 2022)

Worried about buying a bottle that won’t meet your demands? What features are you looking for in your water bottle? Shopping for the perfect water bottle is indeed a difficult decision. This Hydro Cell water bottle review will give you a better understanding of the features of this bottle.


Investing in a good water bottle is actually a wise decision. Unfortunately, we do not give much importance to this area. There are a lot of varieties in the water bottle market; All you have to do is choose the product as per your preference. People buy huge flasks to carry cold or hot beverages because there is a misconception that bottles cannot keep beverage hot or cold.

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Hydro Cell Water Bottle Review

This Hydrocell water bottle review will give you a detailed insight into the high performance hydrocell bottle. The bottles by the hydro cell are durable, which is completely different from the plastic bottles. They have the ability to keep beverages hot and cold.

People prefer to keep their water cold for 24 hours, especially while performing long compound exercises, if you are amongst one of them, This Hydro cell bottle is recommended for you, will explain it through the review.


The bottles from Hydro Cell are designed in a way that keeps beverage at a constant temperature. The durability of hydro-cell bottles is quite high, and their performance is also high compared to ordinary plastic bottles. The Hydro Cell stainless steel water bottle construction features a double wall, which helps beverage maintain it’s temperature.


The best part about the Hydro cell water bottles is the anti-sweating feature and the effective grip. The stainless steel construction body gives the desired temperature to the beverage. The majority of people often lose the bottle lids, which makes the bottle almost useless. The hydro-cell bottle comes with an attached flexible lid. The lids are also made of stainless steel, and the attachment is quite durable.


The Hydro cell Water Bottle mechanism is spill free and is specially designed to avoid any chance of leakage. The tight closure of the lid ensures no spillage and leakage. The sporty design and color of the bottle are also attractive and ideal for outdoor and different athletic personalities, and the bottle can easily fit into bike holder.

Specifications of the Hydro Cell Water Bottle

The bottle comes in a wide range of sizes, which making it suitable for many people and yet different activities, whether your on an adventure journey, during a workout, at the gym, etc. The Specifications of Hydro cell bottle as below:

  • Size in Ounce (oz): Varies 14, 18, 24, 32, 40, 64
  • Color: Army, Black and white, Fuchsia, Lavender, Navy, Red/Orange, “Check other Colors“.
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: 1.1 Pounds
  • Brand: HYDRO CELL
  • Bottle Lids with: Straw and Wide Mouth Lids


Features of the Hydro Cell Water Bottle

A detailed review of the Hydro cell water bottle will clear the air around the product. I will list some features that will definitely help you with your purchase:

  1. Fashion Forward

    Hydro cell water bottles are perfect for fashion-forward people. It is designed in such a way as to make one look sleek and stylish. The design is sporty and comes in different colors modern style to choose from.

  2. Spill Free Design

    The Hydro Cell water bottle has a spill-free mechanism. The bottle lid is durable and firmly attached, which preventing leakage and spillage. The leak-proof design is ideal for sporty and adventurous people, as it easily fits into a bike holder or during a hiking journey.

  3. BPA-Free

    Health is really important, and every person should make sure that the products they use are not hazardous. The Hydro cell water bottle is BPA free, and it is made of stainless steel construction. Also, it has an bonus cap that comes with a built in straw, which makes it perfect for the gym, and outdoor activities.

  4. Maintained Temperature of Beverage

    The Hydro cell water bottles are designed in a way that keeps your cold beverage cold for 24 hours, while hot beverages stay hot for 8 hours. The double wall sealing feature provides zero condensation.

  5. Attached Lid

    Travel and outdoor adventures can be more fun with the Hydro Cell water bottle, as it comes with a stainless steel screw cap. An airtight vacuum seal maintains beverage temperature.

  6. Sweat-Free Mechanism

    The Hydro cell water bottle is oxidation and corrosion resistant. 18/8 stainless steel provides a powder coating, which ensures a no-sweat mechanism. This feature is ideal for people who practice outdoor, into gym, running or biking.

  7. Spout Size

    The filling efficiency of the Hydro water bottle is quite good. The bottle size is perfect for travel and outdoor adventures. There is no hassle in cleaning the water bottle. Small mouth size is convenient for comfortable drinking.

  8. Construction Material

    The stainless steel material is perfect in terms of temperature preservation. Ensures that no toxic materials gets into the bottle.

If you are making a checklist about the characteristics that you want in your water bottle, read below the advantages and disadvantages of a Hydro Cell water bottle.

hydro cell water bottle features

Hydro Cell Water Bottle Review PROS and CONS


  • Hydro cell Water Bottles come with top-tier insulation, which ensuring that the temperature of the beverages is maintained
  • Keeps cold beverages cold for 24 hours, and hot beverages hot for 8 hours
  • Double-walled vacuum installation
  • BPA-Free
  • Stainless steel construction
  • The fashion-forward and sleek design comes in different fashion colors, to motivate yourself to workout
  • Leakage proof
  • Attached flexible Lid
  • Sweat-Free Bottle


  • Cleaning mechanism can require more effort
  • Bit expensive
  • Does not fit in passenger seat holder when it’s tight
  • Heavy weight a bit

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You can also check the Customer Reviews comments experience on Amazon about Hydro Cell Bottle.

Customer Reviews - hydro cell water bottle

Customer Reviews - hydrocell water bottle

Who Can Use the Hydro Cell Bottle

For adventurers and athletes people, mostly for outdoor activities including workouts in gym, biking, camping, hiking, rock climbing or any athletics. It can also be used in the office or while driving to drink with a straw lid, so as not to be distracted.


What are the Different dimensions sizes of Hydro Cell Bottle in OZ?

It come with different sizes as following (64 oz, 40 oz, 32 oz, 24 oz, 18 oz)
The size of the 40oz and 32oz bottles does not fit into standard cup holders which only fit in larger cup holders, since they are designed to maintain a larger volume of your beverage tank, however the 24 ounce and 18 ounce bottles are suitable for all cup holders standard size.

What is the Biggest Hydro Cell Water Bottle?

Capacity: 64 oz bottle
Weight (Cap not included): 713 g
Height (Cap not included): 253 mm
Capacity: 1892 ML

What is the Smallest Hydro Cell Water Bottle?

Capacity: 14 oz Bottle
Weight (Cap not included): 214 g
Height (Cap not included): 166 mm
Capacity: 414 ML

Are Hydro Cell Water Bottles a Dishwasher Safe?

It is recommended to wash the bottle by hand. The dishwasher is not completely safe.

How to clean the Hydro Cell Water Bottle?

  • Dismantle the Hydro Cell bottle, Unscrew the top cover of the bottle and remove it
  • Wash each piece of Hydro Flask separately in hot, soapy water
  • Rinse all these pieces
  • You can use the dishwasher to wash the lid and straw lid
  • Keep all the pieces exposure to Air-dry until completely dry

However, there is a specialized equipment solution set for bottles with different items which allows you to use it to wash easily and make sure it cleans all the way to the bottom of the bottle or any narrow areas. The set includes a Straw Cleaning Brush Set, a Dish Brush, and a Long Handle Bottle Brush Set to dealing with a narrow neck.

Plus, it’s not that expensive with less than $10. Check prices and items on Amazon for Water Bottle Cleaning Brush Set

Can I Put My HYDRO CELL Bottle In The Freezer?

We do not recommend doing that, because the bottle is designed to keep the temperature of the external and internal environment isolated from each other.

Moreover, it will not hurt the bottle, but you will not have an actual effect regarding the internal temperature.

Why is the HYDRO CELL Bottle so Popular?

There are actual and tangible reasons why people are going passionate about these bottles. The ability of the Hydro Cell to retain temperature is due to their technology. Two stainless steel walls are designed with a vacuum between them to prevent heat transfer outside the bottle, keeping your beverage hot or cold for long hours.

Moreover, the sleek design that comes in various fashionable colors is attractive and acceptable to all different tastes.

A Quick Wrap Up

All of the above tips and recommendations will help you choose the perfect water bottle that will meet all your demands. The Hydro Cell Water Bottle is spill and leakage-free, which means you don’t have to worry about keeping your water bottle in perfect orientation. The water bottle construction is made of stainless steel, which guarantees to maintain the temperature.

Cold water stays cold for 24 hours, and hot beverage stays hot for 8 hours, which is perfect for outdoor adventures. The BPA-free products are usually recommended, and Hydro cell water bottles are a BPA-free.

The Hydro cell water bottle covers all the traits of being a perfect water bottle and comes in different fashion colors, which can be considered as a plus. Don’t wait and grab your healthy HYDRO CELL Water Bottle from Amazon.