Best Ab Exercises for a Six Pack | 7 Instructions Steps

best ab exercises for a six pack

Exercise Details (Abs Workouts)

Body Part: Abs

Target Muscle:  Six Packs

Equipment: Body Only

Category: Exercise for Both


What is the best ab exercises for a six pack ! Do you really need a six-pack abs with a great Shape Looks? If Yes, then there are two ways to get this done.

The first is to do a complicated and long-time piece of training like most people do, the second option which I believe in is that contains easy abs exercise uses body only that you can do again and again at home, that will demonstrate below in coming few minutes.

This Workout includes (7) Abdominal exercises of the best ab exercises for men and woman which target both lower and upper Abs muscles.

Doing this workout triple every week, will maintaining a healthy diet with correct amount of body calories, doing some warm-up with right cardio exercise, soon you will be noticing your six-pack shape start to raise.


The Six Pack and Balance your Health

The clean Healthy Diet and Quality Food is essential for creating your Abs, meats, whole grains and fresh juice, unprocessed foods, as will a regular workout routine which includes cardio, Strength and flexibility boost a good health and support optimal body weight.

Anatomy Abs Muscles

The Abs Function

The Abs is an important for postural muscle. It is responsible for flexing the lumbar spine, when doing a “crunch” sit up.

In addition this muscle assist with the breathing process and plays an important role when exhaling, especially after workouts, as well as in conditions where exhalation is difficult such as emphysema.

It also helps maintain the internal organs undamaged and creating internal abdominal balance pressure, when exercising or lifting a heavy weights.


The Abs Structure

The Rectus Abdominis Muscle, also known “Abdominal muscle” or “Abs”, is a paired muscle running vertically on each side of the anterior wall of the human abdomen. Which is a long flat muscle, extends along the whole length of the front of the abdomen.

In the people abdomens with big muscles and low body fat, these muscle can be viewed externally and are commonly referred to as 4, 6, or even 8 “Packs”, depending on how many are visible; however, six is the most common one.

Abs Structure


Benefits of Six Packs Workout

There are many benefits for Six Packs, which target the Middle-Body. Below is list of major benefits:

  • You will be More Fit. In terms of shape and look, and be more confidence about yourself.
  • Leads you to Healthy. Having a six packs Doesn’t necessarily means your healthy, cause you could have strength, power and health by maintain other muscles with out have six packs. But struggling to own this muscle will leads you changing your habit to have more quality food and healthy style which will increase your Healthy body.
  • Increase your Core Strength. Develop six pack means building strong abs muscles, hence building a strong core body. When you workout for six packs, you will also train your related muscles of chest, shoulders, arms and back, which contains the Core muscles.
  • Improves your Sports Performance. Develop Abs will leads to increased strong core and a strength body. Eventually You will be more athletic overall.
  • Improve your Body Posture.
  • You will start to Lose Weight. Building six packs required lose stomach fat to unveil your ripped abs.
    In Addition, has another huge benefit for fat loss. When you build your six packs, you build a significant amount of muscle, and muscles are fat burning machines.


Safety Equipment

Before starting, it is important to protect your body from any possible injury could happen during the exercise. Regarding Abs it’s minimal to raise such case, but it’s better to have extra caution, specially to protect your back spine, the equipment will limit your workout, but if you feel it’s necessary you can wear during the workout.



Do You Need a Warm-Up?

Warm ups and stretches is essential for every workout of our body part. The following warm ups and stretches is useful before start main Abs Workout:

  • Cobra Pose: Lying full body on the floor face down the floor with your hands under your shoulders. Start lift your upper body (Keep your hips on the floor as you raise) with your arms press the floor so your chest is out and you’re facing forward. Hold the stretch for 20 to 30 seconds, return to the resting position, then repeat. [ Try it your self for 2 minutes, you will start feel tension in your Abs ]

Cobra Pose - women

  •  Cat Stretches: Start like cat stand up with all both hands on the floor front your shoulders and your knees under your hips. Engage your abs to flex your spine towards up away from floor (like an angry cat bent its back). Hold the pose for 20 seconds. Then repeat.

Cat Stretches

For additional detailed Abdominal Stretches You can perform, to gain the maximum benefits.


How many days a week should I do Abs?

It is intended for many people, undertaking this routine for at least three days every week is enough. However, a well-tuned bodybuilder required to perform the routine on a daily basis.

If you are doing this workout in 1 Session, it is recommended that you perform this routine workout as a warm-up. It will work as a weight training and after training sessions in case you have to do heavy lifting like a dead-lifts and Squats. Always perform the cardio at the last.

In Addition to achieve six-pack abs it depends on how much fat lose you score and how dedicated you are while eating clean and working out.


Doing the Abs Routine

These best ab exercises for a six pack needs to be done properly as it is an advanced Abs Exercise. If you are a beginner, you can do the exercise only three of the (7) exercises for two set of each several repetitions as possible. You can give a rest of a minute or two between every set.

Gradually, get your fitness level to an advanced level by adding in exercise and reducing your resting periods.

Your main aim should be to do all (7) exercises in one go with minimal resting time and reps for at least two or more times in a period of Twelve weeks.


Best Ab Exercises for a Six Pack


Exercise # 01: Sit Ups Abs

» (Equipment: No equipment required. Body Only)

» (Target: Upper Abs)

Abdominal Workout 1 - Sit Ups Abs

How to Perform Sit Ups Abs?

  • Lie down flat over your back resting on the floor. Your knees should be bent with your legs should be secured within a bench or any other furniture.
  • Place your hands near to your head.
  • Start raising your torso by flexing abdominal until you reach at a nearly sitting position.
  • Maintaining the tension level on abs, lower down your torso back to the start position. It should be noted that control should be maintained throughout the exercise and avoid rocking back and onward.


You may follow this exercise repetition in 15-20 times as recommended.

Exercise # 02: Legs Raise Abs Bench

» (Equipment: Exercise Mat , or workout Bench)

» (Target: Lower Abs)

Abdominal Workout 2 - Legs Raise Abs Bench

How to Perform Legs Raise Abs?

  • Lie down flat over your back resting on bench having legs straight facing you.
  • You can put your hands over the side for support.
  • Start raising up legs by flexing lower abdominal until they get vertical toward the bench.
  • Now Start return lowering legs and retain the pressure level back to the starting position. It should be noted that control should be maintained throughout the exercise and avoid your legs to drop over on negative part of movement.


You may follow this repetition for 15-20 times.

Exercise # 03: Jackknife Crunch

» (EquipmentExercise Mat)

» (Target: Both Upper and Lower abs)

Abdominal Workout 3 - Jackknife Crunch

How to Perform Jackknife Crunch?

  • Lie down flat on back resting on floor having your legs in a straight line facing you.
  • You can place hands over the side for support.
  • Start raising legs by flexing lower abdominal until it get vertical to floor.
  • At this point, raise your shoulder and your torso as much as possible over the ground making the curling movement. Make sure your back does not rise from floor.
  • Retain pressure as your legs are lowered down back to the starting position and also bring torso back to the beginning position. It should be noted that control should be maintained throughout the exercise and avoid rocking back and onward.


Repeat for 12-15 times.



Exercise # 04: Knees Crunch

» (Equipment: a Mat)

» (Target: Lower Abs)

Abdominal Workout 4 - Knees Crunch

How to perform Knees Crunch? 

  • Sit onto floor or you can use the edge of an workout bench or a chair. Extend your legs facing your face and both your hands holding sides of your face for support.
  • Join your knees and bend them so that they get pulled towards the chest until your legs cannot go any further.
  • Maintain the pressure on lower abs, come back to the beginning position and duplicate the movement until the set is completed.


Repetition for 12-14 times.

Exercise # 05: Ab Crunch Arms Crossed

» (EquipmentExercise Mat)

» (Target: Upper Abs )

Abdominal Workout 5 - Ab Crunch Arms Crossed

How to perform Workout? 

  • Lie flat over the floor and bent both the legs from knees.
  • Place hands over the chest.
  • Start raising your torso to maximum possible level from the floor in a bending movement. Keep your lower back on the floor and do not raise it.
  • Maintain the pressure level on Abs, bring the torso back to the beginning position. It should be noted that control should be maintained throughout the exercise and avoid rocking back and forward.


Repetition for 10 – 12 times.

Exercise # 06: Reverse Crunch

» (EquipmentExercise Mat)

» (Target: Both Upper and Lower Abs)

Abdominal Workout 6 - Reverse Crunch

How to perform Reverse Crunch? 

  • Lie flat over the back on a Exercise Mat with legs in a straight line facing you (start position).
  • Place your hands with palms facing the floor besides your torso for support.
  • Start by flex your knees to reach near your chest, then start raising your shoulder and torso to the maximum possible from the floor in the curling movement. Don’t raise the back from ground.
  • Return to the starting position and get back torso to the floor.


Repetition for 10 – 12 times.

Exercise # 07: Toe Touche

» (EquipmentExercise Mat)

» (Target: Both Upper and Lower Abs)

Abdominal Workout 7 - Toe Touche

How to Perform Toe Touche?

  • Lie over the floor and your legs should be touching and elongate facing you. Keep your hands by the side.
  • Start lifting legs up to the maximum high possible hold this position.
  • And simultaneously extend your torso towards them so that your hands reach your toes.
  • Come back to the starting position and make the movement again.


Recommended to perform 12 – 14 Reps.


I Hope Six Pack workout was helpful for you, if you have any Questions, or want to leave your own personal Notes, Please submit your comment below. I would Love to Help You.


Challenge enough to Boost your Body to Next Strength level!

There’s (lots) more! In the next article, you’ll tackle different Muscles workouts.

You will be pleased by see more results by Time.


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