Fat Gripz Pro Review: Benefits, Size, How to Use?

Fat Gripz Pro Review- benefits of Fat Gripz and how to use
(Last Updated On: June 1, 2022)

So in this article, we will cover, Fat Gripz Pro Review which is an essential tool that most bodybuilders people don’t know about.

I have been training for a very long time, to get in better shape and increase my strength, one day I was searching on the internet for how to get bigger biceps and forearms fast, Until I suddenly stumbled upon an article explaining how to increase my upper body muscles using the same weights that I have but in less time, Once I add a simple grip tool to my workouts, that makes a huge difference, so in this post, I’m going to highlight it and reviewing the Fat Gripz Pro.

It really changes the way I look at my exercising, there are different series of this grip, but my focus here is mainly on the original series grip type, the Fat Gripz Pro, which is the most widely used and popular type among muscle builders, and it’s a great addition of how to increase hand grips strength.

So in this article, will cover, what are Fat Gripz actually?

How can it Help You? Does it actually work?

Pros & Cons!

List of exercises with which you can use the Gripz Tool.

What size should i get!

So in the end, you will have a lot of comprehensive topics, to give you a rich idea, so that you can get to know in detail about Fat Gripz Pro.

Let’s get started.

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Fat Gripz Pro Review

Any bodybuilder especially for the new beginners who have plans to build their muscles as quickly as possible, and get the harmonious body shape of their dreams, Now there is an opportunity to do so.

Now, with our short free time we have, and most of us busy all day, the time left to exercise is shrinking, but exercise is still needed either for improve health or to build bigger muscles in the body.

Well, all of this can be achieved by adding the Fat Gripz tool to your weights, and starting your workout right away.

So What is Fat Gripz? It’s a 4.75 inch long tube, made of heavy duty with military specifications rubber, one side is open in the handle, you need to wrap it around any bar weights, It will turn a standard bar into a thicker grip bar. It’s versatile and fits on many bars, including a standard barbells and dumbbells, to give you a wider wrist grip, which will generate more force on your arms muscle.

The idea behind the Fat Gripz, is to make the diameter of the weights bar thicker, so it will force you to use a wider than usual grip during your workout, This generates massive strength on your arm and unlock an extension of new muscles area.

Sizes and colors of Fat Gripz Pro

Fat Gripz can directly fit and convert any standard barbell into a fat or thick bar.

When comparing to other Grips designs available on the market, I’ve found that the Fat Gripz inner diameter fits perfectly on a standard bar, so it stays stable, locked in and doesn’t move during the exercise, this way you gain full strength by maintain force focused on the target muscles.

While most other models have a wider or narrower grip, in the case of a wider grip, most of the force will be lost while trying to squeeze it and the force will be transmitted to the fingers of the fist, rather than the arm muscle, by trying to close your fist to close tightly on the weight bar.

And if the grip tool is too narrow, it won’t fit perfectly or is difficult to attach with the bar, which is why you need to consider the Fat Gripz design model.

You also need to reduce the weights you usually use by 20%, because using Fat Gripz will feel heavier during the exercise, then gradually your muscles will improve, grow and becomes thicker, and then you can carry more weights.

During intense exercise, you will start to sweat a lot, so you need a towel to wipe the sweat from your hand, or add chalk to prevent slippery weights while using the grips, which is something you need to consider.

Fat Gripz Pro is becoming more and more popular with all levels of body builders, beginners and advanced.

It is also more in demand in the market than other types of Grips, because many use it and find it adds value, and it has great user reviews based on their experience.

Below is a summary of customer reviews for Fat Grapez Pro on Amazon store. It has a 5 Star rating based on the experience of more than 13,400 users.

Summary of customer reviews for Fat Grapez Pro at Amazon store

In addition, there are already pre-built thicker barbell and dumbbell weights on the market, and this does not require that Fat Gripz be attached to their bar.

But the problem is that this kind of pre-built thicker weights whether it is a bar or dumbbell are quite expensive in the market, similar to Watson dumbbells that costs around $700 and SSense dumbbells can cost a round $500, so as a Fat Gripz alternative is a very feasible and cheap solution to get similar results.

SSENSE dumbbells with prebuilt thicker bar, price a round $500

Fat Gripz Pro Specifications

Brand Fat Gripz
Color Blue or Black
Weight 1 LB/0.45 KG
Material High quality rubber blend with military specifications, which withstands great compressive strength
Dimensions 2.25 Inch Outer Diameter, 1.1 Inch Inside Diameter and 4.75 Inch Length

Fat Gripz Pros and Cons


  • Build Stronger Muscles, such as Biceps and Forearms
  • Get Fast Results, in just a Few Weeks
  • Very Cheap Tool when Compared to Thicker pre-built Weights
  • A Valuable Alternative to Thicker Weights
  • Made of Durable Materials
  • High Quality that lasts for a Long Time
  • Easy to use and attach, within 7 seconds
  • Versatile, fits Many Exercises and can fit Most Weights


  • If the bar weights are too puffy in the middle, it becomes difficult to attach the Gripz
  • Fat Gripz Pro series, Not suitable for small hands
  • If the bar is thicker than usual, the opening of the Gripz becomes wider when clamped, so it will be difficult to hold the weights.

How Do Fat Gripz Help?

Fat Gripz can help you unlock 35% of new arm fibers, which cannot be reached with regular bar workout, this will develop additional arm muscles and balance, by generating bigger biceps, forearms and other other upper muscles.

It will alter the force pressure during exercise, which is generated on your elbows, and instead, this force will be transmitted to your arm, creating bigger muscles in less time, avoiding any pain in your arm joints.

How to Use Fat Gripz

Using the Fat Gripz is very simple, pull one of the open sides of the grip and slide it around the bar, like a clip, do the same for the other grip, and that’s it.

How to Use Fat Gripz Pro and attach on the weights

For barbells, be sure to place them somewhere convenient to hold in your hands, so the distance between them is ideal for you. For dumbbells, it’s not a problem, because they fit themselves right in the middle.

It is important to know the correct direction of the Fat Gripz slot while performing any exercise. To make things easy and simple, you basically need to categorize your exercise into two types, either Pushing or Pulling weights.

In case Pushing exercises like chest exercise with a barbell or dumbbells, make sure the opening is not towards on the palm of your hand, but in the opposite direction, so that the closed part of the handles faces your palm, so you won’t be disturbed by the feeling of the slot, which may get in the way during your workout.

For Pulling exercises such as the chin pull-ups, the direction of opening the grip is preferably towards the palm of the hand, this will lock and secure your grip against gravity during the exercise.

Fat Gripz Benefits

There are great benefits to using Fat Grips, for your body health in general and your muscles specifically, we will go through each one.

1. Maximizing Muscle Contractions

When exercising the biceps with a thicker grip on the weights, you are forced to push your hand more forcefully to apply pressure on the bar, and this will force the biceps to work effectively and reach the maximum effort limits.

Because of that, all the muscles around the arm will get the maximum contraction as well.

Eventually, the biceps muscle will become bigger and thicker, as will activate other muscles around it.

2. Reduce Joint Injuries

Even that a thick bar quickly strengthens the muscles, but at the same time reduces pain and injuries that can lift in weak points of the extremities, such as the wrist and elbows.

What happens, is that the pressure produced by using a standard bar on the joints of the arm, will be completely transferred to the muscles of the forearm, using a thicker bar.

In this way, the weight is distributed over the entire arm muscle, which leads to the maximize of the arm muscles and the reduction of joint injuries.

3. Balancing Arm Muscles

When using a Fat Gripz that converts weights into a thicker bar, it plays a big role in changing the mechanical arm motion, Which will not only strengthen the upper arm muscles while performing the biceps exercise, but also have an overall effect on the muscles of the entire arm, by additionally increasing the strength of the muscles of the lower arm.

In this way, using a thicker bar, it will synchronously balance the muscles of the arms from above and below, The same effect cannot be applied when using a standard bar, which works on one muscle side.

4. Improve Grip Strength

Improving the strength of the grip has many benefits, which will increase the muscles endurance against pain, while helping the body to improve blood circulation, which leads to a decrease in psychological pressure and anger.

So, How to Improve Grip Strength for Deadlift? Using a thicker bar will maximize the performance of the forearm grip ability, and improve overall arm strength, which increases the ability to lift more weights, generating additional muscular strength.

Attach Fat Gripz Pro on barbell

Exercising with a more open fist, will naturally force you to increase the strongly pressure of the hand on the weights, so that they do not fall out of your hand, which will hits and activate the secondary fibrous muscles in your arms, which cannot be reached with standard weights, this will result in building thicker muscles.

5. Versatility Use

Fat Gripz is used in many exercises, including strength, training or warm-up, which will be the trigger to increase and build the size of your arm and provide you with the needed strength.

We’ll highlight the different types of exercises that can be done, in the next topic section.

It is also a small piece of tool that can be easily stored at home or taken to the gym for exercise.

In addition to its versatility, it can fit multiple types of weights, so you can easily install Fat Gripz onto weight handles, such as dumbbells, a barbell or pull up machine, and start exercising right away.

6. Supporting your Weight Loss

Doing exercises with thicker weights, you will develop muscles faster and increase body strength.

The resistance exercise generated in this way, It burns the fat cells stored in body parts and turns the remaining cells into strong muscles.

This will help your body reshape and reduce the extra pounds.

7. Cheap Piece of Health Equipment

The cost of the Fat Gripz if compared to the pre built thicker weights, is just a fraction. Also compare the price of the grips with the benefits and body transformations you will gain

It is a cheaper healthy tool, with an average of less than $30 for a pair grips.

Fat Gripz Best Exercises

As mentioned earlier, you can use the Fat Gripz tools to perform a wide range of body exercises, including biceps, triceps, forearms, chest, shoulders and lower back muscles, here are some lists of exercises:

Fat Gripz Pro while arm workout

Should I Use Fat Gripz for Every Workout?

Fat Grips is not recommended for every exercise, as it can potentially weaken your arm muscles, the reason why! Arms will always get used to being subjected to high pressure in order to build up, start to feel more sore, and this can delay the progression of your arm exercises, so it is preferable instead that you need to follow certain exercises as mentioned above in the post.

Can You Use Fat Gripz Everyday?

You can use Fat Grips once you start as a simple and straightforward exercise to extension your biceps and triceps, but you shouldn’t use it more than once in the same muscle training session.

In order to have time for relaxation and recovery the muscle, so that they can restore their full strength, due to the intense sessions.

So can you use Fat Gripz Daily? It is not recommended to work out every day, Instead, once you start using the first day, reduce the number of sessions with Fat Grips Pro to 2-3 times a week, then you can use Fat Grips more often in each exercise, about 5 times a week, i.e. after Two months from the day you started, as you get used to it, so you can push your muscles to another level.

Fat Gripz for Small Hands

If you have small hands, you shouldn’t use the Fat Gripz Pro Series, the other alternative that fits best in your hand, The Fat Gripz One Series, which can perfectly fit on hands under 7 inches.

The only difference between the two series is that the outside diameter is lower for the Gripz One series, which measures 1.75 inches in diameter, making it better at gripping weights with small hands.

What Size Fat Gripz Should I Get?

They are three sizes for the Fat Gripz, One, Pro, and Extreme, all with the same features and the same 1.1inches inner diameter.

The only difference is the size of the outer diameter, which varies which makes the handles more or less thicker, based on which you can choose the one that best fits your hands.

But in general, Fat Gripz Pro is usually more popular to use, as it has the average required standard thickness.

How to measure hand size to get correct Fat Gripz size

So how do you measure your hands to get the right size for Fat Gripz? Hand size is measured correctly, by starting at the top of your middle finger until the crease of the wrist. After this, you have to follow the table below to get the right size of Fat Grips based on your hand measurement:

Fat Grips Series Fat Gripz One Fat Gripz Pro Fat Gripz Extreme
Hand Size Less than 7 Inches 7 until 8.5 Inches Above 8.5 Inches
Hand Type Small Medium Large
Grip Outer Diameter 1.75 Inches 2.25 Inches 2.75 Inches

Be aware that there are consequences in case, if the Fat Gripz is bigger than the size of your hands!

What happened is that your grips become more wider than the diameter of the bar, So your fist won’t fully lock onto the Grips, and this results that your fist being more wide open, than should be.

So during exercise, you will struggle to close your fist by putting more squeeze on the bar, that will shift part of your force on your fingers gripping strength, rather than transferring all the force to the core muscle of the arm itself.

For this reason, it is best to make sure that the Gripz is suitable for the size of your hand, to achieve the ultimate purpose of its goals, to build your arm muscles.


1. Fat Gripz vs Towel

The towel can be a great way to test the effect that can be had on your muscles if you were to use thicker weights.
You can partially experience this feeling by using a long, hard material towel, wrapping it several times around the dumbbell bar, and then starting the session with a biceps curl exercise.

But I wish I could tell you that towels can always be a substitute for the Fat Gripz, well it can’t! as they are still made of a softer material compared to the Gripz.

The shape of the overall design is incompatible with its purpose, and can continue to move out of position, as it does not lock onto the bar during exercise, and is also not in line with a human grip, as in the likes of the Fat Gripz since it’s made specifically for that purpose.

2. How to Clean Fat Gripz

You can easily clean the Fat Gripz by hand or by machine, using normal washing soap with warm water about 35-45 degrees, do not add any chemical cleaning ingredients, it may damage the rubber material, rinse and let it dry indoors, not under the sun.

Fat Gripz Pro Final Review

As we found out, Fat Gripz Pro has a huge impact in generating bigger muscles, by turning the bar into thicker weights, activating more muscle fibers in a quick time.

Long Lasting for Your Workouts It’s quick and easy to use Fat Grips Pro that only takes a few seconds to attach to your bar weights, in order to start directly your workout.

Moreover, it is a cheap and affordable tool to have with a budgeted cost compared to its benefits.

You can now easily get Fat Gripz Pro from Amazon Online Store by clicking below, This will help you gain bigger upper muscles in a short time:

Fat Gripz Pro to convert standard bar into axel bar to build a thicker muscles