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Best Trap Workouts | Trapezius Exercises

Best trap workouts

Exercise Details (Trap Workouts)


Body Part: Back

Target Muscle:  Traps

Category: Exercise for Men


Trap is One of Most Important Muscles Known as Trapezius, It’s is a Large Wide Muscle on the Upper Back Body, Best Trap Workouts Generates a Muscle Looks Like a Wide T-Shape Connected at the Neck and Covers most part of your upper back. It rotates the head and neck, extend support for both shoulders and arms to flexible their mobility.



Traps Anatomy

Traps Muscle Structure

Trapezius Muscle divided into three main components Structure:

Upper Fibers

These fibers raise shoulder girdle and visible from front and back, it’s primary key in raising the shoulders muscles.

Middle Fibers

Tend to pull shoulder girdle backside into retraction to stabilize your shoulder movement.

Lower Fibers

Pull shoulders downward in the movement for scapular depression also it stabilize the movement of arm when raises overhead.

By Time your traps will get strong by applying regular core workouts for men, you will have shoulders and upper back in strong shape and you will look attractive and feel as the best.

Traps Structure


Benefits of Traps Workout

There are many benefits for Trapezius workouts, which target the back body and strength your core. Below is the major benefits:

Other than Traps is one of major wider muscles of body back and is responsible for body posture, moving, rotating and stabilizing shoulders in addition extending the head at Neck. Make your shoulders bigger and thicker. It protect neck and upper body from many injuries by strength these connection traps muscles.


Safety Equipment

Before starting, it is highly recommended to workout in safety environment mode to protect your body from any injuries could possible happen to your back, lumbar, body posture and Lifting. Below back belt will protect and provide more safety for your body back.


Do You Need a Trap Warm-Up?

Warm ups and stretches are a significant part in every workout of our body part. Based on a study, a warm up should imitate the expected exercise by pumping those muscles. We can do a warm up by ride a stationary bike for 10-15 min. Perform a couple sets of light dumbbell over head presses and couple sets of laterals.

Now you can build your dream traps shapes with 5 Trap Workouts steps.


Best Trap Workouts


Exercise # 01: Barbell Shrugs

» (Equipment: Barbell)

» (Target: Upper back, Upper Trapezius)

Barbell Wide-Grip Shrugs - Traps-Exercise 1

With this back exercises home –Traps exercise, you can work on your upper traps along with including central point traps and rhomboids to the small extent.

How to Perform?

  • Having the barbell in the squat rack, hold that bar with the grip which is almost 1 ½ shoulder-widths apart.
  • Now step out from squat rack and make the stand straight with the knees bending slightly.
  • Lift up your arch and stand lower back a bit, by keeping your arms straight.
  • Shrug the shoulders in an upward motion to the shoulder levels while inhaling as do so.
  • Now lower the shoulders and breathe out.
  • Repetitions: 6 – 8 times.

Exercise # 02: Face Pulls

» (EquipmentCable)

» (Target: Shoulders Muscles, Trapezius)

Face Pulls - Traps Exercise 2 - Step1

Face Pulls Traps-Exercise 2-Step 2

Aiming the middle trapezius posterior and rhomboids, face pulls is a very effective postural exercise as well as an excellent antidote for performing Pulling exercise as will consider a strength training workouts men for whom spending prolonged periods sitting on a desk or car.

How to Perform?

  • Place an adaptable pulley-machine on the height of your eye and attach it with a cable handle. Now hold the handle ends and step backward in a staggered position and set your arms stretched out in a straight line in the front. Leading with the help of the elbows, twist your arms and drag your hands towards ears to the point when the handle touches the face at the eye-level. Now slowly extend arms backward to the beginning position and then repeat.
  • Repetitions: 15-20 times.

Exercise # 03: Straight-Arm Dips

» (EquipmentParallel bar dip)

» (Target: Shoulders Muscle, lower Trapezius)

Straight-Arm Dips Traps-Exercise 3

Most exercisers do not focus on lower traps as these are not visible and when they become weaker, they can create problems. When lower traps are strengthened, they can stabilize shoulder blades or scapula and assure that both upper and lower traps are developed equally.

How to Perform?

  • Grab the parallel bars handles and jump up, set your arms straighten fully extend (starting position)
  • Slowly Lower your body by bending your arms while leaning your body forward. Dip down until your shoulders are slightly below your elbows.
  • Raise up your body by straightening your arms to starting position.
  • Pause this position for your elbows at the top.
  • Repetitions: 15-20 times.

Exercise # 04: Reverse Fly with Dumbbells

» (EquipmentDumbbells)

» (Target: Shoulders Muscle, Upper Trapezius)

Reverse Fly with Dumbbells Shoulder Exercise 6

Reverse Back- Trapezius muscle exercises can be performed either in a standing or seated position and targets upper trapezius, posterior deltoids and rhomboids which target the main back muscles and result a healthy shoulder and proper posture.

In addition selecting suitable proper Set of Dumbbells for this routine is essential to achieve effectiveness and maximum benefits of the workout.


How to Perform Reverse Fly?

  • Start trapezius workout by Hold the dumbbells in both hands, lean a bit forward so that the arms hang out from shoulders and is vertical to the floor (start position). Then slightly bending your arm raise weights upwards parallel to the shoulder level, therefore, when looking from back, your body shape appears to be a ‘T’. Lower down arms at the starting position and repeat this exercise.
  • Repetitions: 15-20 times.

Exercise # 05: Waiter’s Walk

» (Equipmentkettle bells, dumbbells, barbells)

» (Target: Shoulders Muscle, Upper and lower Trapezius)

Waiter’s Walk Traps-Exercise 5

This Back exercises home, works for several upper and lower body trapezius muscles together.

How to Perform?

  • Elevate and then hold the heavy weight over your head. You can use kettle bells, dumbbells, barbells. Then Start activating upper traps by elevating your shoulders slightly. Maintain your arms in a straight position and keeping shoulders pulled back, stroll around in the workout area for around 30-60 seconds. Lower the weight equipment carefully. Rest for a while and then repeat.
  • Repetitions: 10-15 times.


Challenge enough to Boost your Body to Next Strength level!

There’s (lots) more! In the next article, you’ll tackle different Muscles workouts.

You will be pleased by see more results by Time.

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