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How to Motivate Yourself for Workout

Before go deep and discussing of how to motivate yourself for workout? let’s start, by make a few things clear about exercising and getting fit. You have every right in the world to have extra pounds and be weak and without energy. You have the right to accumulate fat around the abdomen or hips, to be sore every time you try to move and gasp within two minutes of increasing your pace.

Moreover, you have the right to suffer from cardiopulmonary or cardiovascular disease. The right to be sad, depressed and angry, to be stressed. You also have the right to stay at home to look in the mirror and say, “I could really use a little exercise” and afterwards, do nothing about it.

You have the right to have joint problems, bone weakness, chronic back pain, stiffness, weakness and lack of muscle tone. Until now you also had the right to complain about wanting to change all this and not knowing how to do it. But, from now on, when you go to the next paragraph, you will lose that right to be condescending to yourself. Then you will see how you will really get the Fitness motivation tip to exercise, without any excuses.

Why is finding motivation such an issue?

Throughout our lives we propose several times to start a training plan. Signing up at the gym or buying running shoes are the most common strategies to get in shape. However, after the first few days, the motivation for novelty disappears, and very few people make sport a habit.

Several factors move us away from our goal, not just the lack of motivation itself. Finding those weak points, overcoming them and motivating ourselves will not only allow us start exercising, but also help us consolidate it as an indispensable part of our life.

Causes Of Abandonment

An active routine takes time and determination. The process of getting our body familiar with a new habit and fitting it into our daily lives involves passing through several phases, where constancy is essential; but it comes with challenges. It is these challenges that cause a lot of people to abandon exercise.

“I don’t have time”, “I don’t feel like it” or “I have other things to do” are not valid excuses, even if you think so. If you don’t have time now to take care of your health you will use much more time to deal with your ailments and the effects of a sedentary lifestyle in the years to come.

One of the most important things about exercising is to love what you do. We know the benefits that exercise bring to us, therefore, you have every reason to appreciate it. Although it is true that not everyone likes the same type of sport. So, while some prefer to join a gym, others prefer to go for a walk or simply gain more time by workout at home. Any exercise is valid as long as we move the body and begin to love what is good for us.

How to Motivate Yourself for Workout ?

Below important 8 phases and levels that will motivate you easily to perform and follow any workout.

1) Write a list of achievable goals and check it out frequently

Think about the reasons that lead you to want to exercise and some fitness goals that you would like to achieve. Place the list in a visible place, for example, on the refrigerator or near the bathroom mirror.

Try to include short and long-term goals in the list. For example, you could write “Perform 50 torso lifts” and “Complete a marathon.” While you set physical goals, do not focus all your exercise on your physical appearance. If you exercise just because you want to look like a model, you will surely end up discouraged.

2) Start with short exercises that you are more likely to complete

Don’t force yourself to exercise for an hour the first time you kick off your training. Instead, start with small objectives that seem manageable, such as 10 scissors and 10 chest push-ups. As you get more comfortable with the routine, increase the difficulty e.g 15 scissors and 15 chest push-ups, with 10 squats.

3) Replace the word “I must” with the word “I want.”

If you tell yourself that “you must” or “you have to” do something, it will be harder for you to start. Instead, check the list of goals and remember why you want to exercise.

For example, if you think “I must go running at this time, but I don’t want to”, try to remind yourself of a goal like “I want to feel stronger and more confident and running today will allow me to achieve it.”

4) Buy yourself new exercise equipment

If you only have a pair of sports shorts or yoga pants, it’s easy to get discouraged from exercising when you haven’t washed them. Try buying some sportswear items that fascinate you, so that you’ll have an excuse to wear them when you go to exercise.

Since the exercise equipment can be expensive, do not try to buy everything at once if you do not have the extra money. Only buy one or two clothes whenever you can and stay alert to offers. Place your exercise equipment on a chair or table so that it is visible. This way you will always have the idea of ​​exercising on your mind.

5) Find exercises that you think are fun

Many people think of activities like running or lifting weights when talking about exercising, but as long as you stay active, you will become a healthier person. Find an activity that you like very much (like rock climbing, swimming or dancing) and turn it into your exercise.

Even a short dance party in your room 2 times a day will help you be in better shape. Other examples of fun activities are tai chi, zumba, parkour or even join an amateur sports team.

6) Reward yourself when you complete a workout or achieve a new goal

Think of something that motivates you when the exercise becomes difficult or you don’t feel like getting up from the couch. The rewards can be anything you want to enjoy, from drinking a milkshake or watching your favorite series when you finish exercising to buying a new pair of shoes you’ve seen in the store.

7) Find an exercise partner if you like to have someone to hold you accountable

While some people prefer to exercise alone, having a friend to help you stay on track can give you the motivation you are looking for. Both may plan to exercise together or talk at the end of each day and discuss whether they have achieved their goals.

Talking with a friend is helpful in identifying obstacles that prevent you from exercising. The need to explain the reason you did not go to the gym will force you to think about the hidden cause, either because of your insecurity, stress or feeling overwhelmed. A group exercise class can be an excellent place to find a support group that motivates you to exercise.

8) Make a playlist that encourages you to move

It has been shown that music with a rhythm of 125 to 140 beats per minute is the most effective for exercising. Choose fast-paced music with a strong beat that encourages you to move enthusiastically during exercise.

Some songs with 140 bpm are “Womanizer” by Britney Spears, “Beat It” by Michael Jackson, “Mr. Jones” by Counting Crows and “OMG” by Usher. Start listening to your playlist while you dress to enter the proper mood before exercising.

 Now let’s start with the practical application on the ground

In order to help you and get daily workout motivation easily, I summaries below in short table these motivation topics; you can print it, which will stay with you during workout journey:




Mention a list of achievable fitness goals and check out frequently
Start with short easy exercises that possible to complete
Replace “I must” with “I want.”
Buy yourself new workout equipment
Find workout activity that you think are fun
Repay yourself when you achieve a new goal or complete a workout
Find similar exercise partner encourage you
Make a playlist music that encourages you to move


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