Best Way to Lose Weight with Metabolism

Best Way to Lose Weight with

Want to know what a metabolic diet is, and how does it work? Then you have stumbled upon the right article. But first of all we need to know what is metabolism and then the best way to lose weight with. Metabolism is the process by which your body converts the food into energy. It is a complex biochemical reaction in which the calories consumed by the food and drinks are combined with oxygen which then released energy that your body requires in its proper functioning.

Now, metabolism significantly affects our weight, but how can we actually take advantage of it and lose weight without gaining it back a couple of days later? Easy! Just stick to a metabolic diet. Want to find more about it? Then keep on reading this article because you are going to find a highly effective and the best way to lose weight with metabolism by using a metabolic diet.

How Does Metabolism Work?

Have you ever tried any type of dieting? If Yes, then you might know that dieting is not really beneficial in a longer period of time, and there is a whole lot of science behind this. To understand it, we need to know how our body acts while we are on dieting. When you are on a diet, your body goes into survival mode, and it continuously tries to save any calories that it can. The main objective of your body is to keep you alive and don’t let you to pass away and leave this world because of hunger. To tell it in short, when you are consuming less food, your body automatically goes into energy-saving mode by reducing your Metabolic Rate (The rate at which metabolism occurs in your body).

The main objective of the metabolic diet is to reset specific organs like the pancreas and liver by consuming less carbohydrates in your meals. It might sound scary, but don’t you worry. Afterward, you will adapt to this new diet, which will even out your metabolism and bring it to a normal state, which means bye-bye to all those unwanted pounds that have been bothering you.

Types of Metabolism

Metabolism is generally divided into two categories:

  • Regular Metabolism: This is the type of metabolism that slim and fit people have.
  • Lazy Metabolism: The type of metabolism that usually overweight people have.

Now you might think that by reducing calories, you will start to shed the extra pound of weight, right? Wrong! The reason is that the metabolism of our body depends highly on a hormone known as insulin. Insulin is known to reduce the concentration of glucose in the blood, and if our body is producing more insulin; it will drive us to eat a lot more sugar. Not only this, it also starts to extract glycogen out of your liver, which results in an increased presence of glucose in the blood. As a result, your fat cells start to store more fat than ever.

Therefore, a never-ending recurring cycle starts: because of increased level of insulin in our body, we consume sweets, which urges us to eat more sweets. And in case we refrain from sweets or glucose, the excess of insulin will drive our hunger to a new level. So, it becomes almost impossible to lose weight, and here is where the metabolic diet comes in handy. It works by restarting your malfunctioning metabolic mechanism by adapting to new nutrition plan (using low-carb diet).

The Best Way to Lose Weight with the Metabolism: Metabolic Diet

The diet plan includes three main stages, each with its specific regimen, and it is finally the time to discover more about them.

But first of all, you need to consult a doctor before following this article, because all our bodies are built in different ways, and you never know whether your body system is going to react to it or not.

Stage 1: The Difficult one

In the very first stage, our goal is to control our pancreas in producing an excess amount of insulin. The diet that you are going to take in this stage is going to be a low-carb diet. In Stage 1 consists of eight weeks, and you need to restrict your carbohydrate intake to no more than 25 grams.

A better approach would be to divide the carbohydrates into a total of five meals taking 5 grams of carbs with every meal. A low-carb diet restrict the intake of carbs like sugary foods, pasta, breads, grains, legumes, fruits and starchy vegetables and allows only small amount of certain fruits, vegetables and whole grains (Check Healthy Diet Food). So, Going on a low-carb diet for a more extended period is not recommended. However, opting for a low-carb diet for a short period is medically proven to reduce the production of insulin in our body.

Like any other dieting, you are going to feel tired, frustrated, sometimes headache and for sure hungry, but it is not going to last in this mode for more than three days. You are also expected to suffer from weakness, but that is totally normal. On the fourth day, you will start to notice that your body is adapting to this new diet, and your mood and state of health will improve drastically.

Stage 2: Weight loss

This is the stage where you will start losing weight, and you should stick to this stage until you achieve your desired weight. The first and foremost rule of this stage is that you should not consume any more than 60 grams of carb a day. We suggest you divide this quantity into 12-21 g per meal. This is the best way to make your pancreas accustomed to the new routine. You can use cereal products, groats, pasta, plain bread along with other low carb foods.



Their is a quick revolution way discovered that can speed up weight loss process, if your interested check Keto Diet.


Stage 3: Way of Life

This stage is going to stick with you for the rest of your life; in fact, it is going to be the way of your life. But don’t worry, it is not that strict. In this stage, your goal is to maintain your desired weight, and for this, you need to follow simple nutrition rules. But first of all, you have to calculate the number of calories you need to maintain the desired weight. To calculate this, you can find many online websites like Calculator Rate that use your input data such as age, gender, height, etc. and then generates the number of calories you need each day.

You must limit your carbs intake with your meal and try to have five meals a day; refraining from baked food. However, you can eat desserts and sweet fruits that have zero calories like watermelon and grapes etc. No matter what, don’t forget to control the consumption of carbohydrates in a strict manner.



Losing weight can be quite overwhelming, especially when nothing is working in the right way. This is why, in this article, we have given you an insight into the best way to lose weight with metabolism using a metabolic diet. It will not only help you get rid of the extra fat but will keep your body healthy and active.

I addition to support loosing weight and makes it fast, by start performing workouts that will activate and result a Healthy body, you can motivate yourself for workouts by using these steps (Motivate tips for Workout).

We hope this article was informative to you, and helps you to start your weight loss quest right away.


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