How to have a healthy work environment? it begins with You!

Healthy Work Environment
How to have a healthy work environment
a healthy work environment office with employees


Achieving a good working environment is essential for you as employee to be satisfied and motivated all the time, which results for sure in greater productivity. These variables that influence the work climate are multiple and diverse, which does not mean that in order to achieve this improvement, requires expensive or sophisticated strategies to be implemented.


On reverse, it is often the small details that are the most effective in improving the office environment, and assure your happiness during your work.


We classify the study to be more comprehensive and suits ALL different kinds of employees environment. Which is mainly break down into the Office (Inside – Closed Environment) and on Field or external (Outside – Open Environment).


So How to have a healthy work environment? Actually, it Begins with You!

We provide an easy tips which helps you maintaining and living in a comfortable and healthy environment at your work.


Office Environment

Surely, most of the day you spent in an office. Although sitting in front of a computer for about 8 hours during a day is not exactly a healthy lifestyle [as i was did previously], if it is possible to turn your office into a place to be conducive to well-being and health. These tips will help you get it:


  • Better Ventilation (Fresh Air):
    • Office environments are well known for causing allergies and the toxic air of the environment can also reduce our intellectual capacity. Thus, a recent study by Harvard University in the United States, assured that offices with better natural ventilation with fresh air and reduced levels of air pollution have related direct effect on optimal levels of performance.

Ventilation work area


  • Physical Space:
    • This improvement does not necessarily imply starting expensive works to get more meters space. Actions as simple as improve lighting or painting the office work area with warm and relaxing colors such as green, blue … etc. combined with red or orange tones, can be a very effective method to create a relaxing environment, but at the same time that bit of energy obtained is needed to improve productivity and motivation.

painting office green


  • Decorate Your Office:
    • You can also decorate the office with creative and inspiring images, for example with a poster, photographs or pictures that express in a fun way the mission and philosophy of the company.

office posters


  • Work Standing:
    • Perhaps this alternative is for the most least accessible. If we could replace our desk with a standing counter, it would help us to move more during the workday and obviously, to sit down less. Standing all the day is also not recommended. However, we can use a desktop configuration that allows us to adjust the work space as much as it suits us.

standing counters office


  • Drink Water:
    • Keep a glass of water close to You. Consuming water in working time not only improves our skin, but also helps us suppress appetite and prevent headaches during dry and warm times of the year. It should be remembered that water is essential to maintain the proper functioning of the kidneys and liver, since it eliminates toxins from our body.

drink water


  • Office near Window: 
    • Place your desk near the window If possible, since several studies done at the University of Northwestern, United States, prove that workers who have windows in their office are more physically active and sleep better, compared with those who do not.  Performing our activities obtaining more natural light while sitting close to a window, helps us to maintain low levels of stress, as well as an appropriate circadian rhythm of work.

Office near window


  • Use Aromatherapy:
    • Candles with natural aromas or a diffuser of essences, will give us a subtle fragrance that will improve our mood and our memory. Citrus aroma is a very good choice.

diffuser office


  • Eat healthy in the office:
    • That machine that dispenses drinks and snacks can be a very tempting option. However, it is best to omit this high calorie temptation and bring fruits, vegetables, yogurt or nuts to the office, for those moments when we feel like it or need to eat something between meals.

fruits baskets


  • Taking short walk Breaks:
    • Acquiring the habit of going for a walk during work breaks or just after leaving will lead us to establish a habit of healthy living. A simple 5-10 minute walk three times daily will keep our body moving and our metabolism going.

walking in work


  • Healthy Chair:
    • The chair, is your best ally. Adjust your chair heights to place your arms and your body correctly. The limbs must form an angle of flexion with the elbow that must be greater than 90 Degree. The work seat should be stable, giving the user freedom of movement and providing a comfortable position.

healthy chair


  • Raise Plants:
    • Place one or more plants in your office. Several studies have shown that putting plants in the office contributes to improving productivity by 38%, well-being by 47% and creativity by 45%. The plants also help clean office air and reduce static noise. They should be plants suitable for closed environments and requiring little light such as the aloe plant or the lily of peace.

raise plants office


  • Healthy Office Sit:
    • Don’t forget that a correct layout of our office furniture, the correct use of the keyboard and mouse or good lighting are other essential factors to work comfortably and avoid injuries derived from misuse of these elements or assuming incorrect postures.


On Field Environment

For those who work in the field or external environment, their jobs requires them to spend several hours exposed to different elements, which could pose a risk to health if the right steps are not taken.

Below are ways in which you can become more productive and positive, while working in an open environment:


  • During Summer:
    • You are likely to be exposed to very hot temperatures. When it is very hot, we tend to feel more lazy and we have a feeling of discomfort that affects our daily tasks. Extreme heat can affect any person, but workers who are outdoors mostly require safety precautions against heat waves. And is that the jobs in agriculture, construction, gardening, outdoor cleaning, fishing, among others, these jobs do not stop during the summer. So it’s better to use;
    • A broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher is important, but it should not be the only defense against the sun. To get the best protection.

sun protection SPF levels

    • Put yourself in the shade and wear appropriate clothing – light colors and light fabric, a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses, as well as sunscreen.


  • During Winter:
    • working outdoors can be a hazard and can cause injuries at work. Ensure that you use several layers of clothes. However, the layers should be loose in order not to reduce blood circulation.


  • Be Socialize:
    • Try to socialize wherever you are. Don’t just fill your head with work…work…work (as Rihanna sing in her album). During breaks, try to enjoy the environment and have a new and fresh perspective.

socialized in work


  • Safety Tools:
    • Working outdoors can lead you to different terrains, and so it is important to always wear appropriate footwear for activity, to avoid injury.
    • Ensure that you make use of safety helmets when necessary.

safety helmet


    • The risk of getting attacked by insects like bees, wasps, etc. is high for those who work outdoors. So always consider the placement of insect repellents.


  • Eat Well:
    • Make sure you healthy lunch box foods along with you. Chopped fruits and vegetables, cheese, whole grains, among others, to help maintain your energy.

vegetable baskets


  • Stay Hydrated:
    • At all times while working outdoors, both in the winter and summer. This helps your body to conserve energy and function properly.


  •  Conclusion
    A Healthy working environment is for sure essential for any one of us, which results in a great productivity, optimal levels of performance and motivation. insure to have such environment.


All Best Luck to You

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