Calf Workouts for Women

Calf Workouts for Women

Exercise Details (Women Calf  Workouts)

Body Part: Legs

Target Muscle:  Calf

Equipment: Body Only

Category: Exercise for Women


Sexy toned legs is the dream for every beautiful women, specifically the lower back legs, because this body part is exposure most of the time, if you want to look incredible while wearing a high heel shoes, short trouser, skirt and of course swim suit on the beach, you should start thinking for toned this leg. It will offer and increase your feminine side a long with charming appearance.

The calf workouts for women designed in a way to achieve this target, by building a tone back legs. I’ts easy workouts mostly uses Body Only with Zero cost. It will provides the healthy part for the training body with great foundation and generates a strong legs for women, it also prevents you from any possible injuries, and more over eventually it will develop a beauty part of irresistible legs.

Let’s highlight and discuss the importance and benefits for how to tone calf muscles?

calves body muscle anatomy


Benefits of Calves Muscle

Many benefits for calves workouts, which target the lower-body and main Legs Muscle. Below is list of major benefits:

  • Increases your performance speed in running or walking. These strength workout that build calf muscles can provides you the path of your needs, whether you’re preparing for official marathon race or it’s just a daily hobby.
  • Increased build up force and explosiveness, especially when jumping. This makes calf exercises useful for sports such like basketball and volleyball or any team sports member who benefits from jumping higher.
  • Prevent you from any injury, by balance your lower legs, feet and ankles. Also by keeping practice calf stretching will maintain the mobility of this area and avoid muscle tearing.
  • In medical theory, Calves improve blood circulation, since its pumped back from lower body to upper, towards heart. In return this will refresh body organs and increase functionality efficiency.
  • The Calf muscles engage in balancing the feet’s and ankles.


Calves Safety Equipment

Before starting and in order to protect your body parts, it’s recommended for you to wear Knee Pads when performing leg exercise to protect yourself from any possible damage could raise for safety purpose.

knee pads

Do You Need Calf Warm-Up?

The warm up purposes is like a trigger leads to engage target muscle to wake up and be ready for the workout. In order to avoid any possible injury. The simple and straight forward warm-up can be used as below:

A)  Runner Stretch

  1. Stand up with straight body on front of the wall by Facing it, with 2 feet far away from it.
  2. Set one leg behind your body by extend it with straight knee, and maintain both feet flat on the floor.
  3. Start lean your upper body by touching the wall with both palm hands. Keep your back straight.
  4. Freeze for 11 seconds.
  5. Repeat by switch between the legs.

Runners Stretch - warm up

B)  Seated Calf Stretch

  1. Sit down on the floor with right leg straight in front of you.
  2. Set another left leg bent inside to your hip directions.
  3. Start lean upper body forward and grab your right feet using right hand.
  4. Touch your toes and pull it toward your chest, until you feel calf muscle contracted.
  5. Freeze for 12 seconds.
  6. Repeat by switch to the other leg.

Seated Calf Stretch - warm up


Calf Workouts for Women


Exercise # 01: Ankle Hops

 (Equipment: Body Only)

Ankle Hops Women Calves workout

This workout it will tone the lower leg, increase aerobic efficiency exercise and strengthen more the muscles. Insure Keep back straight while jumping.

How to perform Ankle Hops?

  • Stand up with straight back, hands beside your legs, and feet apart with hips width. (Start position)
  • Start jumping on the floor as quick possible, for about 1 minutes.
  • Repeat the motion until set of 6 reps is completed.

Exercise # 02: Standing Calf Raise

 (Equipment: Body Only)

Calf Raise for Women Calves

This workout is good for athletic and sports, it will allow to jump higher.

How to perform Calf Raise?

  • Stand up straight with your feet apart similar to hip width.
  • Start raise your body by your ankles feet and sit body weight on your toes edges, lifting your heels as high up as possible.
  • Insure Contraction of your calf muscles while your body on up raised movement.
  • Slowly lower down your feet back, flat to the floor.

Exercise # 03: Jump Squat

(EquipmentBody Only)

jump squats for Women Calves workout

How to Perform Jump Squat?

  • Stand up with straight legs and back, your feet apart with hip width.
  • Set your hips back and down parallel with the floor.
  • Start Jump up strongly with your arms straight up in the air.
  • Land back on the floor. Then jump again.

Exercise # 04: Calf Raises in Plie Squat

 (Equipment: Body Only)

Calf Raise - Plie Squat for women Calves

How to perform Calf Raises in Plie squat?

  • Set your body in plie squat position with wide feet and flat on floor, toes pointing outside, and thighs parallel to the floor. In addition, for support it is possible if you want to lie your back on the wall.
  • Keep your hands on the waist.
  • Start Raise up your heels from the floor and in same time contract your calves muscle.
  • Lower back your heels to the floor in starting position, then repeat.

Exercise # 05: Jump Rope Workout

 (Equipment: a Rope)

Jump Rope for Women Calves

This workout is perfect for cardio and warm up, it strength the body muscles, and improves the speed and balance.

How to perform Jump Rope Workout?

  • Stand up with straight body.
  • Grip a rope, by keeping your hands a side at waist level.
  • Start by rotate your wrist by swing the rope and jump up with both feets.

Exercise # 06: Quick Feet

(Equipment:  Body only)

Quick Feets for Women Calves

This routine excellent for boost cardio, and improves the agility and speed. Keep breathing deeply during quick feet exercise.

How to perform Quick Feet?

  • Stand up with straight back.
  • Sit your feet apart at shoulder width position and lower a bit your hips.
  • Start up by simulate running in same place by stepping on toes with raised heels of one leg, then switch to another leg.


I Hope Calf workout was helpful for you, if you have any Questions, or want to leave your own personal Notes, Please submit your comment below. I would Love to Help You.


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