Banded Squats Exercises at Home | 10 Min (Really Works)

Banded Squats for glutes activation and hips at home

If your one of the people that are obsessed about maintaining highly standard shape and tone of your Glute and Hips, today you can use one of the effective working out so that you can easily activate your muscle in short time using Banded Squats.

Squats with resistance band is a great opportunity, so you can start quick with a simple movement but generate a big results, however their is other exercise that can perform Glute strength, like band squat jumps but it’s more advance and a bit difficult comparing to standard squat, and both will generate almost similar return. Another essential idea, that you need to practice on performing the correct steps of squat using a band before you start thinking to add more weights or heavy resistance to your routine.

In this article will discuss the correct steps of how to perform the banded squat, the benefits you can gain from the exercise, what other working muscles that get strength during your performing, how to use banded squats in power lifting and how easily to workout at home or during your vacation, to maintain yourself fit all the time.


Banded Squats Exercises

Their is different exercises that can be practice using a resistance band which target Activation Glutes and improve the mobility of Hips, in addition other muscles that will be highlighted in each exercise details.


Banded Squats with Loops

Banded Squats with Loops

This workout helps to increase flexibility of your knees and maintain their correct of motion, strength quadriceps, in addition it partially engage the abs and toned them. The inward pressure on the knees generated from the band, works on activate the glutes muscle.

  • Place your feet through a short/mini band and pull it up above slightly of your knee.
  • Then stand-up straight with your feet flat on the ground and at shoulder width a part. (Advice to stand up on non-slippery ground, to maintain stability during your workout)
  • Now lower your hip to the ground at a seated position, while bending your knees, engaging the tension of the band on your legs and knees.
  • Return back to starting position, while keeping your knees press outward slightly on the band in order not to fall.


Banded Squats with Side Leg Lift

Banded Squats with Side lateral Leg Lift

This is one variation of the banded squats that works on a hip abductors and hamstring muscle.

  • Start similar as banded squat exercise by place the band loop through you, above slightly of your knees level. (start position)
  • Slowly lower your hip to the ground.
  • Reverse back your hip to starting position, then raise the left leg to the left side, while keeping both your knees straight.
  • Return your left leg to standing position at shoulder width apart.
  • Repeat the squat position, then switch and raise the right leg on right side, without bent your knees.


Hips Abductors: means the motion where your moving your leg away to the sides.


Banded Butterfly Squats

Banded Butterfly Squats

Another exited variations of band squats that provide a challenge by engaging calves and quadriceps muscles, and works on stretching hips abductors.

  • Put your legs through a band loop, to be slightly above of your knee.
  • Standing with a straight back and your feet flat on the floor at shoulder width a part.
  • Slowly lower your butt down to the ground as a seated position, while bending knees, until your thighs parallel to the floor.
  • While your on this position, gently lift your heels from the floor, then open both of your legs (knees outward) slightly, to engage more tension of the resistance band.
  • Bring back your knees position to inward, and place your feet flat on the floor.
  • Stand-up your body to be straight, as starting position.


Split Squat with Booty Band

Split Squat with Booty Band

This is a great exercise position, to increase the intense on muscles, to shape glutes and grow quads fiber.

  • Add a resistance band between your two ankles. Set your feet at shoulder width apart. (start position)
  • Change your body position into split squat, by set your right foot forward, and left foot extended back.
  • Lower your body until your right knee set with 90 degrees, while insure left knee not touch the floor.
  • Hold this position for 30 seconds and feel the resistance of the band.
  • Return to starting position, by stand-up straight and keep both of your feet at shoulder width.
  • Repeat the squat split this time, by switch the legs, set your left foot forward, and right foot extended back.


Banded Squats Benefits

Cause your just adding a simple piece of equipment in your squat workouts, the added value of the band in return, considered massive.

So, What are banded squats good for? The following are some benefits you can gain:

  • Squat Band is really works, by following the simple motion of the exercise, you will actually burning the fat in your body.
  • The standard band squat, considered One of the easiest and straightforward exercises to perform to strength your body.
  • Can be also considered a great warm-up exercises for your muscles, in case you used a light weight.
  • Squat is not the only workout that you can perform using a band, you can utilize and include biceps curl and rowing motion.
  • Helps you in better way to tone your muscles, re-shape your glutes and hips, and increase strength of your lower body.
  • Increase better performance for the mobility of your knees, while improving the weak abductors.
  • The bands provide a secure way to perform a resistance squat, without adding more pressure on your lower back.


Mistakes During Banded Squats

  • The biggest mistake that can be performed while your squatting, is that the knees actually fall in with out their notice! The next day probably will feel harmful pain on your knees.
  • Add extra resistance band/weight than you can tolerate once you startup workout. The correct should be gradually adding more resistance while your practice over time.


Banded Squats Muscles Worked

As you find out while you go through the article, that their is many muscles that banded squat hits, which mainly worked with Hamstring and Quadriceps, in addition Calves, Gluteus medius (middle layer of upper butt) and Hips Flexors, with minor engagement of Abs.


Resistance Band Squats at Home

As you can see through the topics we discuss, how the importance of band squat that can add while transforming your body, specially on a lower body part, to increase more value, having a resistance band is a multi use piece of equipment for your home workout needs, you can perform workouts on your own time, to make a difference on your body shape.

All of the above exercises that discussed can be performed at home in addition you can add:


Resistance Squat Jump Band

Bring a long band, Attach one end of band (that will be behind you) to a fixed object (insure it’s secure and stable) the other end of band wrap a round your hips.

Now step away forward for a distance to keep the band tight slightly, then start by set yourself on squat position.

While your thighs parallel to floor, then jump as high as possible, insure when your landing keep your legs bent. Then repeat.

The idea of exercise using band will provide more challenge on your jump, so you will be forced to increase your strength and contract muscles every time you jump.

Resistance Squat Jump Band


Suggested Workout Squat Band Session for a round 10 Min

Perform the following exercise complete session and rounds at home:

  • Jump band exercise for 3 rounds.
  • Squat with Loops for 4 rounds.
  • Split Squat for 4 rounds X 2 (switch the legs).



Banded Squats Powerlifting

Banded Squats Powerlifting

Before we start about power lifting, it’s important to realize that even this exercise type provide explosive strength to the muscles, the exercise designed for advance bodybuilders not for beginners, cause the techniques, steps used and level of control while lifting should be high, else you will expose your body for various injuries.

Moreover, using a resistance band in power lifting is a practical exercise since it supplement the natural strength of muscles during exercise,

The reason behind that, while muscle get contract during lifting, the band the more it’s stretches, provide gradually natural ascending resistance force, so every time you lift higher the resistance increase to build more strength muscles.

Squat is one of the power lifting exercises that can be practice using band, but their is more other exercise types similar like, bench press, dead-lift and shoulder press.

The excitement of using band with lifting, that since bands come with different resistance types light-up to-heavy, so every time you can practice, you can add more challenging weights during building your muscle strength journey, by simply change the bands not the weights.


Note: In case you want start exercise lifting at home and you don’t have rack equipment, find a wooden/metal pillar that is strong enough, and attach the two ends of pillar with bands, then at the other end of each band, wrap it with two dumbbells together (in order not to roll), then you can start lifting exercise you want, to increase your lifting strength naturally.




As you discover, the banded exercises considered additional value for your workouts, as long your performing the steps correctly, so you can control the intensity to your routine by adding resistance gradually, while your muscle strength build and grow, without adding unsafe pressure from the regular weights.

Their is two way to increase resistance of bands, either to change the type of band intensity from light-high as discussed before, or you can add double band tube of the same type.

Their is huge various benefits you can gain using banded squat, either your planing to warm-up or strength muscles, improve strength of lower body, shaping & tone the muscles, multipurpose so you can workout on different muscles of the same workout session, burning your fat for long workout session over time and improve mobility and performance of hips and joint muscles.

In case you want to focus more on toning Glutes, their is another simple routine by performing Glutes Bridge Workout without equipment’s.

In Summary, Banded squat works for all level of people strength, either your Beginner or Advance.


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