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shoulder warm up exercises

Shoulder warm up exercises help to improve your shoulder flexibility. Since shoulders plays a significant role in the coordination of the various activities, which include swimming, pull ups and pushing objectives, among others. It would help in these workout if you always kept your shoulder stretches and strong with more flexible. It is recommended to consider the warm-up exercises, which avoid the cause of tightness or pain during your daily routine activities or scheduled workout.

There are many exercises which you can try and therefore allow you to choose the best which fits for you. Let us consider common exercise, which you can undertake to make your shoulders stronger.

Shoulder Warm Up Exercises

* Arm Overhead Stretch

Arm Overhead Stretch - shoulder Stretch

It’s a common shoulder exercise that you can take, and it will help make your shoulder flexible always.

  • When you want to start this exercise, you need stand straight with your feet at shoulders width apart.
  • Raise your arms up straight overhead, intertwine your fingers, and keep the palms facing ceiling.
  • Lift your arms upwards while you press your shoulders down.
  • Hold this position for few seconds, this will promote your shoulder strength and also mobility, and then release the stretch.
  • Then repeat stretch for few times.

* Straight Arm Circles

It is the simplest warm-up exercise to improve mobility, especially at the shoulder joint, thus enable the shoulder to perform various activities. There are varying sizes of the circles which you can try, but you need to start with a small one as you progress larger circle.

For you to perform this exercise, you need to stand straight on your feet and start by stretching the first arm straight. Afterward, you can begin rolling your arm as you make a small circle. As you continue moving, you can increase the diameter of the circle. Once you are done with one arm, you can proceed to the other arm and repeat the same and finally wrap up the exercise by the movement of both arms.

* Forward Backward Arm Swings

This shoulder warm-up exercise is considered by many as a challenge, and more often, people exercise while doing body warm-up. It is simple, but it would need someone to be more attentive to ensure that you stick to the rule of “one forward and one backward.”

If it’s for the first time you are trying this out, here is what you need to do. You can decide by either starting with either of the arm forward and the other one backward. However, you need to ensure that your arms is away from your ears to reduce the chance of hitting your ears while exercising. When you move/swing one arm to the forward, the other arm should be on the back. Repeat the same rotation for ten times.

* Interchanging Chest Hugs Stretch

Interchanging Chest Hugs Stretch - shoulder stretch - min

Chest hugs exercise may be considered as a way of helping the chest to open, but the fact is that it’s a warm-up exercise for the shoulder. When you are alternating, it helps to pull the front socket, which would enhance the shoulder movement. It’s the best exercise which you can take when you want to strengthen or improve mobility.

You can either hug the chest with your arms exchanging on the side and then move your arms backward. It will help to strengthen the muscles, thus making them stronger. You can take this exercise as your daily exercise when you wake up, and it will help your shoulder to be more relaxed.

* Rolling Shoulder Circle

Many people consider this the hardest shoulder warm-up exercise, but it’s not. You only need to be more careful with your shoulder movement. It’s a valuable exercise because it helps build the scapula. You need to begin the exercise by making a small circle with your shoulders and increase the large diameter circle.

However, while making the circle, you need to draw your shoulders backward and forth, and this will help your socket effectively. It would be best if you took these moves from both sides, and this will build your shoulders healthy.

* Child Pose Exercise

Spine Workout 5 - Child Pose

Here comes another exercise that you can take and ensure that your shoulders stretch well and carry on any activities which engage the shoulder a lot. You can take this exercise at any point. All that you need to do is kneel on a mat and with your knees shoulder apart, and place both your palms on a mat. After that, you need to fold forward and ensure your tummy weight is carried on the thigh.

You will use your arms and extend forward and backward several times, and this will help to strengthen your shoulders more. You can perform the exercise for about twenty minutes, and you will be assured that your shoulder will warm-up.

* Chin Tucks Exercise “Forward and Backward Head”

Chin Tucks Exercise

Many other people refer to this exercise as neck or posture exercise, but it is a good exercise for your shoulders too. All you need to choose is a designated place where you can stand straight.

To start the stretch, first insure your spine is straight up and align with your head. Then you need to gradually pull your head backward with your jawbone toward your neck, similar to nodding, like your creating double chin. Hold the same position for about twenty seconds and then forward your head to normal starting position.

If you want to make the side stretch, then you need to gradually pull your head to either side of the ear, which opposite your shoulder.

Something important about this exercise is that you can do it at home or your place of work without any problem.

* Ball Rolling Exercise on Wall

Ball Rolling Exercise on Wall

If you have a tennis ball, then you can take this exercise well and warm-up every day. You can begin with the right-hand side, Grab the ball with one hand and place on a wall at shoulder height. and then rotate your arm joint slowly as you draw to make a small circle on the wall using the ball. Repeat the rotation for about twenty seconds.

Switch and alternate to the left hand and repeat the same procedure as you target to make circles using the ball. This exercise will allow you to strengthen your muscles and give your shoulder the strength that you need to take on various activities.

* Resistance Band Shoulder Exercise

Resistance band exercise is very common to many people since it can be used for other body exercises. However, rope band is the simplest exercise that you can undertake for shoulder warm-up. It would be best if you got a medium-sized band which you can tie in the wall. It would be best if you held both sides of the band with your hand. Then you need to pull the band for ten times.

You can begin by pulling back the band slowly as you increase the speed to ensure that your shoulder relaxes well. Alternatively, you can take the band and stretch it with both arms and start doing stretches with the focus being the shoulder.

Another exercise that you can use the band is when holding the band with one foot, and you pull the band up and down several times. The band exercises are considered to be safer compared to any other warm-up exercise even though not many people who like them.

* Shoulder Pull-Up

If you visit the gym, the first shoulder, a warm-up exercise which the gym instructor will advise you begins with is the pull-up exercise. However, if you don’t visit the gym, then you are not left behind in exercising this exercise. What you need to do is to have a Pull–Up Bar, which comes with your shoulder-width. Ensure that your arms are straight and your feet are off the ground.

It would be best if you pulled yourself until that time when your chin clears the bar. However, you need to ensure that there is a proper contraction in your back muscles with the help of the elbows. Also, you need to maintain the head position straight and your eyes forward. Keep on lowering your body up and down until that time, you feel your shoulders have been stretched enough.


How should I Warm Up my Shoulders Before Working Out?

You need to follow the above exercises to warm-up your shoulders before workout, to avoid any injury could raise to muscles.

How do you Warm Up your Rotator Cuff?

Rotator cuff is a group of 4 muscles that works to stabilize the shoulder and allow it to move, it locates at back of your shoulders.

Performing Reverse fly is good exercise for flexible and rotator cuff warm up, you can do that by the following steps:

  • Grape two light dumbbells on hands.
  • Stand with your feet shoulder at width apart, adjust your knees to be slightly bent.
  • Set your back straight and bend your torso slightly forward at the waist.
  • Start extend your arms to the sides and raise them up away from your body.
  • Squeeze your shoulder blades during the routine.
  • Insure not to raise your arms above shoulder height level.
  • Repeat for about 3 sets of 8 each.

How often should you Workout your Rotator Cuff?

For each exercise, you should perform 18 to 28 repetition, 3 to 6 times a week. Keep the range of your motion small at the start and increase it gradually over time.
If you decide to use weights, start light and increase a little each week.

How do you Warm Up your Shoulders with a Band?

You can follow this excited exercise explained above with name (Resistance Band Shoulder Exercise).

How can I Strengthen my Shoulder Joints?

The Door Lean exercise can help stretch the shoulders muscles and improve resistance in the joints, as the following steps:

  • Stand up straight facing toward a doorway, then raise both hands overhead.
  • Place one of your hands on either side of the door frame.
  • Slowly lean forward until you start feel contraction in your shoulders.
  • Freeze this position for 14–35 seconds.
  • Repeat routine for 3 times.

Why are Shoulders so Weak?

Tight muscles and shoulders Weakness can be raised by several factors including age, poor posture, Weak Muscles, and incorrect spine alignment in your body will lead to tightness shoulders.
On other hand, muscle strain could also result injury or even chronic stress.

Shoulder Weakness can result from any deficits in coordination in tendon or nerve muscle system.
During Therapy If shoulder weakness didn’t respond and recover it may be indicator due to a rotator cuff issue or injury on the nerve.

What Causes Shoulder Pain in Both Shoulders?

Shoulder pain result from many cases. Most common circumstance called (Arthritis Osteoarthritis)
This case is due to the wearing down of cartilage which grant bones to slide smoothly within the joints connectors, and can happen during aging or excessive injury.

Moreover, The rotator cuff muscles maintain the upper arm bone grasped in the shoulder blade socket.
If a pain or damage in the rotator cuff muscles or tendons in a specific condition could causes swelling and pain in shoulders.

What is the Best Shoulder Pain Exercises?

Note: before start the exercise remember, Don’t push yourself over your limits.
If you feel pain that goes beyond, discontinue the exercises immediately.

* Cross the Chest Stretch
This routine Increase mobility and shoulder joint range of motion and the surrounding muscles, the steps:
– Stand up straight, with legs close to each other.
– Raise right arm straight, parallel to floor.
– with support of left hand start bring your right arm across your chest, by place left palms on right elbow and pull right arm towards left shoulder “don’t exceed rang limit”
– Freeze this position for about 60 seconds.
– Switch and repeat on the other side.

* Neck Release
It focus to loosen the stress in your shoulders and neck, with following steps:
– Stand up straight.
– Lower your head and chin toward your chest. You will start feel stretches in the neck and your back.
– Slowly bend your head to the left side to stretch the right shoulders.
– Freeze this position for about 60 seconds.
– Then repeat on the other side.


 Final Thought

Keeping your shoulder warm up stretches, healthy and pain-free is very important because it allows you to undertake all the body and Shoulder Workouts. Also, it ensures that your body is functional health. You want to have the shoulder mobility exercises, and this will ensure that all your joints in the shoulder are mobile and ensure shoulder growth.

It would be best if you made a routine to undertake shoulder warm-up exercises, and these will also help your body in undertaking the various body exercise. Everyone should give strong and pain- free shoulder a lot of priority. However, if you are undertaking these shoulder exercises for the first time, then you may experience some pain. Still, the pain will reduce drastically when you keep on repeating similar exercises.

Facts about human beings are that they tend to develop tightness in the shoulders and therefore posing a lot of challenges when it comes to the exercises. Additionally, you need to follow correct steps while warm-up through these exercises and promote safety measures.

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